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09-08-2011, 02:32 PM
http://s6.depic.me/00291/k2kbjokrwiwn.jpg (http://depic.me/k2kbjokrwiwn/001_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Lucy, Cookie, Leah Jayne, Simone Stephens, Meow 34JJ

Welcome to my world of Big Busty Babes. In this movie you will find me and four of my friends from the U.K. I thought it would be nice to show you a quaint Old English Pub with me as the barmaid, I cannot promise that you will get as lucky as this customer did. Leah Jayne and her friend Busty Cookie just cannot keep their hands off each other's huge boobs and shaved pussy. Sexy Lucy is too hot to handle you will see what I mean as she plays with those tricky pussy lips of hers. I'm back again with my new purple toy this one reaches my clit and my g-spot at the same time! Simone Stephens dressed to impress unloads her massive juggs, need I say anymore Simone is a boobman's dream. I think I look good in fishnet so I am sure your hard cocks will love this scene so make sure you don't spoil anything while you enjoy this movie.

http://s6.depic.me/00291/7dikoy9drgto.jpg (http://depic.me/7dikoy9drgto/001_bbw_meow_34jjs_world.jpeg)

File name: 001_BBW_Meow_34JJs_World.wmv
Size: 534,12 Mb
Duration: 01:02:15
Resolution: 720x396

001_BBW_Meow_34JJs_World.part1.rar (150.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/kd5s0uzo02cp)
001_BBW_Meow_34JJs_World.part2.rar (150.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/s4vjjz2e0mtk)
001_BBW_Meow_34JJs_World.part3.rar (150.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/t68bj8zb7b49)
001_BBW_Meow_34JJs_World.part4.rar (84.1 Mb) (http://oron.com/l4hmjbgvuot7)

09-08-2011, 02:32 PM
http://s6.depic.me/00291/gmtzfamcl6hc.jpg (http://depic.me/gmtzfamcl6hc/002_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Daisy, Shaun

Get This White Pussy

Daisy is a blonde BBW with a thing for black dick and Shaun is a hot young guy who happens to have a huge black dick, so obviously the two decide to fuck! I mean, why not? Shaun gets to slap that phat ass and cum all over the place and daisy gets the pounding of a lifetime! Pull up a seat and cum Get This White Pussy!

http://s6.depic.me/00291/rj6wddiwat8d.jpg (http://depic.me/rj6wddiwat8d/002_bbw_get_this_white_pussy.jpeg)

File name: 002_BBW_Get_This_White_Pussy.wmv
Size: 365,89 Mb
Duration: 00:25:42
Resolution: 640x480

002_BBW_Get_This_White_.part1.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/d8rg02mjada8)
002_BBW_Get_This_White_.part2.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/kcuh6ocioxvv)
002_BBW_Get_This_White_.part3.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/vjvapb3l57ic)
002_BBW_Get_This_White_.part4.rar (65.9 Mb) (http://oron.com/o5n2owf9et47)

09-08-2011, 02:33 PM
http://s6.depic.me/00291/mytdik06lrz6.jpg (http://depic.me/mytdik06lrz6/003_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Envy, Mz. Thickness, Blaque Foxx, Sexy Phat, Haitian Beauty, Farrah Foxx, Amber Swallows, Thunda Katt, Mo Wetta, Nikki Starr, Candy, Super Star XXX

Phat Cocksuckers 6

These big girls are hungry, horny and craving for some stiff hard cock to put in their mouth to suck on. Watch as these phat sluts give some nasty blow-jobs and get their faces covered with cum! Hugh is BACK in da cumswapping mouths of these sexy BBBWs round. Over 5000 pounds of pleasure!

http://s6.depic.me/00291/rad47ehw0m0i.jpg (http://depic.me/rad47ehw0m0i/003_bbw_phat_cocksuckers_6.jpeg)

File name: 003_BBW_Phat_Cocksuckers_6.wmv
Size: 777,89 Mb
Duration: 01:26:57
Resolution: 720x404

003_BBW_Phat_s_6.part1.rar (150.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/dcdsw9gncb3v)
003_BBW_Phat_s_6.part2.rar (150.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/6r10je1b1tbb)
003_BBW_Phat_s_6.part3.rar (150.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/973lvnhiinqv)
003_BBW_Phat_s_6.part4.rar (150.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/cnpryk5ksaub)
003_BBW_Phat_s_6.part5.rar (150.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/r4a40q2mhfsa)
003_BBW_Phat_s_6.part6.rar (27.9 Mb) (http://oron.com/kwvq18nyz5sv)

09-08-2011, 02:33 PM
http://s6.depic.me/00291/p6pick98bjsh.jpg (http://depic.me/p6pick98bjsh/004_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Rock The Icon, Ray Black, Syrah Gold, Marshae, Kindra Kummings

Budonkadunk 11

Lex Luther has directed this 11th installment to the series" Budonkadunk" starring Marshae and Dick James in the first scene. Kindra Kummings and Ray Black then Syrah Gold and Rock The Icon. Three scenes and the ass just don't get much better than this! Watch as these fine phat asses put their greatest asset to use, using that big ol' booty to please their man in the most satisfactory of ways. There's a whole lotta shakin' goin on

http://s6.depic.me/00291/u1ecy5mrhfxb.jpg (http://depic.me/u1ecy5mrhfxb/004_bbw_budonkadunk_11.jpeg)

File name: 004_BBW_Budonkadunk_11.wmv
Size: 938,03 Mb
Duration: 01:45:56
Resolution: 640x480

004_BBW_Budonkadunk_11.part1.rar (250.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/70udr06p3674)
004_BBW_Budonkadunk_11.part2.rar (250.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/huzzuuokyc0b)
004_BBW_Budonkadunk_11.part3.rar (250.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/ubws8e6x37a1)
004_BBW_Budonkadunk_11.part4.rar (188.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/1f1g8ug1rosp)

09-08-2011, 02:34 PM
http://s6.depic.me/00291/n6ulnt1z17n9.jpg (http://depic.me/n6ulnt1z17n9/005_bbw_.back.jpg) http://s6.depic.me/00291/msb6049nos6j.jpg (http://depic.me/msb6049nos6j/005_bbw_.cover.jpg)

Stars: SinDee Williams, Misty Meadows, Zazie Jeanette

Fat Beach Patrol 3

From a distance it appears to be a beached whale washed ashore...but upon closer examination you'll find it to be none other than a dedicated member of the 'Fat Beach Patrol' making the waters a safe place for you and I.

These BBW's sure know how to suck and fuck and in the end, once the day is over, they celebrate by having an all girl lesbian extravaganza. This is one hilariously erotic rump through the folds of these hot mammas! Don't miss it!

http://s6.depic.me/00291/5d505oj72xc9.jpg (http://depic.me/5d505oj72xc9/005_bbw_fat_beach_patrol_3.jpeg)

File name: 005_BBW_Fat_Beach_Patrol_3.wmv
Size: 736,73 Mb
Duration: 01:23:00
Resolution: 480x360

005_BBW_Fat_Beach_Patrol_3.part1.rar (160.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/0vl06iv3psib)
005_BBW_Fat_Beach_Patrol_3.part2.rar (160.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/39t04v06azgu)
005_BBW_Fat_Beach_Patrol_3.part3.rar (160.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/xcfm4r62genq)
005_BBW_Fat_Beach_Patrol_3.part4.rar (160.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/84bbnaa81bdg)
005_BBW_Fat_Beach_Patrol_3.part5.rar (96.7 Mb) (http://oron.com/qoy80aiw3myq)

09-08-2011, 08:10 PM
http://s6.depic.me/00291/6tsoa4y6hot9.jpg (http://depic.me/6tsoa4y6hot9/006_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Begging To Be Fucked

Large women don't always get to hook up with young, fit studs like the two guys in this film. So, when they do, they are literally begging for sex. Our lovely BBW knows a good thing when she sees it. She's giving up more ass than one guy can handle, so she brings in a second. But, these two better have enough stamina because this BBW has a large apetite for sex and she is going to put these guys to the test.

http://s6.depic.me/00291/b4uiqdqm53ju.jpg (http://depic.me/b4uiqdqm53ju/006_bbw_begging_to_be_fucked.jpeg)

File name: 006_BBW_Begging_To_Be_Fucked.wmv
Size: 833,42 Mb
Duration: 01:33:08
Resolution: 720x540

006_BBW_Begging_To_Be_ed.part1.rar (250.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/mgj4m79cc94a)
006_BBW_Begging_To_Be_ed.part2.rar (250.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/dut4k4fr5r2f)
006_BBW_Begging_To_Be_ed.part3.rar (250.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/e4dizo55s0ev)
006_BBW_Begging_To_Be_ed.part4.rar (83.4 Mb) (http://oron.com/66zy7n2amnyz)

09-09-2011, 09:54 AM
http://s6.depic.me/00291/r9a55ammoouk.jpg (http://depic.me/r9a55ammoouk/007_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Johnny Deep, Katie Kupps

Katie Kupps Takes On Johnny Deep

Katie Kapps sucks and fucks big Katie Kapps Johnny Deeps big giant cock. She really loves this big giant cock. But the big cock turns out to be more than what she wanted. Johnny fucks the hell out of her until she just can't takes anymore, and then he shoots a hot load of cum on her big pretty breast.

http://s6.depic.me/00291/513xdamzqiv1.jpg (http://depic.me/513xdamzqiv1/007_bbw_katie_kupps_takes_on_johnny_deep.jpeg)

File name: 007_BBW_Katie_Kupps_Takes_On_Johnny_Deep.wmv
Size: 289,62 Mb
Duration: 00:32:21
Resolution: 720x404

007_BBW_Katie_Kupps_Takes_On_Johnny_Deep.part1.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/aauie980m998)
007_BBW_Katie_Kupps_Takes_On_Johnny_Deep.part2.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/5imt9jnwzted)
007_BBW_Katie_Kupps_Takes_On_Johnny_Deep.part3.rar (89.6 Mb) (http://oron.com/2slq9mlm7p35)

09-09-2011, 08:32 PM
http://s6.depic.me/00291/c2cmskeulg91.jpg (http://depic.me/c2cmskeulg91/008_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Lainey, Rick Masters, Rod Fontana, Tiger, Lucky, Phil, Vanessa De Claireville, Cassie Blanca

Big Beautiful MILTFs

Whoah, man! That's a big woman. That's a big BEAUTIFUL woman! That's a Big Beautiful MILTF!! These crazy curvaceous cougars have some udderly delicious breasts that were just MADE to squeeze and suck! These Plus-sized moms deliver up all the lovin' any guy could want! There is more than a handful but it's never a waste. Jump on a fatty and get yourself a taste of the best fat in town!

http://s6.depic.me/00291/ijnbg94wqmk5.jpg (http://depic.me/ijnbg94wqmk5/008_bbw_big_beautiful_miltfs.jpeg)

File name: 008_BBW_Big_Beautiful_MILTFs.wmv
Size: 790,31 Mb
Duration: 01:28:34
Resolution: 640x480

008_BBW_Big_Beautiful_MILTFs.part1.rar (250.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/n8i1fz3z0fvj)
008_BBW_Big_Beautiful_MILTFs.part2.rar (250.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/qeghgvo0mpfs)
008_BBW_Big_Beautiful_MILTFs.part3.rar (250.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/uu2l8hrbgcft)
008_BBW_Big_Beautiful_MILTFs.part4.rar (40.3 Mb) (http://oron.com/223v3n5mst25)

09-10-2011, 09:17 AM
http://s6.depic.me/00292/yjdzc1cxux5j.jpg (http://depic.me/yjdzc1cxux5j/009_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Jupa, Agniestszka Rockoff

Drinking His DNA

Aggie met with The Jupa Man for her first XXX shoot at a local motel. She smoked and sucked his cock for a LONG TIME. He finally shot his sperm load into her open mouth. Mostly live audio and dubbed music. Nudity, graphic language, explicit sex. Runs Approx. 1 hour. XXX-rated.

Also includes different cum shot angles and outtakes. Agniestszka Rockoff sure does like to smoke and suck cock and she did great for her first time on film.

http://s6.depic.me/00292/cikzzxo188c0.jpg (http://depic.me/cikzzxo188c0/009_bbw_drinking_his_dna.jpeg)

File name: 009_BBW_Drinking_His_DNA.wmv
Size: 541,15 Mb
Duration: 01:01:30
Resolution: 640x480

009_BBW_Drinking_His_DNA.part1.rar (150.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/uyc96okvrart)
009_BBW_Drinking_His_DNA.part2.rar (150.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/vj2wmm61dri5)
009_BBW_Drinking_His_DNA.part3.rar (150.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/ykqahjtfincu)
009_BBW_Drinking_His_DNA.part4.rar (91.1 Mb) (http://oron.com/f92cr8x1ymra)

09-10-2011, 08:57 PM
http://s6.depic.me/00292/5m4vjx61pqfb.jpg (http://depic.me/5m4vjx61pqfb/010_bbw_.back.0.jpg) http://s6.depic.me/00292/59gxo1vctajv.jpg (http://depic.me/59gxo1vctajv/010_bbw_.cover.0.jpg)

Stars: Daisy, Carl Hubay

BBWs Are Great Fucks

Carl meets with Daisy again for some hot sex. After she sucks on Carl's cock, he rams it up her pussy and then tries it in her ass, but, she can't handle it. He pumps her pussy some more and then cums in her mouth and makes out with her. Don't miss out on this hot action!

http://s6.depic.me/00292/o93rkg4jc84r.jpg (http://depic.me/o93rkg4jc84r/010_bbw_bbws_are_great_fucks.jpeg)

File name: 010_BBW_BBWs_Are_Great_Fucks.wmv
Size: 245,34 Mb
Duration: 00:34:29
Resolution: 720x480

010_BBW_BBWs_Are_Great_s.part1.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/vefqv898pj83)
010_BBW_BBWs_Are_Great_s.part2.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/orghvfy00fko)
010_BBW_BBWs_Are_Great_s.part3.rar (45.3 Mb) (http://oron.com/4edga80libam)

09-11-2011, 07:36 PM
http://s6.depic.me/00292/gkwg8h48oako.jpg (http://depic.me/gkwg8h48oako/011_bbw_.back.0.jpg) http://s6.depic.me/00292/ha7pw3wk1ra9.jpg (http://depic.me/ha7pw3wk1ra9/011_bbw_.cover.0.jpg)

Stars: Sweetz, Big County

Ghetto Amateurs 4

Big County fucks Sweetz. But Sweetz has some tricks of her own. It's some real hardcore action goin on.

Sweetz calls up Big County to come to the Hotel right away because she has a surprise for him. When he arrives she has a new outfit on and he can't resist her. Loves her big black azz. Big County fingers her pussy, and then fucks her from behind. She plays with her shaved pussy and he licks it. Sweetz sucks his dick, he puts on a condom and she rides him reverse cowgirl then cowgirl. Some real slammin goin on as she's in doggy position. When Big County is on top of her, he actually gains some air. In the end he releases his jizz on her big ass.

http://s6.depic.me/00292/p1kvvmro9ls8.jpg (http://depic.me/p1kvvmro9ls8/011_bbw_ghetto_amateurs_4.jpeg)

File name: 011_BBW_Ghetto_Amateurs_4.wmv
Size: 263,13 Mb
Duration: 00:30:00
Resolution: 640x480

011_BBW_Ghetto_Amateurs_4.part1.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/8pbbqzt0avg5)
011_BBW_Ghetto_Amateurs_4.part2.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/u56f89k89wm4)
011_BBW_Ghetto_Amateurs_4.part3.rar (63.1 Mb) (http://oron.com/5914fl07rtgs)

09-12-2011, 10:34 AM
http://s6.depic.me/00292/eq9z8yekaaj8.jpg (http://depic.me/eq9z8yekaaj8/012_bbw_.cover.0.jpg)

Stars: Mz Thickness

Mz Thickness

Atl-Bad-Boy.com presents "Mz Thickness". We have something nice in store for you. If you're into big plump round asses on ebony babes then this is the movie for you! Watch this sista shake her rump before deepthroating a big black dick right before your very eyes! She then takes it deep in every position and also takes a fat load of spunk to the face!

http://s6.depic.me/00292/o96k3tchkspm.jpg (http://depic.me/o96k3tchkspm/012_bbw_mz_thickness.jpeg)

File name: 012_BBW_Mz_Thickness.wmv
Size: 206,62 Mb
Duration: 00:28:10
Resolution: 640x480

012_BBW_Mz_Thickness.part1.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/lewwwkigz7e5)
012_BBW_Mz_Thickness.part2.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/sy9zrur2jsj0)
012_BBW_Mz_Thickness.part3.rar (6.6 Mb) (http://oron.com/kbjwcs062uvh)

09-12-2011, 08:07 PM
http://s5.depic.me/00296/1rchsdyggxh2.jpg (http://depic.me/1rchsdyggxh2/013_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Kristyna, Eva, Monica, Lucie, Marie, Jitha

Extrem 29

Big fat ladies are hard to satisfy, because they need just a little bit extra! Warmed and lubed up with a big dildo, they can't wait to receive that big throbbing cock and get fucked beyond belief! Watch six fat mamas having hot sex with men that like fat girls. They are hungry for cock and cum, and they'll do whatever it takes to get their pussies and mouths FULL!

http://s5.depic.me/00296/qutsoodq0gmy.jpg (http://depic.me/qutsoodq0gmy/013_bbw_extrem_29.jpeg)

File name: 013_BBW_Extrem_29.wmv
Size: 1,03 Gb
Duration: 02:07:06
Resolution: 720x480

013_BBW_Extrem_29.part1.rar (250.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/yt8w0vs998fv)
013_BBW_Extrem_29.part2.rar (250.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/bpew8yfwyz2q)
013_BBW_Extrem_29.part3.rar (250.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/6p4dbe3jffbb)
013_BBW_Extrem_29.part4.rar (250.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/75fez4vvltjh)
013_BBW_Extrem_29.part5.rar (53.2 Mb) (http://oron.com/8tecih8pe8by)

09-13-2011, 09:39 AM
http://s5.depic.me/00296/cmwrxsbsbj4l.jpg (http://depic.me/cmwrxsbsbj4l/014_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Pick A Flap And Fuck It 2

Getting to know someone for who they really are on the inside is an ideal approach to truly enjoying this film, unless you like incredibly horny overweight female sex machines! Enjoy these Buoyant Babes as they fuck, suck and lick at their best just the way Robert Hill intended! Lady luck is unraveling all of their hidden coves for the taking.

http://s5.depic.me/00296/ujf03ejs01nn.jpg (http://depic.me/ujf03ejs01nn/014_bbw_pick_a_flap_and_fuck_it_2.jpeg)

File name: 014_BBW_Pick_A_Flap_And_Fuck_It_2.wmv
Size: 961,53 Mb
Duration: 01:48:23
Resolution: 640x480

014_BBW_Pick_A_Flap_And__It_2.part1.rar (205.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/w08uv8ln177q)
014_BBW_Pick_A_Flap_And__It_2.part2.rar (205.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/d6h7ab2m6i7m)
014_BBW_Pick_A_Flap_And__It_2.part3.rar (205.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/zqwo304gk7vs)
014_BBW_Pick_A_Flap_And__It_2.part4.rar (205.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/swpontrsrhtd)
014_BBW_Pick_A_Flap_And__It_2.part5.rar (141.5 Mb) (http://oron.com/aeh2h656n3z9)

09-13-2011, 07:33 PM
http://s5.depic.me/00296/oaktm28wne1i.jpg (http://depic.me/oaktm28wne1i/015_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Mira, Caty, Marcy, Kasandra, Amela, Shery

Jelly Belly Chicks 22

These gals are PHAT as in pretty hot and tempting, large and in charge and tons of fun! They also have an appetite of the carnal persuasion that won't quit...and neither will they until their hungry twats and eager mouths are pumped full of a thick, throbbing cock. It's a whole lot of loving and all you can eat pussy for you to devour in six sizzling hot scenes that can only end with these lucky studs exploding on soft tits, eager mouths and big, round asses!

http://s5.depic.me/00296/2lwb7yl8govy.jpg (http://depic.me/2lwb7yl8govy/015_bbw_jelly_belly_chicks_22.jpeg)

File name: 015_BBW_Jelly_Belly_Chicks_22.wmv
Size: 1,22 Gb
Duration: 02:26:05
Resolution: 720x480

015_BBW_Jelly_Belly_Chicks_22.part1.rar (250.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/z2bf77xb9j6l)
015_BBW_Jelly_Belly_Chicks_22.part2.rar (250.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/r40ruetxvbni)
015_BBW_Jelly_Belly_Chicks_22.part3.rar (250.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/okadyixmlfpl)
015_BBW_Jelly_Belly_Chicks_22.part4.rar (250.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/l5r045yxklfk)
015_BBW_Jelly_Belly_Chicks_22.part5.rar (248.3 Mb) (http://oron.com/xrgy7o7mmszl)

09-14-2011, 09:54 AM
http://s5.depic.me/00296/887ixkzbn35x.jpg (http://depic.me/887ixkzbn35x/016_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

140 kg Real Meat

What's on today's menu will make you want to empty those pockets and drop those pants too. This video is fully loaded with hot and horny BBW babes who love to let men deeply penetrate their pussies. There is no doubt that there is plenty of real meat to go around and it cums with dessert too!

http://s5.depic.me/00296/pegxap30gtyj.jpg (http://depic.me/pegxap30gtyj/016_bbw_140_kg_real_meat.jpeg)

File name: 016_BBW_140_kg_Real_Meat.wmv
Size: 869,83 Mb
Duration: 01:38:00
Resolution: 720x480

016_BBW_140_kg_Real_Meat.part1.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/75pmg82ou1sj)
016_BBW_140_kg_Real_Meat.part2.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/w5rxvve3q8iu)
016_BBW_140_kg_Real_Meat.part3.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/mj0k8lzw8w85)
016_BBW_140_kg_Real_Meat.part4.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/4cn8u1i5d6ex)
016_BBW_140_kg_Real_Meat.part5.rar (69.8 Mb) (http://oron.com/9218njufw66k)

09-15-2011, 10:07 AM
http://s6.depic.me/00300/jvc5hc29pfpg.jpg (http://depic.me/jvc5hc29pfpg/018_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Daisy, Carl Hubay

BBWs Are Always Horny

You're invited to cum with Carl as he stuffs his cock inside the horny blonde BBW Daisy. Daisy agrees on Carl's request on having a quickie and she doesn't waste any time getting on her knees and giving Carl one hell of a blow job. On the bed she removes her panties and begins to warm up by masturbating. She takes Carl's dick on as he fucks her missionary and then he stokes her pussy doggy style. Daisy gapes her legs open for Carl to give her more cock, he does and then drops a load inside her eager mouth.

http://s6.depic.me/00300/hr2cm5buu1vg.jpg (http://depic.me/hr2cm5buu1vg/018_bbw_are_always_horny.jpeg)

File name: 018_BBW_Are_Always_Horny.wmv
Size: 252,19 Mb
Duration: 00:31:17
Resolution: 720x480

018_BBW_Are_Always_Horny.part1.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/mj4l94xzlo7d)
018_BBW_Are_Always_Horny.part2.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/rs04qztinx1m)
018_BBW_Are_Always_Horny.part3.rar (52.2 Mb) (http://oron.com/ua9ve8t5xthn)

09-16-2011, 10:58 PM
http://s6.depic.me/00300/x1pd1e0fuys8.jpg (http://depic.me/x1pd1e0fuys8/019_bbw_.cover.0.jpg)

Stars: Thickalicious


This juicy BBW named Thickalicious is sexy, but we guarantee she didn't expect these studs big ass fuckin' dick to be just as thickalicious as she is! She tries her best to gobble it down her throat, but gags every time. He then works her insides out, and she moans in absolute pleasure as he gives her every inch she could ever ask for, and if that's not enough, he blows a thick load all over her face! Not even a towel will get it all off!

http://s6.depic.me/00300/avll202gm4lv.jpg (http://depic.me/avll202gm4lv/019_bbw_thickalicious.jpeg)

File name: 019_BBW_Thickalicious.wmv
Size: 247,57 Mb
Duration: 00:38:30
Resolution: 640x480

019_BBW_Thickalicious.part1.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/v88jpjq6uay2)
019_BBW_Thickalicious.part2.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/gzta7f6rhol6)
019_BBW_Thickalicious.part3.rar (47.6 Mb) (http://oron.com/ytp6ndwzl9rg)

09-17-2011, 12:15 PM
http://s6.depic.me/00300/3xlwmzo2jf46.jpg (http://depic.me/3xlwmzo2jf46/020_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Pandora Deville

Pandora Deville

Pandora Deville is a sexy bbw who got dolled up for her amateur debut with this stud. She takes him into her mouth and shows exactly how skilled she is, and that she has no problem taking dick, no matter if it's fast or slow, hard or soft! She lets him eat her one more time before showing her soft, voluptuous breasts to him, offering them up as a feast for him to release his load upon, which he does in a great amount!

http://s6.depic.me/00300/um61yaoqdpoh.jpg (http://depic.me/um61yaoqdpoh/020_bbw_pandora_deville.jpeg)

File name: 020_BBW_Pandora_Deville.wmv
Size: 287,75 Mb
Duration: 00:33:37
Resolution: 720x404

020_BBW_Pandora_Deville.part1.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/jkdwzx602qgg)
020_BBW_Pandora_Deville.part2.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/dw151a73orxc)
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09-18-2011, 10:41 AM
http://s6.depic.me/00304/fx87rh353cw6.jpg (http://depic.me/fx87rh353cw6/021_bbw_.cover.0.jpg)

Stars: Courtney Trouble, Scout Valentine

Queer Porn TV: Courtney Trouble and Scout Valentine

The sex between Courtney Trouble and Scout valentine is explosive. Slaps, smiles, laughs orgasms, biting and real orgasms. They both seem to like pain and roughness as the punch each other. Courtney's pussy gets fingered really hard. She also cocks on Scout's cock. Scout really fucked Courtney good and hard with her cock multiple times, with hair pulling. Scout loves to also fuck Courtney's big tits, suck 'em and slap 'em. So hot...

http://s6.depic.me/00304/ss3hgzvv9v64.jpg (http://depic.me/ss3hgzvv9v64/021_bbw_queer_porn_tv_courtney_trouble_and_scout_v alentine.jpeg)

File name: 021_BBW_Queer_Porn_TV_Courtney_Trouble_and_Scout_V alentine.wmv
Size: 226,01 Mb
Duration: 00:25:19
Resolution: 720x404

021_BBW_Queer__TV_Courtney_Trouble_and_Scout_Valen tine.part1.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/3qk60ki18uuc)
021_BBW_Queer__TV_Courtney_Trouble_and_Scout_Valen tine.part2.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/jfvkfivmhvsd)
021_BBW_Queer__TV_Courtney_Trouble_and_Scout_Valen tine.part3.rar (26.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/jcm21nb25wy3)

09-19-2011, 03:21 PM
http://s6.depic.me/00304/c3gc8f5pl4p4.jpg (http://depic.me/c3gc8f5pl4p4/022_bbw_.cover.0.jpg)


There's booty shaking and then there's BOOTY SHAKING . . . the kind that Red performs in this movie. BBW's love sex just like the small, skinny girls. It's simply that BBW's have more to give and offer the guys the opportunity to go deep, as they say in football lingo. They can go long and deep for a 20-yard touchdown. But in the case of Red, they'd better bring a bigger measuring stick.

http://s6.depic.me/00304/6fwhy27rbdv0.jpg (http://depic.me/6fwhy27rbdv0/022_bbw_red.jpeg)

File name: 022_BBW_Red.wmv
Size: 166,84 Mb
Duration: 00:33:32
Resolution: 480x360

022_BBW_Red.part1.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/qjdxhdy1n71d)
022_BBW_Red.part2.rar (66.8 Mb) (http://oron.com/k1247njq01od)

09-20-2011, 09:29 AM
http://s6.depic.me/00304/y3kvm1osy41w.jpg (http://depic.me/y3kvm1osy41w/023_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Thunder Katt, Haitian Beauty, Sexy Phat, Blaque Foxx, Sexy Mae, Mz. Thick

Lesbian BBBW Vol. 13

Big Black Beatiful Women! A pile of a woman emerges to show us the tricks the hefty broads keep hidden up their sleeves! Haitian Beauty, Blaque Foxx and friends have tagged along with her to raise the heat level and break a few fire codes! It's a whole lot of lovin' and all you can eat pussy for you to devour! Big beautiful women who have a taste for each other's pussies...and they don't stop until they work each other into an orgasmic frenzy!

http://s6.depic.me/00304/bp50udkjx2jb.jpg (http://depic.me/bp50udkjx2jb/023_bbw_lesbian_bbbw_vol_13.jpeg)

File name: 023_BBW_Lesbian_BBBW_Vol_13.wmv
Size: 903,36 Mb
Duration: 01:41:01
Resolution: 720x404

023_BBW__BBBW_Vol_13.part1.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/frvvmjqtuo73)
023_BBW__BBBW_Vol_13.part2.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/uzk5s1xz8wbw)
023_BBW__BBBW_Vol_13.part3.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/33nwvfxe8g2z)
023_BBW__BBBW_Vol_13.part4.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/34pebl435q6e)
023_BBW__BBBW_Vol_13.part5.rar (103.4 Mb) (http://oron.com/2p4dp77t50ud)

09-21-2011, 03:37 PM
http://s6.depic.me/00304/yc95eh0fpp2v.jpg (http://depic.me/yc95eh0fpp2v/024_bbw_.back.jpg) http://s6.depic.me/00304/57q1uvxmynkx.jpg (http://depic.me/57q1uvxmynkx/024_bbw_.cover.jpg)

Stars: Byron Long, Jamie Love, Guy Di Silva

BBB - Big Big Babes #7

Hey big girls need loving too!!! The more junk in the trunk the better cushion for all the pushing you're going to do! Big Big Babes number seven is an understatement. Do you want to see nipples that are so huge you they nearly cover your entire face? Do you want a girl with the big belly? Hell yeah you do. There's more cushion for the pushin'. More baggage for the damage!

http://s6.depic.me/00304/jtw2ptt37iww.jpg (http://depic.me/jtw2ptt37iww/024_bbw_bbb_big_big_babes_7.jpeg)

File name: 024_BBW_BBB_Big_Big_Babes_7.wmv
Size: 779,18 Mb
Duration: 01:23:00
Resolution: 480x360

024_BBW_BBB_Big_Big_Babes_7.part1.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/7its9q1sxc5m)
024_BBW_BBB_Big_Big_Babes_7.part2.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/5qkani9jhddr)
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024_BBW_BBB_Big_Big_Babes_7.part4.rar (179.2 Mb) (http://oron.com/4h8eb4fooppn)

09-22-2011, 09:44 AM
http://s6.depic.me/00307/ntiphh1fip70.jpg (http://depic.me/ntiphh1fip70/025_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Eve, Hardcore, George Dagmar, Szuzan, Jordan J., Big Angel

Hefty Granny's Bushy Pussy

Totally Tasteless Video presents "Hefty Granny's Bushy Pussy", starring Big Angel, Eve and Szuzan. Granny's fanny may be a little bigger than it use to be, but hefty grandma never shaves her box and she still knows how to fuck! Sample granny's bushy pussy before they cart her off to the nursing home - you'll be glad you did!

http://s6.depic.me/00307/dwzdhgffnohf.jpg (http://depic.me/dwzdhgffnohf/025_bbw_hefty_grannys_bushy_pussy.jpeg)

File name: 025_BBW_Hefty_Grannys_Bushy_Pussy.wmv
Size: 911,00 Mb
Duration: 01:43:19
Resolution: 640x480

025_BBW_Hefty_Grannys_Bushy_.part1.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/f295z63o2z0e)
025_BBW_Hefty_Grannys_Bushy_.part2.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/52h22vz2bd8z)
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025_BBW_Hefty_Grannys_Bushy_.part4.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/ty2lpj41xkq7)
025_BBW_Hefty_Grannys_Bushy_.part5.rar (111.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/1vn8k0tlca8u)

09-22-2011, 09:37 PM
http://s6.depic.me/00307/hui6ggdhvd9n.jpg (http://depic.me/hui6ggdhvd9n/026_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Amateurs Exposed #81

We know you can't get enough Amateurs Exposed, and that's why this series has made it all the way up until the 81st installment and beyond! This time, it has the focus of a young couple, one big beautiful chick, and her boy toy as they get it on. She gobbles up his cock swiftly, after he teases he tits, and then she plunges his cock deep inside her and they change positions until they get their fill, where he finally explodes a load all over her face!

http://s6.depic.me/00307/cqy3rn5osc2y.jpg (http://depic.me/cqy3rn5osc2y/026_bbw_amateurs_exposed_81.jpeg)

File name: 026_BBW_Amateurs_Exposed_81.wmv
Size: 216,50 Mb
Duration: 00:24:10
Resolution: 1280x720

026_BBW_Amateurs_Exposed_81.part1.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/0hcpi2a4s0i7)
026_BBW_Amateurs_Exposed_81.part2.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/atofe23tf0zr)
026_BBW_Amateurs_Exposed_81.part3.rar (16.5 Mb) (http://oron.com/qvjc8z8w8otb)

09-23-2011, 04:52 PM
http://s6.depic.me/00307/84ji1zdtkpqi.jpg (http://depic.me/84ji1zdtkpqi/027_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Ms. Frisky, Aleka, Big Angel

Big Beautiful Fatties

These horny big, beautiful babes need lovin' too. These BBW's wants you to roll them in flour and fuck the wet spot. These fabulous fatties are desperate for loving and looking to please the chubby chaser in all of us! Just remember to bring your "A" game because she's gonna be riding you hard!

http://s6.depic.me/00307/23r24009tw0y.jpg (http://depic.me/23r24009tw0y/027_bbw_big_beautiful_fatties.jpeg)

File name: 027_BBW_Big_Beautiful_Fatties.wmv
Size: 718,24 Mb
Duration: 01:20:35
Resolution: 640x480

027_BBW_Big_Beautiful_Fatties.part1.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/wsmuj7sla01g)
027_BBW_Big_Beautiful_Fatties.part2.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/kx58r6yjt9o1)
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09-24-2011, 10:08 AM
http://s6.depic.me/00307/0avrwiwgzy0h.jpg (http://depic.me/0avrwiwgzy0h/028_bbw_.cover.0.jpg)

Stars: Skky


Skky has the kind of thick, jiggly booty that you've only dreamed of! Her thick, round, voluptuous booty is really a piece of work! And you're in for a treat, because you get to see her and her glorious ass in action! Skky isn't just a pretty booty, she has numerous other carnal skills that she loves to put on display for your viewing pleasure!

http://s6.depic.me/00307/pjre47zwsvky.jpg (http://depic.me/pjre47zwsvky/028_bbw_skky.jpeg)

File name: 028_BBW_Skky.wmv
Size: 323,75 Mb
Duration: 00:39:42
Resolution: 640x480

028_BBW_Skky.part1.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/yriq465t72mw)
028_BBW_Skky.part2.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/mc2w7zjh1x0e)
028_BBW_Skky.part3.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/gtgey394girc)
028_BBW_Skky.part4.rar (23.8 Mb) (http://oron.com/pug5fj40c7bn)

09-24-2011, 07:09 PM
http://s6.depic.me/00316/32lgwc0dsw14.jpg (http://depic.me/32lgwc0dsw14/029_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Daisy, Carl Hubay

Ready For This?

Carl wins a $200 pool bet, but the guy can't pay up. He sends Carl to a Motel Room where his wife is as a tradeoff. Daisy is a BBW, with huge pussy lips and a large sexual appetite. Great Penetration Close-ups. Daisy doesn't seem to mind as Carl unzips his pants and she begins to suck his cock. He is quite pleased with the way she's giving him a blowjob. She just as pleased as Carl bangs the hell out of her and he shoots his load right into her mouth.

http://s6.depic.me/00316/o1f7ojgd7l2i.jpg (http://depic.me/o1f7ojgd7l2i/029_bbw_ready_for_this.jpeg)

File name: 029_BBW_Ready_For_This.wmv
Size: 201,17 Mb
Duration: 00:25:25
Resolution: 720x480

029_BBW_Ready_For_This.part1.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/084ze25bb1g0)
029_BBW_Ready_For_This.part2.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/vtzebariwuve)
029_BBW_Ready_For_This.part3.rar (1.2 Mb) (http://oron.com/8dqy3p226jj9)

09-25-2011, 10:17 AM
http://s6.depic.me/00316/6m2764939pve.jpg (http://depic.me/6m2764939pve/030_bbw_.cover.0.jpg)

Stars: Simone


Simone is a BBW ebony babe with a big fat ass and huge natural tits. She wears a black corset in this film. She spreads her thick legs so you can see her shaved pussy and watch her play with her pussy lips. Simone gets her clit sucked on and licked and you'll see just how turned on see gets because her pussy gets so wet. She loves to suck on the big black cock before she gets fucked, cowgirl and doggy. Then the load is shot right on her big ass.

http://s6.depic.me/00316/g2y39fhwm7wt.jpg (http://depic.me/g2y39fhwm7wt/030_bbw_simone.jpeg)

File name: 030_BBW_Simone.wmv
Size: 244,81 Mb
Duration: 00:30:08
Resolution: 640x480

030_BBW_Simone.part1.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/yarjmw71myyz)
030_BBW_Simone.part2.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/t7fezyf3vdp8)
030_BBW_Simone.part3.rar (44.8 Mb) (http://oron.com/f94mvewzv9iq)

09-26-2011, 09:07 AM
http://s6.depic.me/00316/b1nuw409j6x2.jpg (http://depic.me/b1nuw409j6x2/031_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Dave Hardman, Lori Lai, Christian X, Jack Vegas, Mistress Monique, Elizabeth Rollings, Glory Foxxx, Kristy, Andrew Rivera, John Janeiro

I Love Fat Girls

I love fat girls. In fact, I love fat girls so much, I've written a poem to show how much I love them. "I love Fat Girls. I love 'em beefy. And I love 'em round. Big, fat girls. Are the hottest I've ever found! I love some meat on the bones when it comes to my women and the sexy, BBW's in this movie more than fit the bill!

http://s6.depic.me/00316/66id4lk9bdvd.jpg (http://depic.me/66id4lk9bdvd/031_bbw_i_love_fat_girls.jpeg)

File name: 031_BBW_I_Love_Fat_Girls.wmv
Size: 1,06 Gb
Duration: 02:01:17
Resolution: 640x480

031_BBW_I_Love_Fat_Girls.part1.rar (250.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/ob05n1vrg7uh)
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031_BBW_I_Love_Fat_Girls.part5.rar (81.2 Mb) (http://oron.com/mc0cykj3ijj5)

09-26-2011, 07:54 PM
http://s6.depic.me/00316/ml9ockortlso.jpg (http://depic.me/ml9ockortlso/032_bbw_.large.1.jpg)

Heavy Meat

Big, beautiful and horny, these hefty honeys will blow you away! They gobble up their stud's cock, taking every inch into their hungry mouths! Their big bellies and mountainous tits bounce and sway as they get fucked hard in their hot pussies! And when their stud is about to erupt, they open wide for a mouthful of hot, creamy jizz! Mmm... dessert!

http://s6.depic.me/00316/4ppgk8amj7cn.jpg (http://depic.me/4ppgk8amj7cn/032_bbw_heavy_meat.jpeg)

File name: 032_BBW_Heavy_Meat.wmv
Size: 511,76 Mb
Duration: 01:38:00
Resolution: 480x320

032_BBW_Heavy_Meat.part1.rar (150.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/p05aimqncko7)
032_BBW_Heavy_Meat.part2.rar (150.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/y7qe4ymsi3y6)
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032_BBW_Heavy_Meat.part4.rar (61.8 Mb) (http://oron.com/7dsl1252v63p)

09-27-2011, 12:19 PM
http://s6.depic.me/00323/9r7sdcdcrnfv.jpg (http://depic.me/9r7sdcdcrnfv/033_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Mona, Nikol, Delilah Black, Angelynne Hart

Big Big Babes #42

Channel 69 Video presents "Big Big Babes #42", starring Delilah Black, Mona, Angelynne Hart and Nikol. These curvy babes all have one thing in common…A HEAVY SEX DRIVE! Watch 4 big big babes get down and dirty like only a BBW can. They dress up in tiny little panties that were made for women half their size, shake their curves and take a cock!

http://s6.depic.me/00323/9accasmv51oh.jpg (http://depic.me/9accasmv51oh/033_bbw_big_big_babes_42.jpeg)

File name: 033_BBW_Big_Big_Babes_42.wmv
Size: 797,50 Mb
Duration: 01:32:46
Resolution: 720x404

033_BBW_Big_Big_Babes_42.part1.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/s97wm2rhosnj)
033_BBW_Big_Big_Babes_42.part2.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/2dvja2frozsd)
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033_BBW_Big_Big_Babes_42.part4.rar (197.5 Mb) (http://oron.com/j7uxwbai0hrj)

09-28-2011, 09:47 AM
http://s6.depic.me/00323/uzs1thwdjfc5.jpg (http://depic.me/uzs1thwdjfc5/034_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Jupa, Kelly Skye

Finally Bad! Starring Kelly Skye

Starring: Kelly Skye, Jupa and The Voice Of "P" Another virgin to XXX films, Kelly Skye contacted us to ask if she could shoot her very first adult video. She came over to meet up with The Jupa Man. She loosened up by smoking her VS120s and masturbating with her vibrator until she came. Then she gave Jupa a hot blowjob until he blasted his cum into her mouth. It made her choke! She got horny while watching one of our adult DVDs and wanted to get fucked. Jupa fucked her until he pulled out and shot his second load all over her pretty pussy! Bonus scenes included. Mostly live audio and dubbed music. Nudity, graphic language, explicit sex Runs Approx. 90 minutes. XXX-rated.

http://s6.depic.me/00323/ncrvcj98nv3a.jpg (http://depic.me/ncrvcj98nv3a/034_bbw_finally_bad_starring_kelly_skye.jpeg)

File name: 034_BBW_Finally_Bad_Starring_Kelly_Skye.wmv
Size: 883,31 Mb
Duration: 01:40:15
Resolution: 640x480

034_BBW_Finally_Bad_Starring_Kelly_Skye.part1.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/5wzbml2r9pve)
034_BBW_Finally_Bad_Starring_Kelly_Skye.part2.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/t9mepe9djgi9)
034_BBW_Finally_Bad_Starring_Kelly_Skye.part3.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/jkgb3g4rxhst)
034_BBW_Finally_Bad_Starring_Kelly_Skye.part4.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/ebvoc7fko4d3)
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09-29-2011, 09:51 AM
http://s6.depic.me/00323/uvdl02872nwt.jpg (http://depic.me/uvdl02872nwt/035_bbw_.cover.0.jpg)

Black Fat Fudge In The Lodge

Sex Box Video presents "Black Fat Fudge In The Lodge". If you're yearning for a fat fudge treat, then you're definitely in the right place! We brought in one of our sexiest BBWS, she has a pair of the biggest titties you'll ever see! First she posed for the camera in her sexy pink lingerie and we just couldn't wait to get her fucked!

http://s6.depic.me/00323/ikexg3wbwhi9.jpg (http://depic.me/ikexg3wbwhi9/035_bbw_black_fat_fudge_in_the_lodge.jpeg)

File name: 035_BBW_Black_Fat_Fudge_In_The_Lodge.wmv
Size: 224,25 Mb
Duration: 00:25:47
Resolution: 720x480

035_BBW_Black_Fat_Fudge_In_The_Lodge.part1.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/34lyoi04mzih)
035_BBW_Black_Fat_Fudge_In_The_Lodge.part2.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/yak2vu5hypox)
035_BBW_Black_Fat_Fudge_In_The_Lodge.part3.rar (24.2 Mb) (http://oron.com/c80fsv84vd86)

09-29-2011, 08:41 PM

09-30-2011, 09:25 AM
http://s6.depic.me/00327/94c68opwj2zy.jpg (http://depic.me/94c68opwj2zy/037_bbw_.cover.0.jpg)

Stars: Miss Simone, Tisha Sweet Candy

We Porn Makers Ep. 1

Join the Producers as they travel the East Coast meeting models, tricks and hoes willing to spread for some extra cash. First stop, North Carolina, where we find Miss Simone and Tisha Sweet Candy. Tisha is a luscious BBW and she models for the camera, showing off her big natural tits and plump body. Miss Simone masturbates, using her favorite toy to get off just for you!

http://s6.depic.me/00327/0ddeez9pnq8f.jpg (http://depic.me/0ddeez9pnq8f/037_bbw_we_porn_makers_ep_1.jpeg)

File name: 037_BBW_We_Porn_Makers_Ep_1.wmv
Size: 289,30 Mb
Duration: 00:32:42
Resolution: 720x480

037_BBW_We__Makers_Ep_1.part1.rar (102.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/e6fnoti8k966)
037_BBW_We__Makers_Ep_1.part2.rar (102.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/izfpeai3hvfr)
037_BBW_We__Makers_Ep_1.part3.rar (85.3 Mb) (http://oron.com/p2fxyic8a1o0)

09-30-2011, 08:48 PM
http://s6.depic.me/00327/5t2a97m76plv.jpg (http://depic.me/5t2a97m76plv/038_bbw_.cover.0.jpg)

Stars: Courtney Trouble, Maya Mayhem

Courtney Trouble & Maya Mayhem

The sexual excitement between these two is like dynamite that's lit the second the cameras start rolling. Courtney Trouble, queer porn's gorgeous icon, becomes a dykon in bed with Maya Mayhem, a sweet and sexy trans dyke. Strap-on anal sex, frenzied finger fucking, multiple orgasms and the magical Hitachi keep these two connected and frantically fucking from start to finish. Includes post-scene interview.

http://s6.depic.me/00327/o4t6kg9jt950.jpg (http://depic.me/o4t6kg9jt950/038_bbw_courtney_trouble_maya_mayhem.jpeg)

File name: 038_BBW_Courtney_Trouble_Maya_Mayhem.wmv
Size: 374,64 Mb
Duration: 00:42:05
Resolution: 852x480

038_BBW_Courtney_Trouble_Maya_Mayhem.part1.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/ief9d00jpx13)
038_BBW_Courtney_Trouble_Maya_Mayhem.part2.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/1znsrst0rm1x)
038_BBW_Courtney_Trouble_Maya_Mayhem.part3.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/cterg1ff6xny)
038_BBW_Courtney_Trouble_Maya_Mayhem.part4.rar (74.6 Mb) (http://oron.com/hbnlg8w7aqeu)

10-01-2011, 09:51 AM
http://s6.depic.me/00327/l1ujyl6mrv9n.jpg (http://depic.me/l1ujyl6mrv9n/039_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Niki, Glory Foxxx, Porsche Dali, Jaen

BBW Heavy Tits 12

Porchse Dali and her 46DDDare out to show you big big babes fuck best! There is nothing better than a big and bold babe with a big rack, and these babes have the biggest soft a natural boobies in the world! These breast are so big and heavy you will need two hands to left them. So sit back and enjoy the enormous natural titties!

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File name: 039_BBW_Heavy_Tits_12.wmv
Size: 846,45 Mb
Duration: 01:35:40
Resolution: 720x404

039_BBW_Heavy__12.part1.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/4qchb13ttpbo)
039_BBW_Heavy__12.part2.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/z9pensujs06w)
039_BBW_Heavy__12.part3.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/1n4cjgg5k4w2)
039_BBW_Heavy__12.part4.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/7hjj3cam3wka)
039_BBW_Heavy__12.part5.rar (46.4 Mb) (http://oron.com/5zk6rr07jxcv)

10-01-2011, 09:06 PM
http://s6.depic.me/00327/czvt1st0xqfi.jpg (http://depic.me/czvt1st0xqfi/040_bbw_.back.jpg) http://s6.depic.me/00327/o2qeya1234vw.jpg (http://depic.me/o2qeya1234vw/040_bbw_.cover.jpg)

Stars: Wild Bill

The Hugest Of Huge Ladies

Take a bevy of heavily hung uninhibited oinkers, toss in humongous tits, a cucumber, baby oil, plenty of cock teasing, inject furious pile-driving dick, cum-splattered tits, beat with rapid masturbation, baste with sperm and let simmer. Makes ninety minutes of some of the hottest fucking on film!

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File name: 040_BBW_The_Hugest_Of_Huge_Ladies.wmv
Size: 881,70 Mb
Duration: 01:34:00
Resolution: 480x360

040_BBW_The_Hugest_Of_Huge_Las.part1.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/anh56unlwsq5)
040_BBW_The_Hugest_Of_Huge_Las.part2.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/edmv4a9avson)
040_BBW_The_Hugest_Of_Huge_Las.part3.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/shd5f17fue5g)
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040_BBW_The_Hugest_Of_Huge_Las.part5.rar (81.7 Mb) (http://oron.com/p0e6pdvrhyty)

10-02-2011, 09:29 AM
http://s6.depic.me/00333/tsle663a1a1a.jpg (http://depic.me/tsle663a1a1a/041_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Carmen Hayes, Vanessa Bazoomz, Tiffany Staxxx, Oshun Breeze, Taylor Layne, Syrah Gold

BBLT - Big Black Lesbian Tits 2

Watch some ebony girls dyke-out and give each other the special attention they're looking for! Tiffany Staxxx, Vanessa Bazoomz, Taylor Layne, Carmen Hayes, Syrah Gold, and Oshun Breeze star in this clit licking, tit sucking, nipple slurping, and dildo fucking exxxtravaganza! Hmmmmmmm, good!

http://s6.depic.me/00333/po41rupl3rkj.jpg (http://depic.me/po41rupl3rkj/041_bbw_bblt_big_black_lesbian_tits_2.jpeg)

File name: 041_BBW_BBLT_Big_Black_Lesbian_Tits_2.wmv
Size: 799,26 Mb
Duration: 01:29:28
Resolution: 720x404

041_BBW_BBLT_Big_Black___2.part1.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/zptmfn6y96mr)
041_BBW_BBLT_Big_Black___2.part2.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/h99njozulrt1)
041_BBW_BBLT_Big_Black___2.part3.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/6szgqgwg62zo)
041_BBW_BBLT_Big_Black___2.part4.rar (199.3 Mb) (http://oron.com/p5lkitmxtz5r)

10-02-2011, 06:56 PM
http://s6.depic.me/00333/i2fqci3a8u4a.jpg (http://depic.me/i2fqci3a8u4a/042_bbw_.cover.0.jpg)

Stars: Ms. Deja

More Than Just Beauty

Ms. Deja is an all natural 44FF plumper, with soft chocolate skin and a big round ass. She’s excited because she just went shopping and she will be in a beauty pageant. Watch her try on different things, along with playing with her gigantic boobs. Ms. Deja takes a shower, lathering up her body and tits. I bet you can image what you want to do with those tits with your hands, mouth and especially your cock.

http://s6.depic.me/00333/7i0n9etozrao.jpg (http://depic.me/7i0n9etozrao/042_bbw_more_than_just_beauty.jpeg)

File name: 042_BBW_More_Than_Just_Beauty.wmv
Size: 313,90 Mb
Duration: 00:38:00
Resolution: 720x480

042_BBW_More_Than_Just_Beauty.part1.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/9gyndn5no9kh)
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10-03-2011, 11:39 AM
http://s6.depic.me/00333/b83xossf2q4r.jpg (http://depic.me/b83xossf2q4r/043_bbw_.cover.0.jpg)

Stars: Raven


Raven is a sexy, chunky babe with some of the biggest and most voluptuous, natural boobs you've ever seen before! Raven's tits are stuff of legend. These bra - busting boobs are large and in charge! So, if you like to see some ebony tits getting worked over, you need to check out this movie! Great tits and great action!

http://s6.depic.me/00333/en18w3mb8s37.jpg (http://depic.me/en18w3mb8s37/043_bbw_raven.jpeg)

File name: 043_BBW_Raven.wmv
Size: 234,06 Mb
Duration: 00:29:20
Resolution: 640x480

043_BBW_Raven.part1.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/jnzskrpukuc5)
043_BBW_Raven.part2.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/qmwb09iuaumi)
043_BBW_Raven.part3.rar (34.1 Mb) (http://oron.com/90mb2n4etdi4)

10-03-2011, 06:51 PM
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Stars: Africa


Africa's a BBW with booty bounces like no other, the roundness and the thickness is superb. We hook up at a secluded motel suite she slobbers and sucks the dick down like a pro. She allows me to experience her heavenly huge melons smothering my dick for a good ol' tit fucking. She rides on the dick like hydraulics. I pond her doggy style and bust a miraculous nut all over her inviting booty!

http://s6.depic.me/00333/304br2x5g6de.jpg (http://depic.me/304br2x5g6de/045_bbw_africa.jpeg)

File name: 045_BBW_Africa.wmv
Size: 267,46 Mb
Duration: 00:31:43
Resolution: 640x480

045_BBW_Africa.part1.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/kbxap3giwhh5)
045_BBW_Africa.part2.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/c04z3nudsai4)
045_BBW_Africa.part3.rar (67.5 Mb) (http://oron.com/crmm8i7ttoe0)

10-04-2011, 06:14 PM
http://s5.depic.me/00338/fofnizjah70t.jpg (http://depic.me/fofnizjah70t/046_bbw_.back.jpg) http://s5.depic.me/00338/cbcp876xbxe4.jpg (http://depic.me/cbcp876xbxe4/046_bbw_.cover.jpg)

Stars: Ruby, Shannon Monroe, Ricciana, Exoctic

Big Big Babes 5

Big Big Babes 5 is tons of fun! With 1,200 pounds of action, there's more than enough of these babes to go around! The biggest and most beautiful girls fuck for you, so you can watch these mammoth gals get down and nasty, as nasty as anal! Shannon, Exoctic, Ruby and Ricciana beckon you to cum watch them in all their extra large glory! Dare you deny them?

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File name: 046_BBW_Big_Big_Babes_5.wmv
Size: 748,27 Mb
Duration: 01:19:33
Resolution: 480x360

046_BBW_Big_Big_Babes_5.part1.rar (150.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/xucncatwsktw)
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046_BBW_Big_Big_Babes_5.part5.rar (148.3 Mb) (http://oron.com/myxr024hghxq)

10-05-2011, 06:43 PM
http://s5.depic.me/00338/14zbrhl8xr6u.jpg (http://depic.me/14zbrhl8xr6u/047_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Victoria, Scott, Niana Charm, Trista Lace, Teedra Diora, Scarlett Rouge, Angel Rouge

Mondo Extreme Volume 100 - Highly Fuckable 1st Time Fatties

Hot fat amateurs are fucking hard to make a lasting impression. 6 scenes with 6 BBW's. Scarlett Rouge is first and she swallows the load. Trista masturbates before she sucks on some big cock and gets a good fucking. Victoria has an interracial scene. Squirting in scene 4. The next pretty plumper gets a nice facial. Angel Rouge gets a good hard pounding.They are some of the most "Highly Fuckable Fatties".

http://s5.depic.me/00338/cx9io1azk7sx.jpg (http://depic.me/cx9io1azk7sx/047_bbw_mondo_extreme_volume_100.jpeg)

File name: 047_BBW_Mondo_Extreme_Volume_100.wmv
Size: 1,00 Gb
Duration: 02:03:11
Resolution: 720x480

047_BBW_Mondo_Extreme_Volume_100.part1.rar (220.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/mh19l1trir5u)
047_BBW_Mondo_Extreme_Volume_100.part2.rar (220.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/m9itclzauij5)
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047_BBW_Mondo_Extreme_Volume_100.part4.rar (220.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/gx4mti0rzit6)
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10-06-2011, 09:45 AM
http://s5.depic.me/00338/gedqgjdvgf4k.jpg (http://depic.me/gedqgjdvgf4k/048_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Devlin Weed, Ace, Karla Lane, Shorty Mac, Subrina Love, Bootylicious, Cake Kash, Victoria Secrets, Chocolate Tootie

Meaty Mamas

There's a new meaning to "Large and in charge"! These meaty mamas are up for and will go down on whatever. As long as you have a cock, they're with it, and these big dicked fellas know that. In a world where people want to "do it bigger and better", these sexy BBWs reign supreme! These babes are complicated - they have layers, and once you peel all of them back, you'll get to the best part - the pussy!

http://s5.depic.me/00338/ekiiejbx7wid.jpg (http://depic.me/ekiiejbx7wid/048_bbw_meaty_mamas.jpeg)

File name: 048_BBW_Meaty_Mamas.wmv
Size: 927,58 Mb
Duration: 01:51:03
Resolution: 720x404

048_BBW_Meaty_Mamas.part1.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/skoypfndphse)
048_BBW_Meaty_Mamas.part2.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/qp26hnzbtefo)
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048_BBW_Meaty_Mamas.part5.rar (127.6 Mb) (http://oron.com/991m0bpzwbny)

10-06-2011, 06:35 PM
http://s5.depic.me/00338/nn223vwrhtqa.jpg (http://depic.me/nn223vwrhtqa/049_bbw_.cover.0.jpg)

Stars: Vanessa (II)

Good Neighbors Are There 2

Vanessa goes knocking on her neighbor’s door. He invites her in. He’s an older white man that loves BBW black women. Vanessa undresses and shows her gigantic natural tits and phat ass. She showers and then they have their sex scene with she gives him a blowjob, pussy licking, fucking cowgirl and reverse cowgirl and doggy position until he shoots his load on her ass.What a great neighbor she is.

http://s5.depic.me/00338/0b2fifalj5qy.jpg (http://depic.me/0b2fifalj5qy/049_bbw_good_neighbors_are_there_2.jpeg)

File name: 049_BBW_Good_Neighbors_Are_There_2.wmv
Size: 433,75 Mb
Duration: 00:51:31
Resolution: 352x264

049_BBW_Good_Neighbors_Are_There_2.part1.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/ef9w4emp3pds)
049_BBW_Good_Neighbors_Are_There_2.part2.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/56as62jm4x6x)
049_BBW_Good_Neighbors_Are_There_2.part3.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/99usccubk1fo)
049_BBW_Good_Neighbors_Are_There_2.part4.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/ai42ypjmzzij)
049_BBW_Good_Neighbors_Are_There_2.part5.rar (33.8 Mb) (http://oron.com/1q7lktjti4yv)

10-07-2011, 09:08 AM
http://s5.depic.me/00338/iz5z5pgvx8sx.jpg (http://depic.me/iz5z5pgvx8sx/050_bbw_.back.jpg) http://s5.depic.me/00338/alod9ovyeym1.jpg (http://depic.me/alod9ovyeym1/050_bbw_.cover.jpg)

Stars: Dick Nasty, Rick Masters, SinDee Williams, Tia Davis, Lyric, Zazie Jeanette

Fat Beach Patrol 4

Ahoy scurvies! Get ready to set sail cause we're out to hit the seven seas in search of lard ass. Only the fattest of fat women dare to set foot aboard the decks of our ship.

These are some of the biggest, sexiest BBW's out there, and they have very few inhibitions. Whether it is sucking cock, fucking or spending some quality time together in a lesbian orgy, these are your women.

http://s5.depic.me/00338/1powvzzywtmi.jpg (http://depic.me/1powvzzywtmi/050_bbw_fat_beach_patrol_4.jpeg)

File name: 050_BBW_Fat_Beach_Patrol_4.wmv
Size: 819,28 Mb
Duration: 01:27:00
Resolution: 480x360

050_BBW_Fat_Beach_Patrol_4.part1.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/uvc23dh450fk)
050_BBW_Fat_Beach_Patrol_4.part2.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/lngw18vb8opi)
050_BBW_Fat_Beach_Patrol_4.part3.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/vkyym78ufqpk)
050_BBW_Fat_Beach_Patrol_4.part4.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/yitsjp459139)
050_BBW_Fat_Beach_Patrol_4.part5.rar (19.3 Mb) (http://oron.com/s2n9bmzqr8ov)

10-08-2011, 10:08 AM
http://s5.depic.me/00342/42szdhthjufg.jpg (http://depic.me/42szdhthjufg/051_bbw_.cover.0.jpg)

Stars: Norma Stitz, Empress Kabani

Welcome To Our World

Welcome to the World of Norma Stitz “Mistress of Gravity” and Empress Kabani. While conversing in the living room, they discover a commonality in loving men who enjoy their thunder thighs. Empress Kabani sits on the surprise male submissive “Mistress Gravity” has on standby and passes him back to his mistress to see if he can lift her 86lb. breasts, which are the biggest worldwide. After going back and forth the submissive, both ladies sit back down and finish their conversation.

http://s5.depic.me/00342/nsd684o20a19.jpg (http://depic.me/nsd684o20a19/051_bbw_welcome_to_our_world.jpeg)

File name: 051_BBW_Welcome_To_Our_World.wmv
Size: 266,30 Mb
Duration: 00:35:05
Resolution: 720x480

051_BBW_Welcome_To_Our_World.part1.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/9yadkb9nuuiy)
051_BBW_Welcome_To_Our_World.part2.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/grcemxpxomrc)
051_BBW_Welcome_To_Our_World.part3.rar (66.3 Mb) (http://oron.com/7a770co878wr)

10-08-2011, 07:15 PM
http://s5.depic.me/00342/wginebj6y2xv.jpg (http://depic.me/wginebj6y2xv/052_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Ruby, Rodney Moore, Christian, Dick Chibbles, Jack Vegas, Vanessa Blake, Sonia Blaze, OG Goddess, Porsche Dali

Scale Bustin Babes 40

Suck Up: Professor Chibbles is grading papers when Vanessa walks in. The previous night Professor Chibbles saw Vanessa at her job and she wants him to keep his mouth shut. Vanessa doesn't want people to know she's a stripper so she decides some sucking is the best way to keep her professor quiet. After a bit of sucking she takes a hard cock in her wet pussy and in the end, gets a face full of goo. Toy Time: Ruby's friend just finished a shoot and left her sex toys behind. Curiosity has those toys quickly put to use in Ruby's ready pussy. Watch this full figured girl show herself a good time.

http://s5.depic.me/00342/b38xtn6xw274.jpg (http://depic.me/b38xtn6xw274/052_bbw_scale_bustin_babes_40.jpeg)

File name: 052_BBW_Scale_Bustin_Babes_40.wmv
Size: 901,67 Mb
Duration: 01:48:00
Resolution: 720x404

052_BBW_Scale_Bustin_Babes_40.part1.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/7a39caogrme3)
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052_BBW_Scale_Bustin_Babes_40.part3.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/1kk58ivxsf6s)
052_BBW_Scale_Bustin_Babes_40.part4.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/rogi8skdn5ry)
052_BBW_Scale_Bustin_Babes_40.part5.rar (101.7 Mb) (http://oron.com/v6ymlqfhebjh)

10-09-2011, 07:00 PM
http://s5.depic.me/00342/heewafa7esn6.jpg (http://depic.me/heewafa7esn6/053_bbw_.back.jpg) http://s5.depic.me/00342/iw8qrrcsemj0.jpg (http://depic.me/iw8qrrcsemj0/053_bbw_.cover.jpg)

Stars: Ginger, Cherry, Rozzlyn, Rosa

Big Big Babes #4

Get ready for a big time bone session with some graciously engorged gals with some junk in the trunk! Cherry is sexy from head to toe and very kinky. Rozzlyn is a goth girl who like double the fun for double her pleasure! These pussies are plump and pillowy soft! Remember, big girls do it better! And these big babes want to do you!

http://s5.depic.me/00342/i9ugcvydv06l.jpg (http://depic.me/i9ugcvydv06l/053_bbw_big_big_babes_4.jpeg)

File name: 053_BBW_Big_Big_Babes_4.wmv
Size: 563,81 Mb
Duration: 00:59:46
Resolution: 480x360

053_BBW_Big_Big_Babes_4.part1.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/rx6uz8ys5s3n)
053_BBW_Big_Big_Babes_4.part2.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/5ne2nipu28v1)
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053_BBW_Big_Big_Babes_4.part4.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/bo1kflvbq3oh)
053_BBW_Big_Big_Babes_4.part5.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/1xbbz80onu4p)
053_BBW_Big_Big_Babes_4.part6.rar (63.8 Mb) (http://oron.com/09soocrsnubg)

10-10-2011, 09:33 AM
http://s5.depic.me/00342/dipxs5of4qma.jpg (http://depic.me/dipxs5of4qma/054_bbw_.cover.0.jpg)

Stars: Tracee

Tracee Anal MILF

Tracee takes it like a champ in the ass when she sucks this guy off like he's never been sucked before and gets him harder than NASA space program quantum physics! She doesn't mind when that hard, heavy piece of equipment invades her "personal space", and she even sits on it before he repositions himself to doggy style lets off a big creamy load onto her asscheeks.

http://s5.depic.me/00342/qseciyhu9vxn.jpg (http://depic.me/qseciyhu9vxn/054_bbw_tracee_anal_milf.jpeg)

File name: 054_BBW_Tracee_Anal_MILF.wmv
Size: 212,99 Mb
Duration: 00:32:15
Resolution: 640x480

054_BBW_Tracee__MILF.part1.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/g2il3oc4jkf8)
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054_BBW_Tracee__MILF.part3.rar (13.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/wcbfynmsm4u1)

10-10-2011, 07:55 PM
http://s5.depic.me/00342/dw6m4i3e3dbx.jpg (http://depic.me/dw6m4i3e3dbx/055_bbw_.cover.0.jpg)

Pretty N Plump Anal Queen

This ebony BBW gets all dolled up to take a huge monstrous cock inside of her mouth, her pretty pink pussy, and most importantly, her phat ass. You'd be surprised by how easily she's able to take the brunt of the force of each thrust, but then again, maybe that is why she's known as the Pretty n Plump Anal Queen! All hail her heiny-ess!

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File name: 055_BBW_Pretty_N_Plump_Anal_Queen.wmv
Size: 235,58 Mb
Duration: 00:27:43
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10-11-2011, 10:13 AM
http://s5.depic.me/00349/m4ne8ac5dbt7.jpg (http://depic.me/m4ne8ac5dbt7/056_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Devlin Weed, Nathan Threat, Shorty Mac, Rock The Icon, Bootylicious, Baleeta Bottoms, Madame Trixie, Isabelle Cream, Mz. Butterworthz

Chunky Black Babes

Epic Distribution presents, Chunky Black Babes, featuring sexy ebony bbw’s Bootylicious, Isabelle Cream, Madame Trixie, Mz. Butterworthz, and Baleeta Bottoms. Thick and delicious! Plump and juicy! Watch these tits bounce! Spread their pussies! Beautiful thick ebony women show us why bigger is better!

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File name: 056_BBW_Chunky_Black_Babes.wmv
Size: 922,62 Mb
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Stars: Mimi

Health Class 101

This is the first day of class, there's so much tension in the air, the teacher knows why. The boys cannot keep their eyes off her big tits. Ms. Mimi realizes no work is going to get done by just reading. What does she do? Ms. Mimi turns the boys out, one body part at a time. Lots of tit action, very close up shots of tits.

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File name: 057_BBW_Health_Class_101.wmv
Size: 347,96 Mb
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Stars: Monika, Alickia

Fat Euro Sluts 2

These big women may not be as appealing to everyone, but boy are they hot! They will work twice as hard to please you and will stop at nothing before they’ve had a taste of your cum! Yes, these full-figured babes offer full-service sex. Their ample size poses no limitations on their sexual appetites. Watching these gals go to work on a cock is a sight to behold! Enjoy!

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File name: 058_BBW_Fat_Euro_Sluts_2.wmv
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Stars: Coco, Summer Star, Big Country

Big Girls Do It Better 5

Whether it's a sizzling couple or a horny foursome Nexx Level brings us more sexy BBW's. Come and see these hot BBW's get down and nasty. They will put it down sucking and fucking there ass off. Small girls don't enjoy it like big girls, you'll need every inch of stamina. So watch them go to work.

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File name: 059_BBW_Big_Girls_Do_It_Better_5.wmv
Size: 352,51 Mb
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Stars: Lucy, Storm, Dionne, Meow, Veronica Vaughn

Some people really enjoy eating food. Some people really enjoy playing in their food. These busty BBW's clearly enjoy both as evidenced by their sploshing pleasures.

Newcomer Meow decided that her favorite way to enjoy dessert is rubbing it all over her luscious body. Although, she did seem to really enjoy that banana she decided to pleasure herself with.

Veronica Vaugn was planning to take dessert to a party but instead she decided she would rather sit her plush ass on it. Every cake deserves chocolate sauce though and so she covers herself in it as well.

Storm is delighted to cover herself in chocolate, whipped cream, and custard to give you an idea of what dessert should taste like.

Dionne loved the sensation of rubbing her dessert into her plus-sized body. Syrups, creams, cakes and custards found a fabulous playground on her curvy-licious body.

Lucy happily cleaned her refrigerator out and poured its contents all over her voluptuous self. Her massive tits were more than capable of holding the soup, pasta, baked beans and syrups. The grand finale... Lucy takes a cake in the face! This was a facial unlike any she had ever received before. There is no doubt, these plumpers love to splosh.

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File name: 060_BBW_Plumpers_Splosh.wmv
Size: 471,17 Mb
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Stars: Samantha 38G, Desiree Devine, Kandi Kobain, Platinum Puzzy, Charlie Cooper, Porsche Dali, Jane Kush

BBWs Gone Black 18

The proverbial myth has proven reality for these BBWs. Once they go black, they won't go back. So these sexy, ample-framed beauties fall all over each other to sample the sexual favors of black studs around town. They've heard and have confirmed for themselves the stories that follow black men; and they refuse to let this amount of beef be consumed by the skinny broads. Your #1 interracial BBW title! Sexy plump Mandingo-lovers! 100% hardcore! Chocolate-lovin' sluts!

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File name: 061_BBW_Gone_Black_18.wmv
Size: 1,42 Gb
Duration: 02:51:00
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10-15-2011, 09:57 AM
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Stars: Mark Anthony (Pornstar), Peaches Larue, Sienna Hills, Hillary Hooterz, Reyna Mae, Dawn Davenport, Desiree Charms, Emma Bailey

Poolside Plumpers

These BBW's are sensational and they have an appetite for big, hard, long poles! These big beautiful women are more than just looks, and she can do more than cook, she can suck your dick better than you've ever had it, and when you're done giving her all the hard fucking you can muster, she'll swallow all of your cum with a smile on her face! You've never had it this good, bigger and better, than when you've gotten it from a poolside Plumper!

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Size: 1,44 Gb
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10-15-2011, 08:26 PM
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Stars: Shablee, Lotta Love, Brandy, C.C., Rosalinda

Chubby BBW 2

Theres more than enough of her to spread around and her libido is as big as she is! She's super horny and super hot, and her big lovin'is gonna hit the spot! She is a big, beautiful woman and she can't be beat--go on and give her some of your sweet love meat!She has pussy by tha pound and you'd better have enough stamina to keep up!

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10-17-2011, 09:50 AM
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Stars: Katrina, Electra, Carmencita, Adora

Big Big Babes #6

Big, Big Babes!! We are big and love it!! Newcomer ELECTRA is hot. Carmencita does 2 guys! So does Adora and Katrina. Big is definitely better! These fat sluts are so big you could get lost in their rolls. Be careful you don't drown in their dripping wet pussies while you're trying to find your way in...or out.

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File name: 064_BBW_Big_Big_Babes_6.wmv
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10-18-2011, 08:48 AM
http://s5.depic.me/00361/td0t2fpj58g2.jpg (http://depic.me/td0t2fpj58g2/065_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Daisy, Shaun

9 Inches Hurts So Good

Daisy knows that size does matter and once you go black you never cum back! Daisy is craving a big black monster cock and today she gets what she asked for. Shaun is a stud who is packing 9 solid inches and he knows what to do with it! Plus, it doesn’t hurt that she has more cushion for the pushin’. Watch as he plows balls deep into Daisy’s hot hole over and over until she screams out “It hurts soooo good”! Then he spews his chocolate load all over her massive titties!

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File name: 065_BBW_9_Inches_Hurts_So_Good.wmv
Size: 247,88 Mb
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10-19-2011, 05:26 PM
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Stars: Gina, Hughey Love, Gunna, Pretty Boy V

Pipe Game 4

Spank It Up Videos presents another installment of their outstanding “Pipe Game” series! Now, you might be asking yourself … what is Pipe Game? It’s another way of describing hardcore fucking! Cum and watch these amateur guys laying some serious pipe to the horny and needy babes in this movie! And the two lovely women in this movie are thick, with big tits and fat, juicy butts!

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File name: 066_BBW_Pipe_Game_4.wmv
Size: 609,73 Mb
Duration: 01:08:30
Resolution: 720x480

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10-20-2011, 11:41 AM
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Stars: Kelly Reign, Farrah Foxx, SuperStarXXX, Kitty B. Moise, Xxplizit, Lacey Lanes

Lesbian BBBW Vol. 14

Here comes a whole lot of loving and all you can eat pussy for you to devour. These big beautiful black women have a taste for each other's pussies! Big lesbian loving and huge lesbian orgasms! L.A. ladies are representing for their city as they put up their best tongue game onto the out of towners. Will L.A. have the honor of being the best this time around?

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File name: 067_BBW_Lesbian_BBBW_Vol_14.wmv
Size: 730,10 Mb
Duration: 01:22:43
Resolution: 720x404

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10-21-2011, 10:04 AM
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Stars: Norma Stitz

Web Cam Girl

Norma Stitz is the Queen of the web cam. She has the biggest tits and she knows you’ve come to the right place to get them. Come and play with Norma and her melons, it’s a dream come true. She talks dirty right to you, getting you all turned on. Norma shows you every angle of her voluptuous body. Getting completely nude and a vibrator she masturbates thinking of you. She wants you to fuck her pussy real good.

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File name: 068_BBW_Web_Cam_Girl.wmv
Size: 260,90 Mb
Duration: 00:32:16
Resolution: 720x480

068_BBW_Web_Cam_Girl.part1.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/fonhe74uhzm9)
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10-21-2011, 08:38 PM
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Stars: Amber Swallows, Selina White, Kowboyka, Denny (Female)

Big Big Babes #41

These curvy babes all have one thing in common... A HEAVY SEX DRIVE! Watch four big big babes get down and dirty like only a BBW can. They dress up in tiny little panties that were made for women half their size, shake their curves and take a cock! There's a whole lotta lovin' to get from a BBW babe!

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File name: 069_BBW_Big_Big_Babes_41.wmv
Size: 731,34 Mb
Duration: 01:27:53
Resolution: 720x404

069_BBW_Big_Big_Babes_41.part1.rar (155.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/9rmg3msepd28)
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10-22-2011, 10:06 AM
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Stars: Ester, Hana, Sasha Brabuster, Marlena, Samalta

BBW Heavy Tits 11

Sasha Brabuster and her 42DDs are out to show you big big babes fuck best! There is nothing better than a big and bold babe with a big rack, and these babes have the biggest soft and natural boobies in the world! These breasts are so big and heavy you will need two hands to left them. So sit back and enjoy the enormous natural titties!

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File name: 070_BBW_Heavy_Tits_11.wmv
Size: 889,50 Mb
Duration: 01:41:17
Resolution: 720x404

070_BBW_Heavy__11.part1.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/ne16g3f5qxjj)
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10-22-2011, 08:45 PM
http://s6.depic.me/00371/0unc061ewl68.jpg (http://depic.me/0unc061ewl68/071_bbw_.back.jpg) http://s6.depic.me/00371/quc01yrzsz76.jpg (http://depic.me/quc01yrzsz76/071_bbw_.cover.jpg)

Stars: Sandra, Anne Marie, Kirstyn Halborg, Fay Allen, Jenny Mansfield

Hardcore Plumpers Return pt. 1

Starring the insanely popular Katie in her first ever hardcore performance, plus all of your other plumper favorites. These ladies just keep getting plumper, with titanic-sinking tits, asses that'll leave aftershocks for weeks, and poundable plump figures perfect for penis-pussy play! A must see for any fan whose cock hardens at the thought of big, thick, plushy fleshy bodies.

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File name: 071_BBW_Hardcore_Plumpers_Return_pt_1.wmv
Size: 856,96 Mb
Duration: 01:42:56
Resolution: 720x480

071_BBW_Hardcore_Plumpers_Return_pt_1.part1.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/pi5rzgvsi6yj)
071_BBW_Hardcore_Plumpers_Return_pt_1.part2.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/n30i520m0hpa)
071_BBW_Hardcore_Plumpers_Return_pt_1.part3.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/54lozb8k8yad)
071_BBW_Hardcore_Plumpers_Return_pt_1.part4.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/qxbk7kd3p0bu)
071_BBW_Hardcore_Plumpers_Return_pt_1.part5.rar (57.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/7kgukgmdn9w1)

10-23-2011, 09:32 AM
http://s6.depic.me/00371/bym500uak08v.jpg (http://depic.me/bym500uak08v/072_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Sapphire

The Best Of Sapphire

Sapphire and her gigantic 38L breasts are every man's fantasy come true. Her curves are never-ending and make every cock stiff. Without a doubt, having an orgasm with Sapphire would be earth-shattering. This film is a compilation of seven scenes of Sapphire fucking, sucking and having thrilling orgasms. Will you make it through all seven scenes before having an orgasm yourself?

http://s6.depic.me/00371/mzfnlej6y8d3.jpg (http://depic.me/mzfnlej6y8d3/072_bbw_the_best_of_sapphire.jpeg)

File name: 072_BBW_The_Best_Of_Sappire.wmv
Size: 627,34 Mb
Duration: 01:19:40
Resolution: 720x396

072_BBW_The_Best_Of_Sapphire.part1.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/ylfjrwwyd95i)
072_BBW_The_Best_Of_Sapphire.part2.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/d0r1nccfbyt0)
072_BBW_The_Best_Of_Sapphire.part3.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/zxm5tc5mfncr)
072_BBW_The_Best_Of_Sapphire.part4.rar (27.3 Mb) (http://oron.com/bkew5a69csab)

10-23-2011, 07:32 PM
http://s6.depic.me/00372/0qqngnutwetk.jpg (http://depic.me/0qqngnutwetk/073_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Simone, Samantha 38G, Rikki Waters, Nikki May, Emma Bailey

Backdoor BBWs

Your horny eyes will view 100% Anal Destruction!! All of these BBW's ride huge cocks, have meaty badonks, and are completely dick starved! Watch all these horny BBWs get their plump asses plowed! There are five horny BBWs with giant asses that leave their men drained and weak at the knees.

http://s6.depic.me/00372/iygl8avyfp0o.jpg (http://depic.me/iygl8avyfp0o/073_bbw_backdoor_bbws.jpeg)

File name: 073_BBW_Backdoor_BBWs.wmv
Size: 1,30 Gb
Duration: 02:37:39
Resolution: 640x368

073_BBW_Backdoor_BBWs.part1.rar (300.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/6l7z13q2ijy6)
073_BBW_Backdoor_BBWs.part2.rar (300.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/wuhoy2pqqei9)
073_BBW_Backdoor_BBWs.part3.rar (300.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/n704ycfpiics)
073_BBW_Backdoor_BBWs.part4.rar (300.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/zlh5w5o0tlf0)
073_BBW_Backdoor_BBWs.part5.rar (132.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/khuvi0l7eoal)

10-24-2011, 09:37 AM
http://s6.depic.me/00372/ziaij2fb6tkp.jpg (http://depic.me/ziaij2fb6tkp/074_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Marylin, Loretta, Soraya, Lexi Summer

Chunky Chicks #48

Fleshy fatties and fatty fun! Thick and chunky babes just know how to fuck better. They bounce their big butts on your cock and have plenty of meat to grab on to. So take hold and get ready for the ride of your life! Starring Marylin, Lexi Summer, Soraya, Loretta!

http://s6.depic.me/00372/mlolb05xzfst.jpg (http://depic.me/mlolb05xzfst/074_bbw_chunky_chicks_48.jpeg)

File name: 074_BBW_Chunky_Chicks_48.wmv
Size: 991,30 Mb
Duration: 01:53:39
Resolution: 720x404

074_BBW_Chunky_Chicks_48.part1.rar (210.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/6uyqqg1xkzk7)
074_BBW_Chunky_Chicks_48.part2.rar (210.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/equj7ksmp8kb)
074_BBW_Chunky_Chicks_48.part3.rar (210.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/7diiyvq1lihw)
074_BBW_Chunky_Chicks_48.part4.rar (210.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/6fnax97k8bk2)
074_BBW_Chunky_Chicks_48.part5.rar (151.3 Mb) (http://oron.com/4j07xmd9zbr8)

10-24-2011, 07:01 PM
http://s6.depic.me/00375/20jh7pdtgcce.jpg (http://depic.me/20jh7pdtgcce/075_bbw_.large.1.jpg)

Stars: Coco, Summer Star, Big Country

Big Girls Do It Better 5

Whether it's a sizzling couple or a horny foursome Nexx Level brings us more sexy BBW's. Come and see these hot BBW's get down and nasty. They will put it down sucking and fucking there ass off. Small girls don't enjoy it like big girls, you'll need every inch of stamina. So watch them go to work.

http://s6.depic.me/00375/196zgaql1557.jpg (http://depic.me/196zgaql1557/075_bbw_big_girls_do_it_better_5.jpeg)

File name: 075_BBW_Big_Girls_Do_It_Better_5.wmv
Size: 352,51 Mb
Duration: 00:39:49
Resolution: 640x480

075_BBW_Big_Girls_Do_It_Better_5.part1.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/aoq42f1g80g0)
075_BBW_Big_Girls_Do_It_Better_5.part2.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/3sd6in7vi594)
075_BBW_Big_Girls_Do_It_Better_5.part3.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/cwidpt1jgfnm)
075_BBW_Big_Girls_Do_It_Better_5.part4.rar (52.5 Mb) (http://oron.com/56dben163in4)

10-25-2011, 10:07 AM
http://s6.depic.me/00375/7exiey70yq20.jpg (http://depic.me/7exiey70yq20/076_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Summer Star

Summer Star Is Doing It Big

The title “Summer Star Is Doing Big” is an understatement. First of all if you’re hungry for wild ebony BBW that has a gigantic ass and tits. Summer is for you. She’s has on lingerie that is black and her pussy is pierced and shaved which is a plus for when her big pussy is getting licked. Wait till you see the size of this black cock she talks on in the mouth and he her pussy. Oh, don’t forget her chocolate melons that are great to fuck and cum all over.

http://s6.depic.me/00375/9krj6869o3g4.jpg (http://depic.me/9krj6869o3g4/076_bbw_summer_star_is_doing_it_big.jpeg)

File name: 076_BBW_Summer_Star_Is_Do_It_Big.wmv
Size: 377,06 Mb
Duration: 00:43:10
Resolution: 568x480

076_BBW_Summer_Star_Is_Doing_It_Big.part1.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/sourg9guuwok)
076_BBW_Summer_Star_Is_Doing_It_Big.part2.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/68chs9whxosx)
076_BBW_Summer_Star_Is_Doing_It_Big.part3.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/6ajjecdruhwl)
076_BBW_Summer_Star_Is_Doing_It_Big.part4.rar (77.1 Mb) (http://oron.com/nvx7m36gnemh)

10-26-2011, 10:00 PM
http://s6.depic.me/00379/nza4o2ixflof.jpg (http://depic.me/nza4o2ixflof/077_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Ghetto Sex Tapes 3

It's a ghetto BBW lover's dream as these ripe and juicy black beauties serve up all the beautiful ebony fuck-fest action anyone could hope for. These sexy ass hood goddesses got TIG ol' Bitties, son. You're not even ready for all of that shit, homey. She can do shit with her body that you can't even make a stick figure do, let alone, the fact that she's about to do this shit on film! It's about to get real! Real life BBW woman, real life situations, Ghetto Sex Tapes!

http://s6.depic.me/00379/ls67cy0zm1f8.jpg (http://depic.me/ls67cy0zm1f8/077_bbw_ghetto_sex_tapes_3.jpeg)

File name: 077_BBW_Ghetto_Sex_Tapes_3.wmv
Size: 314,57 Mb
Duration: 00:36:47
Resolution: 720x404

077_BBW_Ghetto__Tapes_3.part1.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/s5dr7yhn8mg3)
077_BBW_Ghetto__Tapes_3.part2.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/tj0pqwban8aj)
077_BBW_Ghetto__Tapes_3.part3.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/e14y1a6sn04g)
077_BBW_Ghetto__Tapes_3.part4.rar (14.6 Mb) (http://oron.com/2h44io1kje79)

10-28-2011, 09:36 AM
http://s6.depic.me/00379/alhi21lu5v66.jpg (http://depic.me/alhi21lu5v66/078_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Wendy Wett, Big Country

Wendy Wett Sex Tape 3

Wendy Wett sex tape is hot full of hardcore action. You can look and see this BBW really likes what she does, no faking just hot action. Wendy fucks and sucks Big Country like no other as no other big girl can do it better! Watch Wendys bountiful booty bounce while Big Country gives her pink pussy a deep pounding.

http://s6.depic.me/00379/g0l0icblotm7.jpg (http://depic.me/g0l0icblotm7/078_bbw_wendy_wett_sex_tape_3.jpeg)

File name: 078_BBW_Wendy_Wett_Sex_Tape_3.wmv
Size: 360,10 Mb
Duration: 00:45:00
Resolution: 720x480

078_BBW_Wendy_Wett__Tape_3.part1.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/05h0aqo51m0p)
078_BBW_Wendy_Wett__Tape_3.part2.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/72rs55foj9pv)
078_BBW_Wendy_Wett__Tape_3.part3.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/280yzpcymidy)
078_BBW_Wendy_Wett__Tape_3.part4.rar (60.1 Mb) (http://oron.com/6xta0gf1bvgf)

10-28-2011, 07:08 PM
http://s5.depic.me/00385/6w797cp6jikb.jpg (http://depic.me/6w797cp6jikb/079_bbw_.cover.jpg)

Stars: Namie

Chubby Girl - Namie

"Chubby Girl - Namie" features Namie, a sexy asian who is satisfied with her extra padding. The camera man wastes no time getting to business. He makes sure to capture every quiver, jiggle, and shake on Namie's plump body as she gets fucked in multiple positions. Jackers who love extra meat on their women will enjoy this one!

http://s5.depic.me/00385/85ri2q0zsel9.jpg (http://depic.me/85ri2q0zsel9/079_bbw_chubby_girl_namie.jpeg)

File name: 079_BBW_Chubby_Girl_Namie.wmv
Size: 256,18 Mb
Duration: 00:30:00
Resolution: 480x360

079_BBW_Chubby_Girl_Namie.part1.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/34vhismd41tn)
079_BBW_Chubby_Girl_Namie.part2.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/jwmg9wh9ymi7)
079_BBW_Chubby_Girl_Namie.part3.rar (56.2 Mb) (http://oron.com/g5esse7ozrv5)

10-29-2011, 09:43 AM
http://s5.depic.me/00385/rpthcg1xncb4.jpg (http://depic.me/rpthcg1xncb4/080_bbw_.back.jpg) http://s5.depic.me/00385/rhmuscvowuig.jpg (http://depic.me/rhmuscvowuig/080_bbw_.cover.jpg)

Stars: Christine, Stephanie Kane, Rodney Moore, Marika, Dana Lane, Daniel Kane, Dotti

Scale Bustin' Bimbos 1

She’s sexy and she knows it too! She saunters daringly up to the scale and steps on it, posing her full-figure to you – you’re mesmerized. However, when the weight comes up, instead of numbers it says; “to be continued…” These are some scale bustin’ babes, and they want you to bust them wide open! There’s no stopping them from seducing you into hopping in and blowing them out! Go for it, they’re ready and willing!

http://s5.depic.me/00385/9c2egz58gojm.jpg (http://depic.me/9c2egz58gojm/080_bbw_scale_bustin_bimbos_1.jpeg)

File name: 080_BBW_Scale_Bustin_Bimbos_1.wmv
Size: 830,15 Mb
Duration: 01:28:00
Resolution: 480x360

080_BBW_Scale_Bustin_Bimbos_1.part1.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/d6ymb005rebp)
080_BBW_Scale_Bustin_Bimbos_1.part2.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/wmjnijvmqsai)
080_BBW_Scale_Bustin_Bimbos_1.part3.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/dpnigaih2uu4)
080_BBW_Scale_Bustin_Bimbos_1.part4.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/t5fzhdk7jdta)
080_BBW_Scale_Bustin_Bimbos_1.part5.rar (30.1 Mb) (http://oron.com/m5lpiyht4gio)

10-29-2011, 08:35 PM
http://s5.depic.me/00386/63u4bhvdrmu1.jpg (http://depic.me/63u4bhvdrmu1/081_bbw_.back.jpg)

Stars: Tia Davis, Tree Sweet, Sin Dee Williams, Zazie Jeanette

Fat Beach Patrol 2

Get ready for another earth quaking episode of 'Fat Beach Patrol'. These plus sized beauties know how to suck a cock and they do it with extra vigor! Watch the cocks disappear in the folds of flab in desperate search of the pussy! These sex fiends end the episode with an oily orgy that will have your eyes popping out of their sockets. Don't miss it!

http://s5.depic.me/00386/ie5z66xtj9de.jpg (http://depic.me/ie5z66xtj9de/081_bbw_fat_beach_patrol_2.jpeg)

File name: 081_BBW_Fat_Beach_Patrol_2.wmv
Size: 654,87 Mb
Duration: 01:22:42
Resolution: 480x360

081_BBW_Fat_Beach_Patrol_2.part1.rar (150.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/sfi0psl326rv)
081_BBW_Fat_Beach_Patrol_2.part2.rar (150.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/0rldxg9fb03g)
081_BBW_Fat_Beach_Patrol_2.part3.rar (150.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/f3zdin24af60)
081_BBW_Fat_Beach_Patrol_2.part4.rar (150.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/hviimxc8bkyd)
081_BBW_Fat_Beach_Patrol_2.part5.rar (54.9 Mb) (http://oron.com/72amvkzl4mzw)

10-30-2011, 11:15 AM
http://s5.depic.me/00386/pec9pl4cv470.jpg (http://depic.me/pec9pl4cv470/082_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Rico, Big Country, Tishia Sweet Water, Anaomyaus J

Ghetto Sex Tapes Vol. #4

Tishia Sweet Water gets fucked by Big Country. Damn! If you like a big ass and big tits, she's got 'em! Anaomyaus J gets her pussy fucked good by Rico. This is real, amateur, hardcore action! Beautiful black babes getting fucked, and one BBW that will leave your mouth watering!

http://s5.depic.me/00386/bi5suo7xpec5.jpg (http://depic.me/bi5suo7xpec5/082_bbw_ghetto_sex_tapes_vol_4.jpeg)

File name: 082_BBW_Ghetto_Sex_Tapes_Vol_4.wmv
Size: 460,67 Mb
Duration: 00:52:27
Resolution: 640x480

082_BBW_Ghetto__Tapes_Vol_4.part1.rar (150.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/th2cyqaz4snw)
082_BBW_Ghetto__Tapes_Vol_4.part2.rar (150.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/i43j3bvc4c6d)
082_BBW_Ghetto__Tapes_Vol_4.part3.rar (150.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/vxstq4b27wfh)
082_BBW_Ghetto__Tapes_Vol_4.part4.rar (10.7 Mb) (http://oron.com/6t7j0xh2wu7u)

10-31-2011, 10:57 AM
http://s5.depic.me/00388/luon5iw9kb6q.jpg (http://depic.me/luon5iw9kb6q/083_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Dirty Hairy And Fat Lesbians

Porn Duck presents Dirty Hairy And Fat Lesbians! Despite what the title suggests, this movie contains ONE mature, dirty, hairy, and fat lesbian with some sexy young girls that love older women. They take turns making love to this sexy mature blonde. Watch them use double sided dildos on each other's hairy snatches. Enjoy!

http://s5.depic.me/00388/sxybky54jnk1.jpg (http://depic.me/sxybky54jnk1/083_bbw_dirty_hairy_and_fat_lesbians.jpeg)

File name: 083_BBW_Dirty_Hairy_And_Fat_Lesbians.wmv
Size: 807,25 Mb
Duration: 01:31:56
Resolution: 720x480

083_BBW_Dirty_Hairy_And_Fat_ans.part1.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/3iclheq6zlq8)
083_BBW_Dirty_Hairy_And_Fat_ans.part2.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/t10rc4csmnmx)
083_BBW_Dirty_Hairy_And_Fat_ans.part3.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/cm23vf63mxxw)
083_BBW_Dirty_Hairy_And_Fat_ans.part4.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/36y5ytrug4il)
083_BBW_Dirty_Hairy_And_Fat_ans.part5.rar (7.2 Mb) (http://oron.com/th7u0ulbggl3)

10-31-2011, 07:49 PM
http://s5.depic.me/00388/ra74ichv6262.jpg (http://depic.me/ra74ichv6262/084_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Special Breed, Neese Honey Dip

Neese Honey Dip Vs. Special Breed

Nexx Level Productions present "Neese Honey Dip Vs. Special Breed." Neese runs up with big dick Special Breed. He really pipes her down. He really pipes down... He shows this New York hottie how it's done in the south and she takes his cock like a champion! He thrusts his big cock into her as her big round ass sways with the movements. He gives her a fat load on her plump ass!

http://s5.depic.me/00388/hrv58d6zowqx.jpg (http://depic.me/hrv58d6zowqx/084_bbw_neese_honey_dip_vs_special_breed.jpeg)

File name: 084_BBW_Neese_Honey_Dip_Vs_Special_Breed.wmv
Size: 370,43 Mb
Duration: 00:42:14
Resolution: 640x480

084_BBW_Neese_Honey_Dip_Vs_Special_Breed.part1.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/ehi3xeffe9mo)
084_BBW_Neese_Honey_Dip_Vs_Special_Breed.part2.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/j1ezajg810e7)
084_BBW_Neese_Honey_Dip_Vs_Special_Breed.part3.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/vbtzviqeibds)
084_BBW_Neese_Honey_Dip_Vs_Special_Breed.part4.rar (70.4 Mb) (http://oron.com/3j10wutzpp2x)

11-01-2011, 09:42 AM
http://s5.depic.me/00390/p5dxkbzxmvkp.jpg (http://depic.me/p5dxkbzxmvkp/085_bbw_.cover.0.jpg)

Stars: Carl Hubay

Doing The Preacher's Wife

Carl Hubay is a man living in the present time. He likes to have sex daily to keep up his good health and reputation for "best fuck bud" ever. Although his gray strands of hair have peeked through and shown his age, the motion in his hips still has the ladies, gentleman and trannies swooning for more action. Carl is not going to stop even if he does get enough. He is now doing the "Preacher's Wife" now and proud of it.

http://s5.depic.me/00390/3azt7exk7mji.jpg (http://depic.me/3azt7exk7mji/085_bbw_doing_the_preachers_wife.jpeg)

File name: 085_BBW_Doing_The_Preachers_Wife.wmv
Size: 274,86 Mb
Duration: 00:34:09
Resolution: 720x480

085_BBW_Doing_The_Preachers_Wife.part1.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/v76012nicyfk)
085_BBW_Doing_The_Preachers_Wife.part2.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/e78702chyjlw)
085_BBW_Doing_The_Preachers_Wife.part3.rar (74.9 Mb) (http://oron.com/en4ia598id24)

11-01-2011, 08:24 PM
http://s5.depic.me/00390/wh9btu2dotmx.jpg (http://depic.me/wh9btu2dotmx/086_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Roxy, Kim, Extreme Bush

Dirty Housewives Volume 2

This one is easily one of Kim's greatest films to date. In this show, two of her best friend's come over for some girl-time. Best of all, it's completely REAL and unscripted from start to finish. If anything, it's genuine, girls-only swinger party captured in front of the camera's eye. Three women ...having real fun...It's all just a normal weekend...At Kim's house... Some wine and the next thing you know lips are being stretched, tits are sucked and pussies are being tongued all in a lovely threesome afternoon.

http://s5.depic.me/00390/a5804oujzatj.jpg (http://depic.me/a5804oujzatj/086_bbw_dirty_housewives_volume_2.jpeg)

File name: 086_BBW_Dirty_Housewives_Volume_2.wmv
Size: 492,93 Mb
Duration: 00:57:48
Resolution: 720x540

086_BBW_Dirty_Housewives_Volume_2.part1.rar (150.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/430h3y96z6p1)
086_BBW_Dirty_Housewives_Volume_2.part2.rar (150.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/bs8gjqhdmg3w)
086_BBW_Dirty_Housewives_Volume_2.part3.rar (150.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/m5aelgdfwid6)
086_BBW_Dirty_Housewives_Volume_2.part4.rar (42.9 Mb) (http://oron.com/4eptnvx12g5l)

11-02-2011, 10:21 AM
http://s5.depic.me/00391/w2tpbcx1rpbi.jpg (http://depic.me/w2tpbcx1rpbi/087_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Kim

Kim's Klips #1

In Kim's Klips #1, Kim certainly gets her fill of cock! And why not? She's an absolute glutton for it!

In this film we're given an intimate view into Kim's swinging lifestyle as she's coupled with a variety of men in several short scenes, all of which are shot by her loving husband, John.

While Kim certainly get's her pussy filled in several of these clips, her love for giving head shines through and it's a joyous sight to behold!

Another great show from the U.K.'s horniest housewife!

http://s5.depic.me/00391/6xlkmogtqu0y.jpg (http://depic.me/6xlkmogtqu0y/087_bbw_kim_klips_1.jpeg)

File name: 087_BBW_Kim_Klips_1.wmv
Size: 562,36 Mb
Duration: 01:03:35
Resolution: 720x404

087_BBW_Kim_Klips_1.part1.rar (150.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/54o86xomzjje)
087_BBW_Kim_Klips_1.part2.rar (150.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/etp7ypib6pxl)
087_BBW_Kim_Klips_1.part3.rar (150.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/z6qhzxhnz1ru)
087_BBW_Kim_Klips_1.part4.rar (112.4 Mb) (http://oron.com/0f2u8br0hwct)

11-02-2011, 09:06 PM
http://s5.depic.me/00392/d6corza2kl3k.jpg (http://depic.me/d6corza2kl3k/088_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Big Country, Tishasweetcandy, Mz. Sweetwaterz, Cherokee Goddess

Bringin Sweetness 2 Big Country Volume 1

Big Country is a CEO of his own company and he works with some of the sexiest and lustful females on the planet. Sit back and watch BIG Country as he finds himself being sexed up by his interns to his clients. It's great being the boss, especially if you're Big Country. The first scene is "Battle Of The Interns" with Tishasweetcandy and Mz. Sweetwaterz. "Sexual Relaxation" with Cherokee and Big Country. Third scene "Just Being Sweet Candy" with Tishsweetcandy.

http://s5.depic.me/00392/xszzbaiufzaz.jpg (http://depic.me/xszzbaiufzaz/088_bbw_bringin_sweetness_2.jpeg)

File name: 088_BBW_Bringin_Sweetness_2.wmv
Size: 617,96 Mb
Duration: 01:15:13
Resolution: 720x404

088_BBW_Bringin_Sweetness_2.part1.rar (150.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/vnwn6re4jqts)
088_BBW_Bringin_Sweetness_2.part2.rar (150.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/pnue9gs2x94v)
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088_BBW_Bringin_Sweetness_2.part4.rar (150.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/k6vjjta4tto6)
088_BBW_Bringin_Sweetness_2.part5.rar (18.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/a5xfr7ra70tp)

11-03-2011, 09:30 AM
http://s5.depic.me/00393/7duj7l5fop53.jpg (http://depic.me/7duj7l5fop53/089_bbw_.large.jpg)

Stars: Monique, Brooklyn, Wren, Doll

Big Fat Cream Pie

Nothing but a ton of fun and cream pies. These sexy sluts know how to please. It's all about the fucking, the sucking and the dirtiest cream pies caught on film. Some say skinny girls look good but we say fat girls know how to fuck, and the proof is in the pudding.

http://s5.depic.me/00393/lznlj0qd6s2z.jpg (http://depic.me/lznlj0qd6s2z/089_bbw_big_fat_cream_pie.jpeg)

File name: 089_BBW_Big_Fat_Cream_Pie.wmv
Size: 1,26 Gb
Duration: 02:19:48
Resolution: 480x360

089_BBW_Big_Fat_Cream_Pie.part1.rar (300.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/z5ru32r9mt03)
089_BBW_Big_Fat_Cream_Pie.part2.rar (300.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/0qxn9o4xn3m7)
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089_BBW_Big_Fat_Cream_Pie.part5.rar (85.5 Mb) (http://oron.com/98oajizp2lnp)

11-03-2011, 07:56 PM
http://s5.depic.me/00393/oub9xyi4okll.jpg (http://depic.me/oub9xyi4okll/090_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Vanessa Blake, Porsche Dali, Carmella Sweet, Delilah Black

I Like Fat Girls 11

Watch XXX large plump babes that are hungry for cock! These BBW's devour cocks like a black hole in space! The only exercise these large ladies get is sex and driving to the grand opening of a donut shop. Even when they're fucking, they're thinking about eating. Always searching for hard cocks to snack on.

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File name: 090_BBW_I_Like_Fat_Girls_11.wmv
Size: 1,07 Gb
Duration: 02:03:29
Resolution: 720x404

090_BBW_I_Like_Fat_Girls_11.part1.rar (250.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/7s8vcnddftch)
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11-04-2011, 10:00 AM
http://s5.depic.me/00395/p3wc97fm4dwb.jpg (http://depic.me/p3wc97fm4dwb/091_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Bella Rosa, Ms. Frisky, Reina De Leon


Three Latina freaks that love big black dick! Bella Rose gets down and dirty with Big Country. She enjoys a good ride and blows Big Country's mind. Reina De Leon shows her head skills and how she loves Doggie. And finally, the wild MILF, Ms. Frisky takes it like a pro in a scene you'll never forget!

http://s5.depic.me/00395/5dqn8kbaa229.jpg (http://depic.me/5dqn8kbaa229/091_bbw_heat.jpeg)

File name: 091_BBW_Heat.wmv
Size: 509,14 Mb
Duration: 01:00:03
Resolution: 640x480

091_BBW_Heat.part1.rar (150.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/g6cxy0k0knfk)
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091_BBW_Heat.part4.rar (59.1 Mb) (http://oron.com/dqyyzwumu2qi)

11-05-2011, 10:35 AM
http://s5.depic.me/00398/f8hkbs2rcq9h.jpg (http://depic.me/f8hkbs2rcq9h/093_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Nathan Threat, Rock The Icon, Kitty B. Moise, Xxplizit, Lacey Lanes

Blane Bryant's BBBW 31

Enormous black chicks are here and waiting for you to take care of them! Slutty bitches with a sweet tooth for hot sperm that know how to make it clap! Blane Bryant is back with his latest installment of his BBBW series and this one might be the hottest of them all! Big girls like to fuck too!

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File name: 093_BBW_Blane_Bryants_BBBW_31.wmv
Size: 825,89 Mb
Duration: 01:33:28
Resolution: 720x404

093_BBW_Blane_Bryants_BBBW_31.part1.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/uswf3fgbgx5o)
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11-05-2011, 10:36 AM
http://s5.depic.me/00397/lmphsftc0mvc.jpg (http://depic.me/lmphsftc0mvc/092_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Wendy Wett

Wett POV

Wendy is a freaky white lady with a 78 inch ass that loves black dicks in this POV DVD you get to see this big booty cougar get loose and you get to see it through the eyes of Big Country. Watch Wendy display her unique dick sucking skills by making her mouth pop after every slurp. And there's a phenomenal view of her huge derriere jiggle while she gets fucked doggy style.

http://s5.depic.me/00397/tckhigdll75g.jpg (http://depic.me/tckhigdll75g/092_bbw_wett_pov.jpeg)

File name: 092_BBW_Wett_POV.wmv
Size: 710,62 Mb
Duration: 01:19:59
Resolution: 640x480

092_BBW_Wett_POV.part1.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/zt4h7ftgevn8)
092_BBW_Wett_POV.part2.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/pe2m3npb84dc)
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11-05-2011, 10:33 PM
http://s5.depic.me/00400/az7n14nsvbb2.jpg (http://depic.me/az7n14nsvbb2/094_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Rock The Icon, Jon Q, Haitian Beauty, Milky Diva, Sexy Phat

Blane Bryant's BBBW 29

Colossal ass in your face! See some super thick honeys drop their ass like its hot! Pretty babes going after the pole! Blane Bryant is back with a vengeance and he's brought along some of the hottest and biggest BBBW's out there for your viewing pleasure! You can't ignore these big girls ... they want to play with you!

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File name: 094_BBW_Blane_Bryants_BBBW_29.wmv
Size: 1016,38 Mb
Duration: 01:53:39
Resolution: 720x404

094_BBW_Blane_Bryants_BBBW_29.part1.rar (215.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/4df8qyhthzd0)
094_BBW_Blane_Bryants_BBBW_29.part2.rar (215.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/ei16eefr0emv)
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094_BBW_Blane_Bryants_BBBW_29.part5.rar (156.4 Mb) (http://oron.com/91drf0wekvqy)

11-06-2011, 10:31 AM
http://s5.depic.me/00400/ne66yxttcvqc.jpg (http://depic.me/ne66yxttcvqc/095_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Big Country, Mz. Sweetwaters

Thirst Quencher

Mz. Sweetwaters is a countrified freak from Mississippi. She loves to suck dick and she cums like a kid loves candy. This is Mz. Sweetwaterz debut DVD featuring three hot and heavy hardcore scenes with Big Country. Mz. Sweetwaterz has a rotund booty that doesn't quit. See why Mz. Sweetwaterz is The Thirsty Quencher.

http://s5.depic.me/00400/td7kmwjvmol3.jpg (http://depic.me/td7kmwjvmol3/095_bbw_thirst_quencher.jpeg)

File name: 095_BBW_Thirst_Quencher.wmv
Size: 573,75 Mb
Duration: 01:07:19
Resolution: 720x404

095_BBW_Thirst_Quencher.part1.rar (151.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/qide5di6ts85)
095_BBW_Thirst_Quencher.part2.rar (151.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/3lez3s18t48t)
095_BBW_Thirst_Quencher.part3.rar (151.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/9lp9rxben9it)
095_BBW_Thirst_Quencher.part4.rar (120.7 Mb) (http://oron.com/6yhgnf8t1kvw)

11-06-2011, 11:08 PM
http://s5.depic.me/00401/2901b54ymtys.jpg (http://depic.me/2901b54ymtys/096_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Dino Bravo, Tony Tedeschi, Larry, Joe Blow, Dars, Talisa Brown, Carmelita Lopez, Cassie Blanca

I Love BBW

Nothing is more exciting than a big beautiful woman, one who is willing to grab life, and her man, by the balls and just go for it. These mammas are living large and loving it. Big girls need love and after you get a taste of these girls you will love BBWs! Cover girl Talisa Brown and others are here to rock your world! Enjoy!

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File name: 096_BBW_I_Love_BBW.wmv
Size: 670,76 Mb
Duration: 01:17:33
Resolution: 640x480

096_BBW_I_Love_BBW.part1.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/oism2eho3ym4)
096_BBW_I_Love_BBW.part2.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/1ydttoh9mij5)
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096_BBW_I_Love_BBW.part4.rar (70.8 Mb) (http://oron.com/27q5rp73kron)

11-07-2011, 07:24 PM
http://s5.depic.me/00401/wyk9cqlc3bvq.jpg (http://depic.me/wyk9cqlc3bvq/097_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Sexy Linda

Grandma Loves A Big Black Dick

Hot older Lady Sexy Linda loves to get fucked by a big black dick. She just can't enough black dick! Watch her suck and fuck a younger black guy. Linda starts things off with some solo masturbation with a yellow dildo to get her pussy wet and loose as she waits for a big black cock to come drill her. Enjoy some hot amateur interracial older and younger action!

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File name: 097_BBW_Grandma_Loves_A_Big_Black_Dick.wmv
Size: 380,11 Mb
Duration: 00:52:00
Resolution: 720x480

097_BBW_Grandma_Loves_A_Big_Black_.part1.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/39flshd8fdqe)
097_BBW_Grandma_Loves_A_Big_Black_.part2.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/9s5bsbagdsbe)
097_BBW_Grandma_Loves_A_Big_Black_.part3.rar (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/aqz2hvwuaeho)
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11-08-2011, 10:31 AM
http://s5.depic.me/00402/ff23qyhe513i.jpg (http://depic.me/ff23qyhe513i/098_bbw_.back.jpg) http://s5.depic.me/00402/1n8y8a7utydn.jpg (http://depic.me/1n8y8a7utydn/098_bbw_.cover.jpg)

Stars: Eva, Byron Long, Sasha Brabuster, Mercy, Tanya Tongue

BBB - Big Big Babes #10

Giant cushin' for maximum pushin'! These babes are larger then life and have the biggest wettest orgasms around. They jiggle, they shake...they're big, horny girls that want to get boned, giant asses that gobble up your man meat and humongous boobs that flow over your face!

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File name: 098_BBW_BBB_Big_Big_Babes_10.wmv
Size: 696,04 Mb
Duration: 01:18:21
Resolution: 640x480

098_BBW_BBB_Big_Big_Babes_10.part1.rar (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/5oprqtxgir61)
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098_BBW_BBB_Big_Big_Babes_10.part4.rar (96.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/mshc52npwa1b)

11-08-2011, 09:03 PM
http://s5.depic.me/00404/g1fjh0zz8fzi.jpg (http://depic.me/g1fjh0zz8fzi/099_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Cotton Candy (black), Lucas, Scorpio, Nathan Threat, Butta Soft, Mizz Sweawaterz, Lady Seductressxxx

Big-Um-Fat Black Freaks 8

Are you into Huge ebony asses and tits? If you are, then this might be the movie you’ve been waiting for! This movie is chock full of certified monster butts! This is the best big-ums yet!!! These ladies are off the chain-Lady Seductressxxx has an ass from heaven--80 inches around!!! Wow beautiful!!! Cotton Candy has 46 m breast - imagine all that in your mouth!!! Plus more bbw love!!!

http://s5.depic.me/00404/2dk2bgq1rnjq.jpg (http://depic.me/2dk2bgq1rnjq/099_bbw_big_um_fat_black_freaks_8.jpeg)

File name: 099_BBW_Big_Um_Fat_Black_Freaks_8.wmv
Size: 1013,03 Mb
Duration: 01:55:33
Resolution: 640x480

http://oron.com/ly0vhsr0v600 (220.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/ly0vhsr0v600)
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11-09-2011, 10:54 AM
http://s5.depic.me/00404/txyrxrpwu2ph.jpg (http://depic.me/txyrxrpwu2ph/100_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Tanya Tung, D. Wise, Amber Foxxx, Lana Devious, Erin Daye, Kendra Grace, Kylee Monroe, Brandii

Mondo Extreme Volume 98 - Fucking FATastic

Hot & Horny amateurs BBWs with huge appetites for cock get all the meat they can eat at the cock buffet! Bouncin' big boobied beauties goin bananas! Watch as these hot BBWs get fucked hard. They'll take on cocks, fat chicks, and even toys. Come enjoy five fatastic scenes of action!

http://s5.depic.me/00404/ge1gf8tzpyjs.jpg (http://depic.me/ge1gf8tzpyjs/100_bbw_mondo_extreme_volume_98.jpeg)

File name: 100_BBW_Mondo_Extreme_Volume_98.wmv
Size: 792,02 Mb
Duration: 01:38:00
Resolution: 720x480

http://oron.com/9r26m1kd7xzy (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/9r26m1kd7xzy)
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11-09-2011, 09:21 PM
http://s6.depic.me/00406/qrazrwifow8j.jpg (http://depic.me/qrazrwifow8j/101_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Juliette, Paris, Maci, Anne Marie, Goth Doll, Babuci, Sonya Sage, Melanie Goldum In Peace 10

This Is Not My Big Fat Greek Wedding Its A XXX Spoof

"Eat... Eat more, you're too skinny! My Yia Yia keeps telling me to get big and fat like my sisters because they all got married. Guys love chubby girls, she says. But I AM getting married. And all those plumpers are going to be my bridesmaids, and probably eat every crumb of food at the wedding. So I may not be a food whore like they are, but they don't realize that I'm a real sex whore! Wait 'til you see what happens on my wedding night!"

http://s6.depic.me/00406/4l0ic9zlt0cv.jpg (http://depic.me/4l0ic9zlt0cv/101_bbw_this_is_not_my_big_fat_greek_wedding.jpeg)

File name: 101_BBW_This_Is_Not_My_Big_Fat_Greek_Wedding.wmv
Size: 1,38 Gb
Duration: 02:41:18
Resolution: 640x480

http://oron.com/lns47zc07g9l (300.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/lns47zc07g9l)
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11-10-2011, 11:11 AM
http://s6.depic.me/00407/wamsze4t7c4b.jpg (http://depic.me/wamsze4t7c4b/102_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Tisha Sweet Candy

Tip The Maid

Big Country comes to his room after a hard day's work and finds his hot-body maid in his room. Interestingly, she's wearing an extremely sexy outfit. Of course this means that Big Country's work is not done. She had cleaned the room so thoroughly that she hoped Big Country would give her a nice, fat, hard tip. And boy, did he! After it was all over, the maid had to tidy the room all over again. The moral of the story is a woman's work is never done.

http://s6.depic.me/00407/s4ru5ex7azqj.jpg (http://depic.me/s4ru5ex7azqj/102_bbw_tip_the_maid.jpeg)

File name: 102_BBW_Tip_The_Maid.wmv
Size: 211,53 Mb
Duration: 00:25:40
Resolution: 720x480

http://oron.com/3hgp194cltjk (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/3hgp194cltjk)
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11-10-2011, 09:43 PM
http://s6.depic.me/00408/la6wmclg22aw.jpg (http://depic.me/la6wmclg22aw/103_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Envy, Thunder Katt, Nathan Threat, Devious, Lady Snow, Rock, Byron Long, Devlin Weed, Wesley Pipes, Kira, Ms. Lottittes

Pound For Pound

These BBW's are taking big cocks to their limits! Don't miss pounding away at these overweight beauties. They get real acquainted with big fat cocks! These girls have more ass than you can handle! Come see five scenes of big girls giving and receiving a whole lot of loving, because we all know big girls need love too! The weight is over! Enjoy!

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File name: 103_BBW_Pound_For_Pound.wmv
Size: 947,59 Mb
Duration: 01:46:38
Resolution: 640x480

http://oron.com/5ojc9sa2wgbm (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/5ojc9sa2wgbm)
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11-11-2011, 10:44 AM
http://s6.depic.me/00408/2l3g4wzoc0d0.jpg (http://depic.me/2l3g4wzoc0d0/104_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Vanessa, Agnes, Dirty Harry, Zsuzsa, Balogh

Pick A Flap And Fuck It

Colossal women that give you tons of options! Bang their hefty asses and feed them some hot jizz!

Some say fat, some say obese... At Robert Hill we say "Just more to love!" These girls keep you warm in the winter they suck you good in the summer and they fuck you good all year long!

http://s6.depic.me/00408/5fgiyrq7bu3t.jpg (http://depic.me/5fgiyrq7bu3t/104_bbw_pick_a_flap_and_fuck_it.jpeg)

File name: 104_BBW_Pick_A_Flap_And_Fuck_It.wmv
Size: 848,26 Mb
Duration: 01:36:03
Resolution: 640x480

http://oron.com/fyemao7uklop (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/fyemao7uklop)
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11-11-2011, 09:38 PM
http://s6.depic.me/00410/w2thp0kx4zt2.jpg (http://depic.me/w2thp0kx4zt2/105_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Cassie, Kim, Blanca, Rylee, Matella

Pork Her Party

Go all in because the pot couldn't be sweeter at this shindig where the stakes are high, chicks are fat and easy. They've got plenty of cushion for the pushin'! Watch these Pretty Hot And Tempting ladies bounce those fat asses and huge tits up and down on a thick and juicy cock. But what these horny gals do best is catch every last sticky drop of that sticky man milk after getting their hungry twats pounded! Everybody gets to poke her at this rowdy party!

http://s6.depic.me/00410/f2ulv9uuykda.jpg (http://depic.me/f2ulv9uuykda/105_bbw_pork_her_party.jpeg)

File name: 105_BBW_Pork_Her_Party.wmv
Size: 751,02 Mb
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Resolution: 640x480

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11-12-2011, 10:44 AM
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Stars: C-Diggum, Mz. Sweetwater

Taste The Sweet Water

Mz. Sweetwater comes into the hotel room to wake C-Diggum. She's very horny and begins to suck on his cock. What a hell of a woman she is, with her huge phat ass a sexy outfit and some hot red heels. She gets on all fours and has her sweet pussy licked then he fucks he fucks her doggy style. Then he bangs her missionary, she sucks again on his big black cock and gives her a taste of his cum.

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File name: 106_BBW_Taste_The_Sweet_Water.wmv
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Stars: Simone, Jemstone, Sydney JJ, Leah Jayne, Amber Hall, Meow 34JJ, BBW Honey

Big Babes Of Britain

We're bringing you the best hefty honies from Britain, with Big Babes Of Britain! Watch these big titted horny hefty ladies spread their huge thighs and asses apart to take on big dicks and gobble down salty semen!! Horny chubby British plumper's! 100% BBW British action!

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Stars: SinDee Williams, Tony Eveready, Silver, Ghia, Silver Eveready, Armando, Mark Beast, Chocolate Delight

Extra Large Amateurs Six

Do you like your ladies to have a little cushion for the sexual pushin?These ladies got more fuck for your buck. Cum and watch these thick, big booty hoes get their fuck on! They have extra large titties, thick thighs, and a lot of extra meat to grab on to! They suck on big dicks, take a nice reaming, and then take the big creamy facial that comes afterwards! Big is beautiful!

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Stars: Sapphire, Mark Anthony (Pornstar), Xtacy, Kelly Shibari, Leah Jayne, Alix Lakehurst, Kacey Parker

BBWs Gone Black 20

These BBWs have gone black and they’re not looking back. With all that wonderful titty meat they have, they need a way to put it to full use, and a big black cock is more than welcome between their over-ample bosoms! These girls are obsessed with having interracial relations with the brothas, and they’ll go through any lengths to get their length!

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Stars: Capri

We do not film XXX. We go far as a heavy "R" rating. Some do full spreads & play with our glass dildos. Our focus is breasts & nipples with a good look at everything else. The amateurs set the level of nudity & play they are comfortable with. If XXX porn bores you but you still ENJOY looking at naked women then this series is a perfect fit...In pornos men spoil the view!!! More of the woman naked in 90+ minutes.
We typically do not do video for too many women in the BBW class, but when Capri came along she talked us into it! We had so much fun with bouncing, wiggling & swinging boobs in ways that are quite pleasing to the eye. She was laughing so hard at time her cheeks hurt.

http://s6.depic.me/00417/n05sny2qetd7.jpg (http://depic.me/n05sny2qetd7/110_bbw_capri_38_ddd.jpeg)

File name: 110_BBW_Capri_38_DDD.wmv
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Stars: Victoria, Rock: The Icon, Derek Skeeter, Show Gurl, Jon Q., Chocolate Nights, J. Strokes, Carmyell, Nathan Threat, Charlie Mac, Skyy Black, Miss Karmella Kreme

Pound For Pound #2

How much chocolate loving can you handle? We hope it's a whole fucking lot, because we've got pounds and pounds and fucking pounds of pussy coming your way. They're caramel, coffee and chocolate and they need some cream right quick! These sluts are pound for pound the hottest pussy you can pound!

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File name: 111_BBW_Pound_For_Pound_2.wmv
Size: 1,13 Gb
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Stars: Tiffany Blake, Kandi Kobain, Lola Lush, Haydee Rodriguez, Jane Kush, Julia Sands

BBWs Gone Black 19

Your #1 interracial BBW title! Huge asses! These big babes love black dick! Watch as Mandingo cocks pound thick wet pussies while big tits bounce and sway! Lots of blowjobs, titty fucking, face fucking, and pussy pounding! And every one of these BBW babes gets splattered with hot jizz!

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Cum Fuck Me

This blonde BBW is eager for her stud to get to her room, so eager in fact that she can’t wait and she has to masturbate while she waits! Once he arrives, she sucks his cock for a long time before he flips her over and licks her pussy in return! He fucks her hard in several positions before shooting his hot load on her ample ass!

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File name: 113_BBW_Cum_Fuck_Me.wmv
Size: 397,39 Mb
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Stars: Sapphire, Maria Moore

Best Of Maria Moore

Maria Moore....there isn't a sexier BBW out there. Her massive tits and beautiful rounded ass are a dream come true. If Maria is your girl then this is your DVD. This DVD contains 4 of her sexiest steamiest scenes. In two of the scenes she is pregnant and shows off that gorgeous baby bump and milk swollen tits. There is also a scene of Maria with Sapphire in which those kinky bitches fuck each other with machines until they cum. Last but not least is a scene where Maria takes a hot load of cum over her face and clearly enjoys it. No doubt about it...you will enjoy this DVD of Maria Moore.

http://s6.depic.me/00422/b93id06tg5j1.jpg (http://depic.me/b93id06tg5j1/114_bbw_best_of_maria_moore.jpeg)

File name: 114_BBW_Best_Of_Maria_Moore.wmv
Size: 798,09 Mb
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Fat Donuts

These gals are tons of fun and surely got more cushion for the pushin'! They do it all including oral sex, tit fucking, and threesomes! Watch as they teach this lucky stud what it means to have all the extra lovin' he can handle. They suck, fondle and fuck this hung dude one on one, then gang up on him for a hot BBW threesome and beg for him to pound their juicy holes until he splooges in their hungry mouths!

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File name: 115_BBW_Fat_Donuts.wmv
Size: 798,43 Mb
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Stars: Lucy Love, Omar, Dylan Devere, Simone Stephens, Meow 34JJ

4 BBWs Vs. 1 BBC

It’s unbelievable what happens when four of the curviest BBWs all take their turn with one massive black cock! Each of these big titted hotties fucks and sucks in their own unique way and takes the load of cum in their favorite spot. It’s unsure which of these fatties does a better job, but one thing is for sure - that massive cock was definitely used to the fullest of its abilities!

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File name: 116_BBW_4_BBWs_Vs_1_BBC.wmv
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Stars: April Flores, Kelly Shibari, Courtney Trouble, Drew Deveaux, Hoodman, Damali X Dares

2011 Feminist Porn Award Nominee

Get ready for the revolution of hardcore. Get ready for Artcore.

The latest erotic adventure from the mind of Carlos Batts, "Artcore" features his beautiful muse, April Flores, and documents a diverse range of sexual interests, from body image and gender identity to fetishes, rubber and role playing.

Playing with the ever evolving interest in sexuality in the media - movie stars playing adult stars, celebrity sex tapes, runway fetish shows and reality television - "Artcore" becomes a sinful digital mix tape blending music, mood and tempo to create a new approach to recording sex.

It's April as you've never seen her before, showing off a mind-blowing display of versatility to match the explosive curves and deadly sex appeal we already know and love.

An all-girl threesome with Courtney Trouble, Kelly Shibari, two Hitachis and an N-JOY dildo results in a multi-orgasmic, voluptuous extravaganza. They laugh, they cum and they make you want to cum with them.

Next, she gets kinky with "The Hoodman", indulging her dominant side with fabulous fetish wear and a high heel-clad foot job.

Want more? In a bowler hat and drawn-on mustache, April is joined by queer porn heartthrob Drew Deveaux for a steamy gender bending romp.

And then the nightcap. Hooking up for an after-hours interracial rendezvous, Damali and April have a lesbian BBW fling for the ages.

Featuring hot and heavy lesbians, dominance and submission and toys (but no boys), "Artcore" is Batts' most erotic film to date, an aesthetically rewarding and unapologetically explicit homage to his Latin siren and the perfect playground for her fantasies - and yours.

Music By: HustlePUNCH, Trouble MIND, Ryan Kinetic, JUNG HOLLYWOOD

http://s6.depic.me/00425/edp07bsen6qd.jpg (http://depic.me/edp07bsen6qd/117_bbw_artcore.jpeg)

File name: 117_BBW_Artcore.wmv
Size: 677,05 Mb
Duration: 01:18:53
Resolution: 872x480

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Stars: Daisy, Carl Hubay

BBW With Big Lips

Carl loves fucking Daisy because she has orgasms so easy and because she has huge pussy lips that caress his dick. He also enjoys cumming in her mouth and then making out with her! Daisy starts the fun with a blowjob for Carl, but quickly lands on her back with Carl’s cock buried deep inside her fat pussy! Carl fucks her doggy style too before pulling out and shooting his load in her open mouth!

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File name: 118_BBW_BBW_With_Big_Lips.wmv
Size: 196,80 Mb
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Stars: Amber Swallows, Farrah Foxx, Marshae, Sexy Phat, Sexxx Kitten, Kindra Kummings

Lesbian BBBW Vol. 12

Here comes a whole lot of loving and all you can eat pussy for you to devour. These big beautiful black women have a taste for each other's pussies! Big lesbian loving and huge lesbian orgasms abound as bouncing, jiggling tits are sucked, pussies are finger fucked and dildos are used to plunge deep into fat pussies!

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File name: 119_BBW_Lesbian_BBBW_Vol_12.wmv
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Stars: Rock The Icon, Jon Q., Farrah Foxx, Blaque Foxx, Super Star XXX

Blane Bryant's BBBW 30

It’s time to meet another set of Big Black Beautiful Women in Heatwave’s 30th installment of Blane Bryant’s BBBW. Blaque Foxx, Farrah Foxx, and Super Star XXX are here to show off ALL they’ve got! Watch their big juicy asses bounce, their massive tits jiggle as they are fucked from all angles. These plump ebony babes are hungry for cock and ready for loads of cum! Get ready to feed their every need!

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File name: 120_BBW_Blane_Bryants_BBBW_30.wmv
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Stars: C Diggumz, Mz. Sweet Waterz

Dick Em' Down Vol 1

I hope you have a sweet tooth for this double dose of sweetness! C Diggumz handles them both and satisfies his cravings for sweet, juicy pussy! Sweets is a super thick, big – tittied, big – bootied ebony goddess with a hunger for some big cock! And luckily for her, C Diggumz is more than ready to fulfill her sexual needs! C Diggumz throw the dick down and lays waste to Sweets, sweet pussy!

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File name: 121_BBW_Dick_Em_Down_Vol_1.wmv
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Stars: Rozzlyn, Glory Foxxx, Karla Lane, Julie Starr, Teedra Diora

Big Fat & Hairy

She may be big, fat and hairy…but there is nothing scary about thees smokin’ hot, fuzzy-beavered wide loads. Underneath the rug there is just more to love! Enjoy five scenes of plumpers with full bellies and big juicy tits sucking cock, fucking from all angles, tit fucking, and taking loads of cum in their hungry mouth and on their furry bush.

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File name: 122_BBW_Big_Fat_Hairy.wmv
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Stars: Dylan Devere, Simone Stephens, Meow 34JJ, Honey Rox

BBWs At Work

Have you ever fantasized about doing something kinky with the woman waiting on you when you are out in public? Maybe she is the bar maid that serves you a drink in your favorite pub or maybe you would like to bend the meter maid over the hood of your car while she is writing you a parking ticket? These big breasted horny women are dying to make that fantasy of yours a reality in this sex packed flick.

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File name: 123_BBW_BBWs_At_Work.wmv
Size: 425,92 Mb
Duration: 00:52:03
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11-27-2011, 09:46 PM
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Stars: Kerry Marie, Ms. Deja, Danica Danali, Dors Feline, Terri Jane, Anna Beck, Michelle Monaghan

All By My Chubby Self

100% plumper pussy pleasin'. Steamy dildo action! When these fat honeys are alone on those hot summer nights, what cums to the rescue? A big fat hard dildo. See these big horny babes fondle their huge oiled up tits until their giant nipples are as hard as a rock. Time to whip out that big ol' dildo! Each girl teaches us her own style of pleasuring; jamming those long fat dildos deep in their dripping wet pussies. From the first thrust to the screams of pleasure, this film will make you want to fuck the first fatty you see. Don't miss out!

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File name: 124_BBW_All_By_My_Chubby_Self.wmv
Size: 1,09 Gb
Duration: 02:08:48
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Cum Farting Cream Pies 4

There's no feeling like pumping a huge load of your cum deep inside some insatiable slut's creamy hole. And if you're lucky, she lets you watch the whole gooey gusher as it oozes back out of her pussy and drips down her legs and soaks into the sheets. And if you're really lucky, the whole mess will be accompanied by an ear-splitting series of snatch blasting, explosively detonated cum farts. So here come over 50 of those incredible land mines of her goo gas gone wild for your listening pleasure! Earplugs are definitely NOT recommended!

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File name: 125_BBW_Cum_Farting_Cream_Pies_4.wmv
Size: 579,55 Mb
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Stars: Tiffany Blake, Kerry Marie, April McKenzie, Alix Lakehurst, Anna Kay, Reyna Mae, Dani Amour

Hot Sexy Plumpers 32

Huge bouncy titties! And meaty Asses! Can you handle all this ass? Huge tittied, chubby cocksuckers! These babes have some serious meat on them bones! We don't have time for skinny, waif - type girls! No, we want them chunky, with big asses and big titties! They know every trick in the book when it comes to pleasing the cum out of their man! This is a must - see!

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File name: 126_BBW_Hot_Sexy_Plumpers_32.wmv
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Stars: Sweetz, Ivy Vutton, Duchi, Dymond Hipz, C. Diggums, Mz. Sweet Waterz

Orgies, Threesomes And Gang Bangs Vol. 2

You get it all! Orgies 3somes and Gang Bangs! There’s something for every freak! C. Diggums, Dymond Hipz, Sweetz, Duchi, Ivy Vutton, and Mz. Sweet Waterz star in this absolute nonstop fuckfest. Those who love their women with some extra cushion will no doubt cum while watching this!

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File name: 127_BBW_Orgies_Threesomes_And_Gang_Bangs_Vol_2.wmv
Size: 683,65 Mb
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Stars: Tereza, Mariah Cherry, Marilyn, Dina, Addison Rose, Bara, Buxom Bella, Julie Ann More

Mega Butt 32

It's another edition of the awesome ass fest, Mega Butt! Watch as these bootylicious babes shake their money-makers and get fucked in their monster butts! See them get fucked doggy style, showing off some of their best assets! These ladies have all the right curves (with a lil' extra) in all the right places! Watch them lick, fondle and tease raging hard-ons; then drop it like it's hot and bounce up and down! These ladies know exactly what to do to get what they want! And what they want is a hot load of spunk on their Mega Butts!

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File name: 128_BBW_Mega_Butt_32.wmv
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12-01-2011, 10:11 AM
http://s6.depic.me/00447/v2ouxfm5qcgc.jpg (http://depic.me/v2ouxfm5qcgc/129_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Nikita Blue, Ivy Vutton, Dymond Hipz, Pandora Deville

BBW Ebony Lesbian Lovers Vol. 2

These pussy sucking and licking lesbians get together quite often to enjoy and bask in each other’s wet and delicious juices! Here is the second volume from the series created for all you girl on girl cunt lovers! And when you have names like Pandora Deville, Ivy Vutton, Dymond Hipz and Ms. Nikita Blue, you know you’re only getting the best BBW ebony babes out there!

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File name: 129_BBW_BBW_Ebony_Lesbian_Lovers_Vol_2.wmv
Size: 424,12 Mb
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Stars: Zeta

We do not film xxx. We go as far as heavy "R"rating. Some do full spreads & play with our glass dildos. Our focus is breast & nipples with a good luck at everything else. The amateurs set the level of nudity & play they are comfortable with. If xxx porn bores you but you still ENJOY looking at naked women then this series is a perfect fit...In pornos men spoil the view!!! More of the woman naked in 5 minutes of our videos that the typical porno shows in 90+minutes

Zeta is very timid at first. Certainly what you would expect from an amateur posing naked for the first time. But by the time we are 8-10 minutes into the video she loosens up & her inhibitions fall by the wayside. We go all the way to full, wide & very juicy pussy spreads. And by the looks of her pussy she is enjoying her newfound role as "Exhibitionist "quite well. She's in her mid 20's & has a great outlook on life...

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File name: 130_BBW_Zeta_Timid_BBW_38_DDs.wmv
Size: 404,55 Mb
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12-02-2011, 09:01 PM
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Stars: Eartha Quake

Hog Farm

E-I-E-I-O, fellas...because on this sex farm you'll get four hefty heifers each weighing in at an average of 250 to 300 lbs. Plus the special featured attraction Eartha Quake at a whopping 400 pounds. And when they bend over and spread their big ole ass cheeks for you, you'll be stickin' a blue ribbon on these prize winning porkers before you can say oink!

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File name: 131_BBW_Hog_Farm.wmv
Size: 1,13 Gb
Duration: 02:04:00
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Stars: Kaicee Marie

Girls Next Door Love Black Cock

Black poles plunder white holes in this blistering interracial series with an amateur slant. Genuine wives discover that once you go black, you never go back! 100% genuine footage raw and uncensored. Featuring hot solo performances by some BBW's next door before gettin a mouth full of black cock.

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File name: 132_BBW_Girls_Next_Door_Love_Black_Cock.wmv
Size: 728,81 Mb
Duration: 01:42:00
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Stars: Kimmy, Tiffany, Dove, Stacy Stone

The Biggest Nymphos 6

You like your women supersized? Then we've got a meal for you! Tiffany and Stacy share a cock and snack on each other's pussies! Big beautiful women who hunger for hard cock! These girls want an extra large portion of cock. Dove gets fucked in the ass and Kimmy sucks and fucks and big black cock.

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File name: 133_BBW_The_Biggest_Nymphos_6.wmv
Size: 536,94 Mb
Duration: 01:02:41
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Stars: Sapphire, Glory Foxxx, Xtacy, Vanessa Blake, Dani Amour, Brandy Ryder

Fat Hoes Black Bros

The proverbial myth has proven reality for these BBWs. Once they go black, they won't go back. So these sexy, ample-framed beauties fall all over each other to sample the sexual favors of black studs around town. They've heard and have confirmed for themselves the stories that follow black men; and they refuse to let this amount of beef be consumed by the skinny broads. Your #1 interracial BBW title! Sexy plump Mandingo-lovers! 100% hardcore! Chocolate-lovin' sluts!

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File name: 134_BBW_Fat_Hoes_Black_Bros.wmv
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Brick Shit House

The ebony goddess in this movie is just like famous song states …. She’s a brick shit house! To say this woman is built and stacked is a total understatement! She is an all natural, big and thick beauty with curves in all the right places! The first segment of the movie focuses on our chocolate goddess as she plays solo, fingering her shaved pussy and fondling her big ass titties! And the final segment, our brick shit house gets a chance to show off her oral skills as she sucks a white cock!

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File name: 135_BBW_Brick_Shit_House.wmv
Size: 408,85 Mb
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12-05-2011, 08:36 PM
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Qui Veut Baiser Ma Grosse Femme?

Behold a smorgasbord of full bodied action. Physically this naughty foursome's robust and the girls each have large sexual appetites. Watch them explore oral pleasures and the switching of fuck buddies. The actions full of wall to wall dripping snatch, so cum on in, it's the nastiest non-stop group sex you'll ever join in.

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File name: 136_BBW_Qui_Veut_Baiser_Ma_Grosse_Femme.wmv
Size: 997,55 Mb
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Stars: Johnny Deep, Ivy Vutton, Katie Kupps, Special Breed, C-Diggum

Big On Black

Big Beautiful Women fucking Big Black Cocks. These ladies have a little more love to offer and they prefer to offer it to big dicks. Katie Kupps is a tall big titted blonde who gets pounded by Special Breed and again by Johnny Deep. You can see the effect of every stroke all over her face as she loves the fucking she receives. Ivy Vutton takes on C-Diggum as he brings his a-game and makes her whimper in delight when he buries his deep in her pussy. These ladies definitely are Big on Black.

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File name: 137_BBW_Big_On_Black.wmv
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Stars: Ivy Black

Wild Bill Presents Ivy Black's Lingerie Show

Come see Ivy Black as she puts on a full show you for you. First Ivy starts off modeling trying different kinds of lingerie. Next she puts on her white bra and panties and begins to suck on her massive tits. The third scene she puts on a girdle while giving you more of a strip tease session. The last two scenes Ivy oils up her tits and belly then solo masturbates with a dildo. Don't miss out on the action!

http://s4.depic.me/00458/ym1napy0bc28.jpg (http://depic.me/ym1napy0bc28/138_bbw_wild_bill_presents_ivy_blacks_lingerie_sho w.jpeg)

File name: 138_BBW_Wild_Bill_Presents_Ivy_Blacks_Lingerie_Sho w.wmv
Size: 320,72 Mb
Duration: 00:38:35
Resolution: 640x480

http://oron.com/5lixyxzsctd3 (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/5lixyxzsctd3)
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Stars: Nikita Blue, Pink Kandi, Hershey Rae, Dymond Hipz, Black Pashion, DC Go Hard, Ty Strokes

We wanted to see if Hershey Rae's measurements of 34-28-52 could stand up to her oral skills, and they damn sure did. She sucked DC Go Hard's dick until he fell asleep. 2011 Nominees Pink Kandi and Black Pashion wanted to get nominated for the dick suck of the year. When we watched this scene, no one could really tell because they got everybody in the room's dick hard as hell.

Ms. Nikita Blue and her friend DC Go Hard kept hearing about Dymond Hipz, so they took a trip to film with us. And once the scene was over, DC said that her oral skills were some of the best dick sucking he's ever experienced. In the final scene, Ty Strokes finally gets in front of the camera, and who best to have him share the camera with than Pink Kandi. She shows off not only her beautiful tits but her amazing head which Ty told us made his toes curl.

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File name: 139_BBW_BBW_Ebony_Oral_Games_Vol_1.wmv
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12-09-2011, 10:44 AM
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Stars: Amanda, Emma

Wild Bill's Huge Harem

Wild Bill's Huge Harem is the place to be! And you know you want to be here, especially if you have a particular fetish for large women and large breasts! And here in Wild Bill's Huge Harem, these girls love to belly dance, model, and show off their goods! These girls are the total package!

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Midget Rides Fat Black Ass

This amateur production features two very different people: a well-toned midget and a big tittied BBW! They begin with the sexy big girl giving her tiny man a blowjob. She rolls a condom onto his thick dick and then lies back and lets him fuck her missionary style. They fuck in several positions, including cowgirl – you can barely see the little guy under her fat black ass! Finally, he jerks his cock and shoots his load onto her big luscious tits!

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Stars: Anita, Sabrina, Katie, Nikita, Lea, Denny (Female)

Jelly Belly Chicks 23

These ladies are large and in charge of six sexy, sticky situations! They know that they’re pretty hot and tempting…PHAT! Why? Because they have curves for days and more cushion for the pushin’ with their colossal asses and massive mammary glands! But the cherry on top is the carnal appetites these ladies possess – they just can’t seem to get enough dick! And these hung studs can’t wait to slide their meat in between their slick folds and stroke deep until they spew their hot load in their hungry mouths!

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Black Pussy Punisher 2

Nexx Level Productions present "Black Pussy Punisher 2". Watch this hot BBW get her pussy beat down, by a giant black cock. She sucks and fucks but this big cock is too much for her. She takes it in different positions and her fat pussy lips swallow the cock, but she can't take it all!

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Meat Chicks

These big beautiful women emerge to show us the tricks that only hefty broads keep hidden in their sleeves! Her girlfriend has tagged along with her to raise the heat level and break this man into submission. These BBWs are so horny for every inch of man-meat. They will cram every inch of your hard cock into their mouths and their pussies so that you will believe you have gone to heaven and back again!

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Stars: Emerald, Tasia, Sam Shaft, Deshaun Hayes, Teedra Diora, Jessica D'Vine, Mona Moonds

Fat Chicks Riding Black Sticks

Va-va-varoom! Fat girl fires up her red hot pussy, jumps on the big, black stick shift and takes the ride of her life, in all fast lane action designed to satisfy the sexual speed demon in all of us! Big girls really have a lot of love to give! We all know bigger is better! Come enjoy five hot scenes of interracial action!

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BBW Superstars

You are holding the best collection of the biggest names in the BBW industry! The sexiest girls in the plumper world! This is the ultimate collection of the sexiest plumpers in the biz! The biggest names in BBW Porn! Thick, plump and horny! These big gals are ready to show you how to fuck!

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Amateurs Exposed #55

Amateurs Exposed 55 is a must see! Two scenes of a big beautiful chunky babe fucking the shit out of her skinny, long dicked boy toy! Sucking him off, letting him titty fuck the shit out of her, and riding his dick until it squirts warm sticky cum all over her body are just a handful of the things you'll see with this one!

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Stars: Ms. Deja, Leah Jayne, Stacey Sweets, Haydee Rodriguez, Pink Kandi, Kacey Parker, Emma Bailey

BBW Dreams 23

What can a BBW do for you? Absolutely, EVERYTHING! Our seven ladies have huge boobs and amazing ass to slap as a hard cock pounds them from behind. Massive BBW cocksuckers are showing us what their warm mouthes can do, and the best part is they're giving up more ass than you can handle.

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Stars: Rock, Nathan Threat, Lucas Stone, Pink Kandi, SuperStarXXX, Yenni, Gigi Starr

Big-Um-Fat Black Freaks Vol. 7

Welcome to the real "woman" flick that's what you want and that's what and fuck you day! SuperstarXXX has the crazy ass you gonna love! Pink Kandi has the beautiful breast you can do anything with! Plus more freaky deaky action! Enjoy more of the sexiest, prettiest, big ladies you will ever see!

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Stars: Elizabeth, Danielle, Monique, Lorelai

Big "Mother" Fucks

Robert Hill Releasing presents "Big 'Mother' Fucks", starring Danielle, Elizabeth, Lorelai and Monique. Fat wet pussy, big round tushy, triple D titties and doo wah ditties! In this here DVD lies enough overweight fucking for even the bravest of man. Including hot anal action, tons of oral and a great photo gallery.

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Stars: Serena, Lucy Love, Libby, Leah Jayne, Joey Hogger, Sephora

Big Fat And Messy

Our voluptuous ladies are back for another food fight and to get those great big tits, fat bellies and juicy asses covered in all kinds of messy things. We have our British trio of Leah Jayne, Lucy Love, and Libby playing with each other’s sexy curves while getting messy. Joey Hoggler in an interracial boy, girl, girl Florida mess fest, and even more of Leah Jayne’s fantastic tits and shaved pussy getting caked in all kinds of food at the hands of her girlfriends. And to cap it all off - a Texas food fight with Serena and Southern Sephora who just mess around with each other’s delicious curves out in public at a park.

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BBWs Gone Black 17

BBWs gone black are chubby, thick girls who crave big, black dick. Watch your favorite BBW get her pussy pounded by huge black dick! Mandingo lovin' BBW's! Huge Tits and Asses! Cock-starved, pounded white pussies! These BBW's are sensational and they have an appetite for big, hard, long, black poles!

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Stars: Sephora, Beau Jingles

Submissive Sephora is at it again in this three video series as the slutty secretary; she has been a naughty employee and not done as her boss required so he administers Corporal Punishment by spanking her big luscious ass first with a paddle and then with his hand. Does that make her mind? NO!

This slutty secretary gets handcuffed, spanked again and then forced to suck her Bosses big thick cock. He’s brutal with her, slapping her big all natural boobs and leaving her alone while denying her his cum. She gets one last chance to keep her job when her boss shows her what his company makes – BDSM equipment – and she has to be a good fucking cum slut. He fucks her hard leaving his cum oozing from her well used cunt. Also included is a BONUS video Secretary Sephora – Bound, tied and struggling.

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Stars: Jasmine, Angelina Castro, Kacey Swift, Julia Sands, Sabella Monize , Selina Star

Hefty Hispanic Hotties

Horny, plump Latina BBWs get FUCKED! Colossal asses and more heat than your average tamale! Come see these horny plump spanish BBWs get their freak on! These mamis know how to work your cock and make you cum over and over! 100% spicy horny Latina BBWs giving you six scenes of action!

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Stars: Mercy

Oversized Beauty In Charge

In "Oversized Beauty In Charge," the fat girls make the rules! Fat girls dick-tate in this BBW gonzo movie. Watch these plump and beautiful babes chow down on cock and each other's pussies. Then watch their big, juicy tits and asses jiggle and bounce as they get fucked. Starring the big and beautiful Mercy. Her name is Mercy...that's because she shows none!

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12-21-2011, 08:53 PM
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Stars: Francesca, Diana, Sammy, Antonia, Vendy, Fatdam

Extrem 28

Pleasure Entertainment presents "Extrem 28", starring Antonia, Sammy, Francesca, Diana, Vendy and Fatdam. Get ready for some super BBW action! Hot mothers getting stuffed and fucked is what you will find in this movie. With their hot bodies they bring every man to a great climax!

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File name: 157_BBW_Extrem_28.wmv
Size: 1,05 Gb
Duration: 02:05:47
Resolution: 720x404

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12-22-2011, 10:43 AM
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Young Fat Hairy And Squirting Girlies

Big, able-bodied women show this man what's for. They're unrelenting in their cock assault. Assaulting his cock with kisses, and hungry suckling noises, he can't bear it. They focus on each other after giving the bald guy a great splash job all over his prick, they come back to another shot of him and the blonde braids and she gives him the new meaning of "Niagra Falls". Young, Fat, and squirting girls might be all he can bear!

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File name: 158_BBW_Young_Fat_Hairy_And_Squirting_Girlies.wmv
Size: 834,57 Mb
Duration: 01:33:17
Resolution: 720x540

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Stars: Tyler, Taylor, Juan Luna, Karla Lane, Gina Marie, Tyung Lee, John Espizedo, Christian X, John Janeiro

Big Boob Fatties

Pudgy, pudgy, two by four, can't get her big tits through the barn door! Who cares? Fuck her in the house! These big boobed fatties are horny and looking for action. Roll her in flour and fuck the wet spot you'll be glad you did! Come find out why big girls are the best! Enjoy five scenes of action!

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File name: 159_BBW_Big_Boob_Fatties.wmv
Size: 788,08 Mb
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Stars: Devlin Weed, Charlie Macc, Shorty Mac, Mz. Buttaworth, Amber Swallows, Show Girl, Cake Kash, Lady Finesse

Chunky Black Babes 2

Get a chubby with these plump and juicy babes. In scene one, Shorty Mac is a photographer, but his fine ass big booty princess has heard so much more about him. She asks of his approval to see his big penis and takes his cock like a real woman should. Don’t be shy! Spread their pussies and watch those tits bounce.

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File name: 160_BBW_Chunky_Black_Babes_2.wmv
Size: 964,58 Mb
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Stars: Carl Hubay

Doing The Preacher's Wife

Carl Hubay is a man living in the present time. He likes to have sex daily to keep up his good health and reputation for "best fuck bud" ever. Although his gray strands of hair have peeked through and shown his age, the motion in his hips still has the ladies, gentleman and trannies swooning for more action. Carl is not going to stop even if he does get enough. He is now doing the "Preacher's Wife" now and proud of it.

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File name: 161_BBW_Doing_The_Preachers_Wife.wmv
Size: 387,66 Mb
Duration: 00:34:09
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Stars: Faith, Brian Pumper, Karla Lane, Rock The Icon, Winter Chillz, Scented Kisses, Jennifer Slutson

Heavy Weights

If you like the ladies big and beautiful, then change the ass-pect ratio on your television and get ready for a wet and wild wide-body ride with Jennifer Slutson, Karla Lane and their fat friends!

Let's be honest - you don't get big unless you love to put things in your mouth! Yeah, they're definitely oral - but these heavy whores also love to get fucked long and hard. The BBW babes show industry studs Brian Pumper and Rock The Icon exactly why they say "the more cushion, the better pushin'!"

HEAVYWEIGHTS will knock you out!

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File name: 162_BBW_Heavy_Weights.wmv
Size: 1,11 Gb
Duration: 02:02:59
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12-26-2011, 10:49 AM
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Stars: Angie, Juliette, Vanda, Denise, Key, Lona

BBW Cuties

Channel 69 presents BBW Cuties; 6 Scenes and almost 2 hours featuring adorable plump and round babes showing off all their sexy curves. Watch as these cuties are out to show us all that big babes have the biggest sex drives. Starring Lona, Juliette, Angie, Vandy, Denise, and Key, all of whom show you that being a heavyweight in porn can be a good thing!

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File name: 163_BBW_Cuties.wmv
Size: 816,57 Mb
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12-26-2011, 09:42 PM
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Stars: Kore, Hildy

Wild Bill's Farmers Daughters 17

This movie features Hildy Butt. She starts out showing you her brand new schoolgirl uniform with lace panties laying underneath it. She goes nude and uses her pretty in pink dildo to get in the mood. Next, she gets a visit from Kore and she finishes what was started. Kore and Hildy Butt get naked together and tease each other clits until they swell from pleasure.

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File name: 164_BBW_Wild_Bills_Farmers_Daughters_17.wmv
Size: 316,94 Mb
Duration: 00:38:37
Resolution: 640x480

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Stars: Wendy Wett

The Wonderful World Of Wendy Wett

Welcome to the world of Wendy Wett. A freaky lady that loves dick like a banker loves money. Check out some of her wild sexual experiences shown thru the eyes of porn's freakiest SSBBW. Watch as she demands a pussy pounding after deep throating a big black pole until this lucky stud pumps his sticky load straight into that greedy mouth of Wendy's!

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File name: 165_BBW_The_Wonderful_World_Of_Wendy_Wett.wmv
Size: 583,41 Mb
Duration: 01:19:00
Resolution: 720x480

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12-28-2011, 11:10 AM
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Stars: Diamond, Thundercat

Big Black Gang Bang

How big is BIG? How many extra helpings of dessert did these EXTRA LARGE chicks have to eat, before they began weighing themselves on truck scales? Does it matter? No! What really matters is how they turn on the gangs of horny guys who can't get enough of their super sized bodies and ravenous sexual appetites. These ladies have more chins than a Chinese phone book! So join all these guys, there's more than enough of these BBWs for the whole gang, including dessert!

http://s5.depic.me/00500/wra4m5us239p.jpg (http://depic.me/wra4m5us239p/166_bbw_big_black_gang_bang.jpeg)

File name: 166_BBW_Big_Black_Gang_Bang.wmv
Size: 541,08 Mb
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12-29-2011, 12:43 PM
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Stars: Pink Kandi, Wendy Wett, Tisha Sweet Candy

Big Country TNA

BCMXXX Films present "Big Country TNA", starring Tisha Sweet Candy, Pink Kandi and Wendy Wett. We've brought in three girls with tits and ass that makes the boys go crazy! Watch as three of the hottest BBWS in porn get down and dirty on ONE DVD! They love to fuck and suck dick!

http://s5.depic.me/00501/v1p79u9o26ww.jpg (http://depic.me/v1p79u9o26ww/167_bbw_big_country_tna.jpeg)

File name: 167_BBW_Big_Country_TNA.wmv
Size: 655,91 Mb
Duration: 01:21:00
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12-29-2011, 10:02 PM
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Stars: Big Country, Tishasweetcandy

Tishasweetcandy's Candy Licka

Tisha Sweet Candy is not only a fabulous and fierce black female, but she is a supersized BBW. Her sexual perk is emerging and she wants to role play with Big Country to satisfy her appetite. He is more than happy to give her what she wants in three different scenes and admires the cumcastic landmark he has made on her.

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File name: 168_BBW_Tishasweetcandys_Candy_Licka.wmv
Size: 540,54 Mb
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12-30-2011, 10:30 PM
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Stars: Rodney Moore, Harley, Tiffany Blake, Samantha Bee, Kacey Parker, Chloe Clover

Scale Bustin Babes 38

Rodney Moore is back to bringing you the best in BBW hotness! His latest release of Scale Bustin Babes features some big fucking babes! Just look at that cover! Don't be scared, these ladies are pretty, well fed and hot in bed! Enjoy five scenes of chicks with big boobs and butts, and they're hungry for cock!

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File name: 169_BBW_Scale_Bustin_Babes_38.wmv
Size: 1,43 Gb
Duration: 02:48:25
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http://oron.com/nmtj4uf1h4i6 (300.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/nmtj4uf1h4i6)
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Stars: Rodney Moore, Harley, Tiffany Blake, Samantha Bee, Kacey Parker, Chloe Clover

Scale Bustin Babes 38

Rodney Moore is back to bringing you the best in BBW hotness! His latest release of Scale Bustin Babes features some big fucking babes! Just look at that cover! Don't be scared, these ladies are pretty, well fed and hot in bed! Enjoy five scenes of chicks with big boobs and butts, and they're hungry for cock!

http://s5.depic.me/00504/gjt4zng1782j.jpg (http://depic.me/gjt4zng1782j/169_bbw_scale_bustin_babes_38.jpeg)

File name: 169_BBW_Scale_Bustin_Babes_38.wmv
Size: 1,43 Gb
Duration: 02:48:25
Resolution: 720x404

http://oron.com/nmtj4uf1h4i6 (300.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/nmtj4uf1h4i6)
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Stars: Paula, Camila, Andula, Angelyne Hart, Kacy Parker

BBW Heavy Tits 10

Kacy Parker and her 38 DDs are out to show you big big babes fuck best! There is nothing better than a big and bold babe with a big rack, and these babes have the biggest soft natural boobies in the world! These breasts are so big and heavy you will need two hands to left them. So sit back and enjoy the enormous natural titties!

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File name: 170_BBW_BBW_Heavy_Tits_10.wmv
Size: 895,16 Mb
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Resolution: 640x480

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01-02-2012, 09:55 AM
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Stars: Scarlett Rouge, Tany, Cheyane Foxxx, Ajsa

Big Big Babes #40

These curvy babes all have one thing in common...A HEAVY SEX DRIVE! Watch four big big babes get down and dirty like only a BBW can. They dress up in tiny little panties that were made for women half their size, shake their curves and take a cock! Enjoy two tons of XXX action! Starring the the big and beautiful Scarlett Rouge, Cheyane Foxxx and more!

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File name: 171_BBW_Big_Big_Babes_40.wmv
Size: 764,86 Mb
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Stars: Shawanda Jordan

Thick Loving

Nothing but big beautiful ass fuckers! Shawanda Jordan brings it raw and so do many more fat fucks! Watch these pudgy beauties make cock disappear as they shove it ALL THE WAY DOWN their throats. There is booties, titties and fat rolls jigglin' from hardcore ass poundin' action you don't want to miss.

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File name: 172_BBW_Thick_Loving.wmv
Size: 2,28 Gb
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Stars: Dick Nasty, Sierra Raine, Paul Stryder, Jesse Adams, Giusseppe, Steven French, Kevin M., Tony Michaels, Lizzy Liques, Claudio, Kyle Phillips, Mark Feiles

My Plus Size Gang Bang

Totally Tasteless Video presents “My Plus Size Gang Bang” starring Lizzy Liques and Sierra Raine. Everybody climb on the mountain that is me and check out my plus sized gangbang where I fuck all cumers for free! Come on boys- big mamma needs a whole lot of love! Blowbangin' and gangbangin' for these two ladies. Plenty of cock to go in the mouth and pussy. Sierra Rain even likes it in her ass and pussy get a DP. Wait till you see all the cum all over their faces!

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File name: 173_BBW_My_Plus_Size_Gang_Bang.wmv
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Stars: Special Breed, Mizz Kitty D

Ghetto Sex Tapes 9

Welcome to the hood where the best Ghetto Sex Tapes are made. Mz. Kitty D and large meat packing Special Breed are taking this film by storm in this feature. Mz. Kitty D’s pussy purrs as her sexy mound of chocolate assist her in trying to get her in shape. Instead, he offers her the special package deal with a happy ending of jizz on her face.

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File name: 174_BBW_Ghetto_Sex_Tapes_9.wmv
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Stars: Charlly

Wild Bill's Farmers Daughters 14

Charlly's a BBW that's plump and willing to satisfy your every sexual desire. But first she must warm up by giving us a strip tease then removes her top to expose and play with her huge tits. Charlly masturbates intensely. When a man enters she sucks his cock with a vengeance and overpowers the cock with a cozy tit fuck.

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File name: 175_BBW_Wild_Bills_Farmers_Daughters_14.wmv
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Stars: Daisy, Tillie

Wild Bill's Farmer's Daughters 11

Wild Bill Video presents "Wild Bill's Farmer's Daughters 11", starring Daisy and Tillie. In Scene 1, Daisy bares it all, showing her ass and unshaven snatch. She tries on a couple of panties for you to see her model in! Next, Daisy takes on Tillie. Tillie has brought her toys with her and she's very much excited to use them on Daisy!

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File name: 176_BBW_Wild_Bills_Farmers_Daughters_11.wmv
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Stars: Daisy, Tillie

Wild Bill's Farmer's Daughters 11

Wild Bill Video presents "Wild Bill's Farmer's Daughters 11", starring Daisy and Tillie. In Scene 1, Daisy bares it all, showing her ass and unshaven snatch. She tries on a couple of panties for you to see her model in! Next, Daisy takes on Tillie. Tillie has brought her toys with her and she's very much excited to use them on Daisy!

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File name: 176_BBW_Wild_Bills_Farmers_Daughters_11.wmv
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Stars: Claudia, Amanda

Wild Bill's Big Ass Ranch 4

BBW's Claudia and Amanda get together for some hot lesbian action! Scene one you get to see them grab and suck on each other's big tits along with some dildo fucking. In scene two Claudia gets eaten by Amanda then Claudia rides Amanda's dildo with her huge ass. Don't miss out on this girl on girl show!

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File name: 177_BBW_Wild_Bills_Big_Ass_Ranch_4.wmv
Size: 377,53 Mb
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Stars: Talicous

Big Butt All Stars - Talicious

Talicious is most DEF one of the thickest, horniest, sweetest young thangs to grace the all star line-up! 5'5", 175lbs. of pure love from the deserts of Cali, watch this beauty amaze you in six full scenes!Dam, talk about a PHAT ASS! Her tits are quite the rack also. So be prepared for some ass shacking and tit shakin with Talicious.

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File name: 178_BBW_Big_Butt_All_Stars_Talicious.wmv
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Stars: Carl Hubay Jr., Loosy Lu

BBW's Want Anal More

Carl Hubay Jr. is in the business for the keep. He has come across a curious woman named Loosy Lou and she wants to let him in on a little secret of hers. Her big secret is she has a nick nack for anal sex and would love for Carl to be the man to pry it open. This is all he needs to hear before he puts the smack down on Loosy's BBW ass.

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File name: 179_BBW_BBW_s_Want_Anal_More.wmv
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Stars: Enjoi

Big Butt All Stars - Enjoi

This is one thick ass, fine mixed beauty! 5'7' 170 pounds of pure freakness. From Los Angeles Enjoi has a 5o inch ass and has so much love to give! Half gangsta, half lover! Enjoi her in 6 steaming hot sex scenes!See her in an orgy and see her all oiled up, what a site to see. If you love bug asses, you'll be surely pleased with hers.

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Stars: Dave Hardman, Tracy Downs, Victoria Secret, Bunny De La Cruz, Christian X, Marcel, Vanessa Lee, Dirty Harry, Rick Masters, Olivia (iii)

Roly Poly & Horny

She's roly and she's poly and she sure does like to fuck and you can have her on your dick with just a little luck! Go for it cause this roly poly slut is a sure thing!

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Stars: Envy, Thunder Katt, Nathan Threat, Devious, Lady Snow, Rock, Byron Long, Devlin Weed, Wesley Pipes, Kira, Ms. Lottittes

Pound For Pound

These BBW's are taking big cocks to their limits! Don't miss pounding away at these overweight beauties. They get real acquainted with big fat cocks! These girls have more ass than you can handle! Come see five scenes of big girls giving and receiving a whole lot of loving, because we all know big girls need love too! The weight is over! Enjoy!

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Stars: Ivana, Jitka, Lea Love, Reici, Gloriaa

Jelly Belly Chicks 24

Jelly Belly Chicks 24 stars Jitka, Veronika, Ivana, Gloriaa, Reici, and Lea Love. If you have the taste for Jelly Bellys, then this is the series for you! These performers have the cushion needed to take a hard fuck, and the men have the jizz to satisfy the ladies thirst! Watch these big belly babes get plowed and pleasure, satisfying their appetite for a good cock pounding!

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Stars: Vanessa, Agnes, Dirty Harry, Zsuzsa, Balogh

Pick A Flap And Fuck It

Colossal women that give you tons of options! Bang their hefty asses and feed them some hot jizz!

Some say fat, some say obese... At Robert Hill we say "Just more to love!" These girls keep you warm in the winter they suck you good in the summer and they fuck you good all year long!

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Stars: Jemstone, Veronica Vaughn, Haydee Rodriguez, Nikki Lane (i), Jenna Divyne

Cum On My Fat Face

Watch the sexiest and horniest BBWs get fucked and jizzed! Veronica Vaughn puts the sass in SASSY with her big bodieous breasts dangling from side to side. Her sexiness is noted in her performance and it sets a very high bar for the other ladies to follow, but they meet the challenge very well! The biggest girls get pounded and creamed!

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Stars: Maya, Sara, Eva, Samanta, Carolin, Selia

Chubby Hunnies

Don't you just love a big fat chick showing off her hot body! You've got something to hold on to, and fuck hard. Their feisty pussies and big fat asses are the ultimate turn-on! After all; what man wouldn't love more cushion for the pushin'? These babes have insatiable appetites for a thick, juicy cock! And they won't stop until they get what they want...and what they want is to get these horny studs off for an explosive ending that they won't soon forget!

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File name: 187_BBW_Chubby Hunnies.wmv
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Dicke - Pink Series

Check out these beautiful busty and curvaous babes with some big azz. They have the total package - big boobs, big ass and cushion to hold on to, which any man's fucking dream...if he wants to laid down some heavy pipes...she is more than willing to take the whole thing. Down throat or up the tunnel, these men will be more than satisfy...Just say the word!

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Stars: Linda, Iveta, Lenka, Peta, Ambra, Lendulka

Fat Girls

This is where you get overpowered by luscious and horny women. Size doesn't matter and these fatties make you love every minute. The bigger the girl, the bigger the fun! 6 fat babes ready to show you what they got and what they're willing to do. They masturbate, suck cock, fuck in every position and get a face full of cum.

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Stars: Mila, Patricia, Simone, Lenka

BBB - Big Big Babes #8

Bodacious Bubbly Babes! Big breasts undressed! Well we love big women so if you love big women then Big Big Babes is the movie for you. Bad ass butt banging! Hard cocks in big girls! They've got more cushion for the pushin', and more baggage for the damage! That's right; we're all greased up for some big women action!

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File name: 190_BBW_BBB - Big Big Babes #8.wmv
Size: 665,62 Mb
Duration: 01:19:00
Resolution: 720x480

http://oron.com/nnovcheftdsm (150.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/nnovcheftdsm)
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01-19-2012, 10:50 AM
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Stars: Choclick Ty, Chocolate Nights, Niki Starr, Amber Swallows, Mz. Caution, Miz Behave

Lesbian BBBW 4

Big Black and Beautiful Lesbians getting it on with one another, folding back that fat to get to each other's snatch. That is how you like and that is how they are going to give it to you. With Pounds and pounds of fun. This lesbian film is tipping the scales with some of the hottest women.

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File name: 191_BBW_Lesbian BBBW 4.wmv
Size: 746,30 Mb
Duration: 01:21:16
Resolution: 480x360

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01-19-2012, 09:21 PM
http://s5.depic.me/00534/34iyxa9r8k02.jpg (http://depic.me/34iyxa9r8k02/192_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Lucy Love, Rebecca Ryder, Honey Rox, Koochie Easton

Fat Roles

Do you love role-play? What about Fat girls doing role-play? If the answer is yes then Fat Roles is more than you could ask for! Honey Rox is the Policewoman on a drug bust and after searching the suspects decide to have them search her voluptuous body. Rebecca Ryder plays the part of our French Maid but it turns out she is filthier than the apartment we asked her to clean. Nurse Koochie Easton has to deal with a patient who cannot keep his hands to himself and finally Lucy Love, our English barmaid, climbs over the bar counter to get her hands and mouth around a big juicy cock! You will love our Fat Girls in their Roles!

http://s5.depic.me/00534/jp95mcnmcuhc.jpg (http://depic.me/jp95mcnmcuhc/192_bbw_fat_roles.jpeg)

File name: 192_BBW_Fat Roles.wmv
Size: 671,04 Mb
Duration: 01:15:54
Resolution: 856x472

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01-27-2012, 09:03 PM
http://s5.depic.me/00542/lgnpclyp06su.jpg (http://depic.me/lgnpclyp06su/196_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Veronica Vaughn, Shione Cooper, Honey Rox

Greedy Girls 2

The BBW Greedy Girls are back for another adventure in two cocks for every girl. Our big girls look starved so we made sure they don’t get hungry by making sure they get double the helpings. Veronica Vaughn was so hungry for cock that her boyfriend fixed a nice surprise; he invited his buddy around to fill her ass while he filled her mouth. Veronica Vaughn in her very first anal scene takes a huge cock! European Big Boobs Shione Cooper fills her tanks as she gets spit roasted by two well hung studs and to round things off BBW Honey Rox, whilst enjoying a day dream is roughly double fucked by a couple of local hoodlum burglars. These girls are greedy!

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File name: 196_BBW_Greedy Girls 2.wmv
Size: 502,87 Mb
Duration: 00:56:58
Resolution: 856x472

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01-29-2012, 09:54 AM
http://s5.depic.me/00543/1g4hs8h2yhtt.jpg (http://depic.me/1g4hs8h2yhtt/197_bbw_.cover.0.jpg)

Stars: Monica, Tina, Emma, Sweet Dixie

Wild Bill's went down to the farm to pick out some truly wholesome girls, with GIGANTIC KNOCKER that would suffocate a baby. True to form, Wild Bill went to the farmer and asks could he put his daughters, Emma, Tina, Monica and Sweet Dixie in film and make them a movie star. Since the Farmer never own a television at the farm or even went out to the movies and his girls were delight to have someone from the city take an interest in them, he agreed. Once Wild Bill instructs the Farmer's daughters on what he wanted to see in the film, they oblige. Emma, Tina, Monica and Sweet Dixie wanted to show Wild Bill that they were not totally innocent and had learn a couple of tricks playing with their knockers as well as their feet and boots...And if they are too naughty then, they give each other a little spanking over the knee.

http://s5.depic.me/00543/ar8g5cqcl1jx.jpg (http://depic.me/ar8g5cqcl1jx/197_bbw_wild_bills_farmers_daughters_8.jpeg)

File name: 197_BBW_Wild Bills Farmers Daughters 8.wmv
Size: 472,17 Mb
Duration: 00:57:24
Resolution: 640x480

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02-09-2012, 06:06 PM
Chubby Chasers #5

http://s5.depic.me/00558/6r6xp7gbzygm.jpg (http://depic.me/6r6xp7gbzygm/199_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Rachel Moore, Blue Tempest, Pele Alexander, Mariana Diaz, Ed Junior, Joe Lopez, Sven Erikson, Aleeya, Cassie Pounds, Veronika Monako

Chubby Chasers #5

Some guys just have a fetish for the plumpers and these ladies are happy to supply a little more cushion for the pushin'. If you like your women chunky and chubby ... then this is movie is right up your alley! Big girls need some loving too! And these girls are no exception, as they are starving for cock!

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File name: 199_BBW_.wmv
Size: 1,01 Gb
Duration: 02:08:10
Resolution: 636x388

http://oron.com/dqaenuin5kze (220.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/dqaenuin5kze)
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02-10-2012, 06:48 PM
That's One Big Hairy Bitch! Vol. 2

http://s5.depic.me/00558/xp9gz7ixuign.jpg (http://depic.me/xp9gz7ixuign/200_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Rachel Moore, Blue Tempest, Pele Alexander, Mariana Diaz, Ed Junior, Joe Lopez, Sven Erikson, Aleeya, Cassie Pounds, Veronika Monako

Stars: Gabor, Anica, IIona

That's One Big Hairy Bitch! Vol. 2

That's One Big Hairy Bitch Vol. 2 contains an hour and a half of pure BBW bliss! 3 scenes include blazing hot threesomes! The last scene is a true pounding! More cushion for the pushin' is an understatement in this installment! Each BBW beaver is nice and hairy. If you loved "Big Hairy Bitches," then this one is for you!

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File name: 200_BBW_.wmv
Size: 827,43 Mb
Duration: 01:27:54
Resolution: 480x360

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02-11-2012, 08:43 PM
Golden Creamy AKA Cum Dreams

http://s5.depic.me/00560/afp20p9sqtfp.jpg (http://depic.me/afp20p9sqtfp/201_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Golden Creamy

Golden Creamy AKA Cum Dreams

Golden Creamy is a BBW babe with gigantic natural breasts and a body that is literally overflowing with juicy, cushiony goodness! She shows off her massive mounds, plump pussy and luscious body before using a toy to masturbate. Later, she gets into the tub and soaps up her voluptuous body and soaks in the tub, making you wish you could slide in next to her and run your hands over her sleek skin.

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File name: 201_BBW_.wmv
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Duration: 00:40:37
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02-12-2012, 10:57 AM
Big Lovin' 5

http://s5.depic.me/00560/vj9fucjo1dje.jpg (http://depic.me/vj9fucjo1dje/202_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Angel, Kiera, Priceless, Choclick Ty

Big Lovin' 5

Big hot women doing whatever it takes to get their man off! It's non-stop plumper action! These women are big, beautiful and carrying around some big ol' titties! If you're a guy looking for some serious extra cushion for the pushin' then this is the film for you!

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File name: 202_BBW_.wmv
Size: 950,37 Mb
Duration: 01:42:25
Resolution: 480x360

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02-13-2012, 10:52 AM
Heavyweight Cumtenders

http://s5.depic.me/00560/8kpg9l6oknn8.jpg (http://depic.me/8kpg9l6oknn8/203_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Dave Hardman, Steve Hatcher, SinDee Williams, Cheri Swellz, Juicy, Eartha Quake, Patti Cakes

Heavyweight Cumtenders

Can you go 12 rounds with these heavy weight bags of love? Get in the ring with these beefy rolled babes and you'll get both your heads KO'd! Knocked and rocked till you cum! Cum see just how nasty these oversized beauties can get as they suck and fuck their way to a heavyweight title!

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File name: 203_BBW_.wmv
Size: 689,11 Mb
Duration: 01:13:00
Resolution: 480x360

http://oron.com/hjtiqaf1i5gt (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/hjtiqaf1i5gt)
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02-14-2012, 09:50 PM
Black Butterballs

http://s5.depic.me/00562/djjs63jkszh3.jpg (http://depic.me/djjs63jkszh3/204_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Guy DiSilva, Byron Long, Diva Starr, Bonnie Blaze, Daphne Daniels, Scented Kisses, Karmella Kreme

Black Butterballs

Do you like huge boobs, thick thighs and bubble butts? Are you tired of sites full of skinny ass girls? Well you're in luck! We happen to meet all these big and beautiful babes who love nothing more than to let you stick your dick in their plump, wet, and juicy pussies!

Watch these big, black beauties get down and dirty! These BBW's are hot, horny and eager to suck your cock, fondle your balls, and take a face full of your jizz! So all you chubby chasers out there, rejoice, these plump girls are more than satisfying!

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File name: 204_BBW_.wmv
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02-15-2012, 09:35 PM
Scale Bustin Babes 6

http://s5.depic.me/00563/d2pdpx605xov.jpg (http://depic.me/d2pdpx605xov/205_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Rodney Moore, Monica Blewinsky, Naughty Nikki, Anya, Mellissa, Hailee

Scale Bustin Babes 6

Big boobs and butts! Pretty, well fed, and hot in bed! If you have a craving for some plus size women who are willing to bare it all for you to see, then you have cum to the right place, they may be big, but big girls need love too. Get a load of some of these women, this proves that sexy comes in all sizes!

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File name: 205_BBW_.wmv
Size: 1,11 Gb
Duration: 02:01:38
Resolution: 480x360

http://oron.com/qlwp0swld83b (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/qlwp0swld83b)
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02-16-2012, 09:16 PM
House Calls - No More Viagra

http://s6.depic.me/00569/nfalqoknzn0r.jpg (http://depic.me/nfalqoknzn0r/206_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Norma Stitz

House Calls - No More Viagra

Big Boob lovers from all across the world have been waiting for the World Record Holder 72 ZZZ Norma Stitz. The enormous tits of Norma Stitz have been a long time coming watch as she plays with these huge melons. They look like two bald headed twin midgets.

http://s6.depic.me/00569/4jjeenvkihbi.jpg (http://depic.me/4jjeenvkihbi/206_bbw_.jpeg)

File name: 206_BBW_.wmv
Size: 326,37 Mb
Duration: 00:34:47
Resolution: 480x360

http://oron.com/1cwb0045ghjw (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/1cwb0045ghjw)
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02-17-2012, 08:43 PM
BBW Dreams 18

http://s6.depic.me/00569/jm5te67t26f9.jpg (http://depic.me/jm5te67t26f9/207_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Tiana, Glory Foxxx, Desiree Devine, Cassie Blanca, Angellyne Hart

BBW Dreams 18

Reality based plumper pickups...More asses than you can handle. The bustiest women...Big girls need love too! Big dreamy horny sexy girls! Thick honeys get rammed! Steamy pussy-pounding action! Dick-hungry BBWs. They are so hungry that they are willing to do anything to get that long, hard and throbbing member into their very moist pussy. They will suck it dry and pump it until the creamy center is total...

http://s6.depic.me/00569/66narmtm1340.jpg (http://depic.me/66narmtm1340/207_bbw_.jpeg)

File name: 207_BBW_.wmv
Size: 1,42 Gb
Duration: 02:49:08
Resolution: 640x480

http://oron.com/r0emtcrn03io (350.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/r0emtcrn03io)
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02-18-2012, 09:23 PM
Fat Chicks Love Hard Pricks

http://s6.depic.me/00570/gxwm2npka9er.jpg (http://depic.me/gxwm2npka9er/208_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Fat Chicks Love Hard Pricks

Watch as these fat bitches deep throat big dicks. They will take the dicks in their wide holes and keep your dick hard the whole time! These large and in charge girls are ready to have their sloppy wet pussies fucked by a man who knows how to find it! Come see five fat chicks that love hard cock!

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File name: 208_BBW_.wmv
Size: 835,90 Mb
Duration: 01:33:59
Resolution: 640x480

http://oron.com/rzoy9pvt6h5h (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/rzoy9pvt6h5h)
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02-19-2012, 11:03 AM
BBW Ebony Oral Games Vol. #1

http://s6.depic.me/00573/oxwj3xnkhzp4.jpg (http://depic.me/oxwj3xnkhzp4/209_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Nikita Blue, Pink Kandi, Hershey Rae, Dymond Hipz, Black Pashion, DC Go Hard, Ty Strokes

We wanted to see if Hershey Rae's measurements of 34-28-52 could stand up to her oral skills, and they damn sure did. She sucked DC Go Hard's dick until he fell asleep. 2011 Nominees Pink Kandi and Black Pashion wanted to get nominated for the dick suck of the year. When we watched this scene, no one could really tell because they got everybody in the room's dick hard as hell.

Ms. Nikita Blue and her friend DC Go Hard kept hearing about Dymond Hipz, so they took a trip to film with us. And once the scene was over, DC said that her oral skills were some of the best dick sucking he's ever experienced. In the final scene, Ty Strokes finally gets in front of the camera, and who best to have him share the camera with than Pink Kandi. She shows off not only her beautiful tits but her amazing head which Ty told us made his toes curl.

http://s6.depic.me/00573/vdikcyl7rg45.jpg (http://depic.me/vdikcyl7rg45/209_bbw_.jpeg)

File name: 209_BBW_.wmv
Size: 613,58 Mb
Duration: 01:11:31
Resolution: 640x480

http://oron.com/rhlmtah8tkeq (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/rhlmtah8tkeq)
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02-20-2012, 09:00 PM
Dr. Carl Gives A Colonic

http://s6.depic.me/00576/vnsxtoatxnsj.jpg (http://depic.me/vnsxtoatxnsj/210_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Carl Hubay, Loosy Lu

Dr. Carl Gives A Colonic

Dr. Carl does a House Call to a patient who says she has an empty feeling in her pussy. He fills her pussy up with his cock, makes her pussy squirt, and then offers to give her a colonic, for free. He jams his big cock up her asshole until she can't take it anymore. Then, he cums in her mouth and they share it.

http://s6.depic.me/00576/aw0rwc660s9q.jpg (http://depic.me/aw0rwc660s9q/210_bbw_.jpeg)

File name: 210_BBW_.wmv
Size: 265,93 Mb
Duration: 00:34:24
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http://oron.com/1x4sz9qqc16r (100.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/1x4sz9qqc16r)
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02-21-2012, 10:51 AM
Fat Fuckerz 4

http://s6.depic.me/00576/gcbton9kci0v.jpg (http://depic.me/gcbton9kci0v/211_bbw.large.jpg)

Stars: Sin, Phillip, Lanie, Stacie, Lone Helmer

Fat Fuckerz 4

This is Lanie showing you one of her best sides! For the very best in Big Beautiful Women, look no further than Fat Fuckerz! Here you'll find sluts with big sloppy tits and glorious big asses getting railed by giant throbbing cocks until they bust all over the chub!

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File name: 211_BBW.wmv
Size: 915,69 Mb
Duration: 01:41:00
Resolution: 480x360

http://oron.com/iszw1q4xenfa (200.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/iszw1q4xenfa)
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02-29-2012, 09:03 PM
Lesbian BBBW 2

http://s6.depic.me/00585/dhpx5ra47bab.jpg (http://depic.me/dhpx5ra47bab/219_bbw_.jpg)

Stars: Alize, Shadow Cat, Cherry Bomb, Bonnie Blaze, Jessica Allbutt, Nasty Nikki

Lesbian BBBW 2

These big black beautiful women have grown tired of men, and the only thing that works to get them off is being handled by another woman. Watch as they really throw some weight around. There's plenty gorgeous flesh to feast your eyes on, and then cum back for more... lots lots more.

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File name: 219_BBW_.wmv
Size: 733,04 Mb
Duration: 01:18:19
Resolution: 480x360

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03-01-2012, 10:57 AM
Big Big Babes #44

http://s6.depic.me/00587/hr4oguhz71jv.jpg (http://depic.me/hr4oguhz71jv/220_bbw_.jpg)

Stars: Caty, Marcy, Jitka, Marlena

Big Big Babes #44

These curvy babes all have one thing in common…A HEAVY SEX DRIVE! Watch four big big babes get down and dirty like only a BBW can. They dress up in tiny little panties that were made for women half their size, shake their curves and take a cock! Can you handle the jelly? Buckle up and get ready for a wild ride!

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File name: 220_BBW_.wmv
Size: 1014,89 Mb
Duration: 01:58:03
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03-04-2012, 10:37 AM
Jelly Belly Chicks 25

http://s6.depic.me/00590/v7lf7xbp8etb.jpg (http://depic.me/v7lf7xbp8etb/221_bbw_.jpg)

Stars: Monika, Dana, Lena, Marcella, Lenny

Jelly Belly Chicks 25

There are some huge tits and ass on display in this international flick from the Netherlands! These girls are big all the way around - and big girls need love, too! Watch them as they get what they beg for and devour cock like it was their last meal! More cushion for the pushing offers more comfort.

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File name: 221_BBW_.wmv
Size: 1,17 Gb
Duration: 02:19:13
Resolution: 856x476

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03-31-2012, 04:36 PM
Big Lovin' 7

http://s6.depic.me/00591/9z4kbwxdgf71.jpg (http://depic.me/9z4kbwxdgf71/222_bbw_.jpg)

Stars: Christina Curves, Royalty, Plump Harmony, Deviant Desiree

Big Lovin' 7

Curvaceous Christina Curves, Asian Royalty and Deviant Desire (size 44G has a desire for rough sex) put the sizzle into sex as they represent the big ass, big appetite, big busted and big pussy side of the female gender. Step up to the plate, boys, because there's enough for all. You can eat or be eaten. Big tits, big asses, big cumshots! These big beautiful girls are stacked with what you really want!

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File name: 222_BBW_.wmv
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Duration: 01:20:42
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04-01-2012, 11:53 AM
Big Fat Squirts

http://s6.depic.me/00591/1l36jftlu48h.jpg (http://depic.me/1l36jftlu48h/223_bbw_.jpg) http://s6.depic.me/00591/b8c1knlczlo7.jpg (http://depic.me/b8c1knlczlo7/223_bbw_1.jpg)

Stars: SinDee Williams, Cheri Swellz, Tia Davis, Jaybo, Hunk Dermon

Big Fat Squirts

The bigger they are the harder they squirt! These mammas are big, round, plump, beautiful and horny! These bitches are so big that when they squirt it is like an earth shaking tidal wave!

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File name: 223_BBW_.wmv
Size: 673,91 Mb
Duration: 01:14:00
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04-03-2012, 10:49 AM
Interracial Fat Fuckers #2

http://s5.depic.me/00597/y5915utkvo5k.jpg (http://depic.me/y5915utkvo5k/224_bbw_.jpg)


http://s5.depic.me/00597/tmp20l7h0m3o.jpg (http://depic.me/tmp20l7h0m3o/224_bbw_.jpeg)


Stars: Sassy, Bridget, Tigger, Sam Shaft, Deshaun Hayes, CC

Interracial Fat Fuckers #2

If you're under the impression that big, beautiful babes have difficulty in the romance or sexual arts department, you will be thoroughly disabused of such notions when you see this bodacious bevy of bootie just waiting to be tapped. Roll her in flour and fuck the wet spot 'cause these big, beautiful babes are looking for some horny fat fuckers and anything goes in this Oreo fat fuck-a-thon! Join in all of the interracial fat fun!

File name: 224_BBW_.wmv
Size: 771,69 Mb
Duration: 01:32:54
Resolution: 720x480

Download ORON:
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04-04-2012, 09:16 AM
Whale Watching

http://s5.depic.me/00597/rcfy4aijn5xq.jpg (http://depic.me/rcfy4aijn5xq/225_bbw_.jpg)


http://s5.depic.me/00597/m9h9xxl8tikd.jpg (http://depic.me/m9h9xxl8tikd/225_bbw_.jpeg)


Stars: Rodney Moore, Darling Nikki, Elizabeth Rollings, Christina Curves, Sasha NYC, Helena Ray, Beathaney Stacks, Kat (General)

Whale Watching

2008 AVN Award Nominee for Best Specialty Release - Other Genre.

These large babes are pretty well fed, and HOT in Bed!! These huge babes start sweating as they undress and are a complete puddle by the time they start sucking cock!! You'll never get a sandwich from these chunky bitches, so you better go down to the kitchen and make your own, if there is anything left in the fridge!!

File name: 225_BBW_.wmv
Size: 1,25 Gb
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04-05-2012, 11:18 AM
Wild Bill's Big Ass Ranch 3

http://s6.depic.me/00618/z4fvir9k40rj.jpg (http://depic.me/z4fvir9k40rj/226_bbw_.jpg)


http://s6.depic.me/00618/reijc9aqcpfx.jpg (http://depic.me/reijc9aqcpfx/226_bbw_.jpeg)


Stars: Winona, Mrs. Fat Ass, Chuck Howard

Wild Bill's Big Ass Ranch 3

Wild Bill is back again, with the third in the Big Ass Ranch series. In the first scene, Mrs. Fat Ass gets taken by the Big Ass Bandit. She's hungry for cock and sucks it until she can't wait any longer for it to be in her furry pussy. Mrs. Fat Ass rides that cowboy and gets a gooey spurt of cum on her juicy, plump ass! In the second scene, she is back...but this time for some big-tit, big-ass lesbian fun with Winona. The two have a great time with a double-ended dildo, fucking themselves and each other with it in their wet and hairy twats.

File name: 226_BBW_.wmv
Size: 379,67 Mb
Duration: 00:42:40
Resolution: 640x480

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04-07-2012, 12:47 PM
Wild Bill's Big Boob Cowgirls 3

http://s6.depic.me/00618/vm05ihlib3vz.jpg (http://depic.me/vm05ihlib3vz/227_bbw_.jpg)


http://s6.depic.me/00618/kwg0a9406850.jpg (http://depic.me/kwg0a9406850/227_bbw_.jpeg)


Stars: Amanda, Daisy, Tina, Kore Goddess, Hildy, Aunt Sophy

Wild Bill's Big Boob Cowgirls 3

If big girls with bit tits is what gets your soldier at attention the you're going to love watching these big boob cowgirls eat each other out and fuck their own pussies with dildos. I know what you're thinking..."okay big girls with big boobs big deal" but these babes are huge! And if you've never seen to of them together you definitely can't miss this one!

File name: 227_BBW_.wmv
Size: 758,13 Mb
Duration: 01:35:00
Resolution: 720x480

Download ORON:
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04-09-2012, 09:42 AM
Life In The Fat Lane

http://s6.depic.me/00618/o76c0oj530xh.jpg (http://depic.me/o76c0oj530xh/228_bbw_.jpg) http://s6.depic.me/00618/c7sj4koclpkx.jpg (http://depic.me/c7sj4koclpkx/228_bbw_1.jpg)


http://s6.depic.me/00618/otvbgxxidv3u.jpg (http://depic.me/otvbgxxidv3u/228_bbw_.jpeg)


Stars: Rod Garetto, Jeff Golden, Lotta Love, Teighlor, Unique Love, Linda Lou, Melissa Collier, Big Eddie

Life In The Fat Lane

Loretta Sterling's favorite fetish -- fat chicks! We have to hand it to these girls ... they have guts. This video stars five of the biggest, most beautiful girls around. It features Teighlor, our newest discovery. She is the biggest girl we have ever had the pleasure of shooting. Big Beautiful Babes need lovin too! We are talking enough pounds per square inch to satisfy five guys! Teighlor is just fucking enormous but is able to take that cock and give it a very good ride! Unique Love and Lotta Love all get in on the love making. Fat chicks are a fetish but what can we say, we have to hand it to these mamas they are some of the biggest mamas we have ever seen and proud of it too!

File name: 228_BBW_.wmv
Size: 631,02 Mb
Duration: 01:10:47
Resolution: 640x480

Download ORON:
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04-12-2012, 11:18 AM
Big White Girl Fucking Big Black Dick

http://s6.depic.me/00618/p7litggyj6r2.jpg (http://depic.me/p7litggyj6r2/229_bbw_.jpg)


http://s6.depic.me/00618/bbgymgd6zlja.jpg (http://depic.me/bbgymgd6zlja/229_bbw_.jpeg)


Big White Girl Fucking Big Black Dick

This big young woman is tired of listening to her boss and taking notes. She’s his secretary and she tells him she’s tired of writing. Her job is to fuck him. He tells her to get her fat ass and she begins to suck his black dick. Her boss licks her shaved pussy and pounds her pussy all different ways. When he gets her in the doggy position, her ass shakes like there’s no tomorrow. The end result, he cums on her big white tits.

File name: 229_BBW_.wmv
Size: 183,51 Mb
Duration: 00:34:26
Resolution: 480x360

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04-12-2012, 09:18 PM
Volume KP 78 - Kandi Swings

http://s6.depic.me/00618/czrc5fdjqgt1.jpg (http://depic.me/czrc5fdjqgt1/230_bbw_.jpg)


http://s6.depic.me/00618/9eudbf0uzlrx.jpg (http://depic.me/9eudbf0uzlrx/230_bbw_.jpeg)


Stars: Sinclair, Kandi Peach

Volume KP 78 - Kandi Swings

Two total strangers are invited in for a swing video and Kandi gives them the sucking and fucking of a lifetime. These guys get really lucky because when they are about to blow, Kandi lets each guy cum directly in her mouth and sucks them clean! This pretty blond BBW can't get enough cock, but her horny friends are always on hand to help her out!

We've also included some sexy footage of Sinclair and Kandi. If you love hot amateur anal action, you'll be thrilled to hear about this release of one of their early private scenes.

File name: 230_BBW_.wmv
Size: 590,47 Mb
Duration: 01:03:29
Resolution: 480x360

Download ORON:
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04-15-2012, 10:21 AM
Fat Perverse And Beautiful

http://s6.depic.me/00618/f9uoc8a5djjq.jpg (http://depic.me/f9uoc8a5djjq/231_bbw_.jpg) http://s6.depic.me/00618/1hlhzndi1ejr.jpg (http://depic.me/1hlhzndi1ejr/231_bbw_1.jpg)


http://s6.depic.me/00618/y6v6dbomg81m.jpg (http://depic.me/y6v6dbomg81m/231_bbw_.jpeg)


Stars: Sinclair, Kandi Peach

Fat Perverse And Beautiful

Not every guy wants to fuck a fat chick. But for those who do, we know that you've got your reasons: their ribs and/or hip bones will never poke into you, they've got those big titties you love to fondle, and they're always, I repeat, always more than willing to please their man!

File name: 231_BBW_.wmv
Size: 1,33 Gb
Duration: 02:25:00
Resolution: 480x360

Download ORON:
http://oron.com/7mxgoxdwh6e2 (400.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/7mxgoxdwh6e2)
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04-16-2012, 10:03 AM
Big Mommaz

http://s6.depic.me/00631/994nd6orq88m.jpg (http://depic.me/994nd6orq88m/232_bbw_.jpg)


http://s6.depic.me/00631/ikl46bwrzsgx.jpg (http://depic.me/ikl46bwrzsgx/232_bbw_.jpeg)


Stars: Wesley Pipes, Devlin Weed, Byron Long, Crystal Clear, Mz. Pandora, Bootylicious

Big Mommaz

These hot big black MILFs are hungry for dick! Watch as these big beauties fuck and suck black cocks. This is a movie about Big Mommaz with a big, insatiable appetite for dick! The notorious Playboy T masterfully directs this BBW gem and does an excellent job showing off beauties like Crystal Clear, Bootylicious, and Mz. Pandora! Don’t forget chunky girls need some loving too!

File name: 232_BBW_.wmv
Size: 663,52 Mb
Duration: 01:19:25
Resolution: 640x480

Download ORON:
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04-17-2012, 10:30 AM
Large Tits And Hip - The Beauty DX-1

http://s6.depic.me/00631/ij8lxy9rh282.jpg (http://depic.me/ij8lxy9rh282/233_bbw_.jpg)


http://s6.depic.me/00631/zhcycw1tc599.jpg (http://depic.me/zhcycw1tc599/233_bbw_.jpeg)


Large Tits And Hip - The Beauty DX-1

Fat girls need loving too, and who's going to give it to them? Yeah these men are definitely looking to get their big girl fuck on, this big girl in particular with her big tits and even bigger belly knows how to work with what she's got. The first scene she begins to masturbate with her fingers and brings out her little vibrator and gets herself off. She then in the 2nd and 3rd scenes sucks some mean cock and gets her pussy eaten, the grand finale in this movie, is her finally getting her fuck on, riding this guys cock and getting fucked from behind till she gets a nice little cream-pie in her pussy.

File name: 233_BBW_.wmv
Size: 827,33 Mb
Duration: 01:28:42
Resolution: 480x360

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04-19-2012, 01:19 PM
Bumpin' Body Phat (Disc 1)

http://s6.depic.me/00631/21gd2o1y3ro1.jpg (http://depic.me/21gd2o1y3ro1/234_bbw_.jpg)


http://s6.depic.me/00631/07xsit2m2ixk.jpg (http://depic.me/07xsit2m2ixk/234_bbw_.jpeg)


Stars: Victoria, Red, Secret, Glory, CJ Wright, Jesselle, Sid Brixxx

Bumpin' Body Phat (Disc 1)

2-Disc Set. If you think big girls can't move you definitely won't think that after watching this!! See these overweight sluts get their phat asses pounded by some big black dick. Big girls need to be fucked just like everyone else and they are ready for action!

File name: 234_BBW_.wmv
Size: 1,57 Gb
Duration: 02:53:00
Resolution: 480x360

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04-21-2012, 08:05 AM
Scale Bustin' Bimbos 2

http://s6.depic.me/00631/57qxylchcy75.jpg (http://depic.me/57qxylchcy75/235_bbw_.jpg) http://s6.depic.me/00631/s2iyeic0z1e1.jpg (http://depic.me/s2iyeic0z1e1/235_bbw_1.jpg)


http://s6.depic.me/00631/k8d8wd55stjv.jpg (http://depic.me/k8d8wd55stjv/235_bbw_.jpeg)


Stars: Heidi (BBW), Ayla, Tobi, Desire, Rodney Moore

Scale Bustin' Bimbos 2

She’s sexy and she knows it too! She saunters daringly up to the scale and steps on it, posing her full-figure to you – you’re mesmerized. However, when the weight comes up, instead of numbers it says; “to infinite and beyond…” These are some scale bustin’ babes, but where the scale fails, you will prevail! You’re more than man enough to handle their voluptuousness, and they’re ready to bring to you orgasm with all of their womanly parts!

File name: 235_BBW_.wmv
Size: 847,92 Mb
Duration: 01:30:02
Resolution: 480x360

Download ORON:
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http://oron.com/5c0uihkxtfeo (97.9 Mb) (http://oron.com/5c0uihkxtfeo)

04-23-2012, 10:17 AM
Wild Bill's Pregnant And Milking - Fudgebar

http://s6.depic.me/00631/2c2qmc3hhb85.jpg (http://depic.me/2c2qmc3hhb85/236_bbw_.jpg)


http://s6.depic.me/00631/agkv9129jtph.jpg (http://depic.me/agkv9129jtph/236_bbw_.jpeg)


Stars: Fudgebar

Wild Bill's Pregnant And Milking - Fudgebar

This chick has tits to spare, ok!? Her breasts are HUGE! You don't even know where the nipple starts, do you? Fudgebar gets her name modestly, because her breasts are more like fudge missiles! And like all of Wild Bill's models, she pregnant and milking! She loves it, squishing her big bosoms together, she licks her lips at you, waiting for you to squirt when she does!

File name: 236_BBW_.wmv
Size: 424,15 Mb
Duration: 00:49:48
Resolution: 640x480

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04-25-2012, 09:42 AM
Hot Sexy Plumpers 22

http://s6.depic.me/00642/ff35c2hoflj7.jpg (http://depic.me/ff35c2hoflj7/237_bbw_.jpg)


http://s6.depic.me/00642/9z373pqf8gtv.jpg (http://depic.me/9z373pqf8gtv/237_bbw_.jpeg)


Stars: Skyy Black, Alix Lakehurst, Amber Hall, Hillary Hooterz, Lola Lush

Hot Sexy Plumpers 22

Big beautiful women exactly how you want 'em... Hot, plump and hungry. HOT SEXY PLUMPERS, the series that started it all, brings you yet another chubby chasers dream. Featuring dick loving, chubby babes with thick meaty butts and humongous titties! These big girls fuck, blow, and use their big soft melons to tit fuck their happy partners!

File name: 237_BBW_.wmv
Size: 1,36 Gb
Duration: 02:29:09
Resolution: 480x360

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04-28-2012, 07:45 PM
My New Anal BBW Neighbor

http://s6.depic.me/00642/5s1bawb0antp.jpg (http://depic.me/5s1bawb0antp/238_bbw_.jpg) http://s6.depic.me/00642/vaxdhn227byn.jpg (http://depic.me/vaxdhn227byn/238_bbw_1.jpg)


http://s6.depic.me/00642/shzo3qqladc1.jpg (http://depic.me/shzo3qqladc1/238_bbw_.jpeg)


Stars: Carl Hubay, Kandice

My New Anal BBW Neighbor

Kandice decides to go and visit her new neighbor, Carl. Upon meeting him she shows him that BBW's are just like those skinny girls. They get horny too and love to fuck. She also shows him that what they love even more, when she gives him a chance to fuck her up the ass.

File name: 238_BBW_.wmv
Size: 313,62 Mb
Duration: 00:36:00
Resolution: 480x360

Download ORON:
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05-02-2012, 07:27 AM
Hot Sexy Plumpers 21

http://s6.depic.me/00642/w0pjqshhj876.jpg (http://depic.me/w0pjqshhj876/240_bbw_.jpg)


http://s6.depic.me/00642/jq2ddqk0tzvb.jpg (http://depic.me/jq2ddqk0tzvb/240_bbw_.jpeg)


Stars: Bianca, Carmen Hayes, Kirsten Halborg, Brandy Talore, Mianna Thomas

Hot Sexy Plumpers 21

Big beautiful women exactly how you want 'em... Hot, plump and hungry. HOT SEXY PLUMPERS, the series that started it all, brings you yet another chubby chasers dream. Featuring dick loving, chubby babes with thick meaty butts and humongous titties! These big girls fuck, blow, and use their big soft mellons to tit fuck their happy partners!

File name: 240_BBW_.wmv
Size: 1,54 Gb
Duration: 02:47:51
Resolution: 480x360

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05-04-2012, 10:22 PM
Bigg Badd Ass V. 2 - Hott In Tha Ass

http://s6.depic.me/00642/gn8uio3exejx.jpg (http://depic.me/gn8uio3exejx/241_bbw_.jpg)


http://s6.depic.me/00642/624sxkjm4gmw.jpg (http://depic.me/624sxkjm4gmw/241_bbw_.jpeg)


Stars: Diamond, Luscious, Taboo, Q, Dick Tracey, Xxxpression, Mister C, Guarantee, Freddie Murphy

Bigg Badd Ass V. 2 - Hott In Tha Ass

100 % Chocolate Loving shall be had when you watch Bigg Badd Ass Volume 2 - Hott in the Ass, part 2 in the cocktastic series by your favorite in the adult film market, Rick Power. These big girls need some luvin' and what better way to show your concern by kicking back and spanking it to their hard-earned efforts!

File name: 241_BBW_.wmv
Size: 808,67 Mb
Duration: 01:27:52
Resolution: 480x360

Download ORON:
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05-09-2012, 10:47 AM

http://s5.depic.me/00663/pjnrbklhjswt.jpg (http://depic.me/pjnrbklhjswt/242_bbw_.jpg)


http://s5.depic.me/00663/n1ddieko35fx.jpg (http://depic.me/n1ddieko35fx/242_bbw_.jpeg)


Stars: Glory Foxxx, Miss Fortune, Madison Mitchell, Juice (Female), Deviant Delight

Starring Madison Mitchell, BBW Ink is true to its name and delivers a smoking 5 hot starlets! Juice, Glory Foxxx, Miss Fortune, and Deviant Delight are simply incredible and are also tattooed with some of the most interesting tattoos that you've ever seen on a BBW! These Dark haired beauties aren't shy either, and delve into their roles and bring about steamy scenes of debauchery in such a way that you feel as though you're there, experiencing the action in its entirety!

Sporting just about 2 and a half hours of play time, and 5 couples of huge, beautiful, bountiful titties, you can be sure to spend "loads" of time getting your rocks off to Madison Mitchell and the gang, and don't worry - they have plenty of room on their bodies for you to paint "white"!

File name: 242_BBW_.wmv
Size: 731,45 Mb
Duration: 02:23:56
Resolution: 480x360

Download ORON:
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05-11-2012, 01:18 PM
Big Tit Mama's House 3

http://s5.depic.me/00663/yrlcxzab7mae.jpg (http://depic.me/yrlcxzab7mae/243_bbw_.jpg)


http://s5.depic.me/00663/ratmfhlswnl8.jpg (http://depic.me/ratmfhlswnl8/243_bbw_.jpeg)


Stars: Kira, Caution, Thick Candy, Mz Diva

Big Tit Mama's House 3

Feast your eyes Big Beautiful Women with gigantically lush breasts. They love to eat, and before you know it they'll be eating you. Swallowing your dick whole in a deep throat movie is to die for. You'll bust nuts all over their huge F cups. They'll pretend it's tapioca and eat it all up too. Welcome Big Tit Mama's House, you'll certainly leave happy.

File name: 243_BBW_.wmv
Size: 997,10 Mb
Duration: 01:47:00
Resolution: 480x360

Download ORON:
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05-14-2012, 01:39 PM
Big-Um-Fat Black Freaks Vol. 7

http://s5.depic.me/00663/i0kunxcye306.jpg (http://depic.me/i0kunxcye306/244_bbw_.jpg)


http://s5.depic.me/00663/kl9spxp8p507.jpg (http://depic.me/kl9spxp8p507/244_bbw_.jpeg)


Stars: Rock, Nathan Threat, Lucas Stone, Pink Kandi, SuperStarXXX, Yenni, Gigi Starr

Big-Um-Fat Black Freaks Vol. 7

Welcome to the real "woman" flick that's what you want and that's what and fuck you day! SuperstarXXX has the crazy ass you gonna love! Pink Kandi has the beautiful breast you can do anything with! Plus more freaky deaky action! Enjoy more of the sexiest, prettiest, big ladies you will ever see!

File name: 244_BBW_.wmv
Size: 1,18 Gb
Duration: 02:15:16
Resolution: 720x404

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05-15-2012, 11:52 AM
She's A Ho Lotta Woman

http://s5.depic.me/00663/jzjmlp358nb1.jpg (http://depic.me/jzjmlp358nb1/245_bbw_.jpg)


http://s5.depic.me/00663/tj9ablqcsbp8.jpg (http://depic.me/tj9ablqcsbp8/245_bbw_.jpeg)


Stars: Lasha Lane, Chuck Stone, D. Wise, Vanessa Bazoomz, Treasure Chest, Dick James, Hot Fudge

She's A Ho Lotta Woman

Big, bouncing, bubble-butt black babes with boobs to spare are out to prove how bootilicious they can really be. It's a Ho lotta woman with a Ho lotta love! These BBWs are loose and easy so you might as well grab a sweet piece of big, sexy ho while she's giving it away. After all, it's just more babilicious ho's to love! With these gals, you can bank on the booty, so bounce on over and bust a nut while the bustin's good.

File name: 245_BBW_.wmv
Size: 435,00 Mb
Duration: 01:34:00
Resolution: 720x480

Download ORON:
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05-17-2012, 05:35 PM
Chunky Chicks #42

http://s4.depic.me/00671/5scdtta6kc1v.jpg (http://depic.me/5scdtta6kc1v/246_bbw_.jpg)


http://s4.depic.me/00671/bbqjphn1vnk5.jpg (http://depic.me/bbqjphn1vnk5/246_bbw_.jpeg)


Stars: Veronica, Marketa, Vanessa Blake, Kimber Dean

Chunky Chicks #42

Four new chunky chicks all with that tasty, cushy booty we crave! More cushion for the pushin'. If you ride that wave, you can ride this babe!

You don't have to worry about gag reflex, because this chick has three necks. Okay, maybe not three necks, but you get the drift. Hot BBW babes who're hot and horny for hard cocks! Pick a spot and get to work!

File name: 246_BBW_.wmv
Size: 727,85 Mb
Duration: 01:18:12
Resolution: 480x360

Download ORON:
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05-21-2012, 10:06 AM
I Love Crystal Clear

http://s4.depic.me/00671/9ygsg950vwe3.jpg (http://depic.me/9ygsg950vwe3/247_bbw_.jpg)


http://s4.depic.me/00671/7pfhv87ejm9a.jpg (http://depic.me/7pfhv87ejm9a/247_bbw_.jpeg)


Stars: Crystal Clear

I Love Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear is one of the hottest BBWs in adult film. Her pretty face, smile and gigantic butt have made her one of the biggest stars ever (literally). She hails from Long Beach, where her big butt has mesmerized people since she was a young girl. Men wanting her are the reason she's such a freak. She enjoys endless hours of fucking every day and whether it's anal sex, group sex or just regular sex, she loves it all! This first-ever collection stars Crystal Clear in eleven full-length scenes, including her first scene. Enjoy!

File name: 247_BBW_.wmv
Size: 1,12 Gb
Duration: 02:01:40
Resolution: 480x360

Download ORON:
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05-23-2012, 01:02 PM
Fat Sex In The City 2

http://s5.depic.me/00675/vgs2v8tz86sr.jpg (http://depic.me/vgs2v8tz86sr/248_bbw_.jpg) http://s5.depic.me/00675/lhirwjuxies6.jpg (http://depic.me/lhirwjuxies6/248_bbw_1.jpg)


http://s5.depic.me/00675/kw4t6kmv9ihd.jpg (http://depic.me/kw4t6kmv9ihd/248_bbw_.jpeg)


Stars: Kathy, Lasha Lane, Patty Parker, Rick Rogue, Adam West, Maxx Ronin

Fat Sex In The City 2

These fat mamas want to suck dick, fuck you dizzy and invite you to jump right in with two hands! They'll bend over and spread their pussies wide open for you to stuff, that is of you can find the hole! Hey, what is sexier than sex in the city? Sex with big, multi-rolled, bouncing fat chicks who are horny as pigs in heat! ...Soowee!

File name: 248_BBW_.wmv
Size: 673,68 Mb
Duration: 01:23:47
Resolution: 480x360

Download ORON:
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http://oron.com/wah5zbcahqct (73.7 Mb) (http://oron.com/wah5zbcahqct)

05-23-2012, 09:27 PM
Mondo Extreme Volume 68 - Chunky & Funky

http://s5.depic.me/00675/1onjzfneqp2q.jpg (http://depic.me/1onjzfneqp2q/249_bbw_.jpg)


http://s5.depic.me/00675/gzwxolkfs00h.jpg (http://depic.me/gzwxolkfs00h/249_bbw_.jpeg)


Stars: Dimples, Nasty Nikki, Subrina Love, D'Angela

Mondo Extreme Volume 68 - Chunky & Funky

Come watch as these BBW chicks get pounded every which way and then blasted with huge loads of cum! These slutty porkers crave dicks as big as they are, so you had better believe they love to fuck and suck on giant black dicks all day! These sluts love to take it in the ass and swallow.

File name: 249_BBW_.wmv
Size: 739,99 Mb
Duration: 01:30:00
Resolution: 480x360

Download ORON:
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05-26-2012, 10:08 AM
Fat Fantasy Orgy 2

http://s6.depic.me/00675/605jlh6d63kd.jpg (http://depic.me/605jlh6d63kd/250_bbw_.jpg)


http://s6.depic.me/00675/0paoip86n8cb.jpg (http://depic.me/0paoip86n8cb/250_bbw_.jpeg)


Fat Fantasy Orgy 2

Fuck that fat twat! These fat sluts really know how to fuck. Just imagine having yourself wrapped around to a group of beautiful BBW's who are all eager to tease and please. Better have some stellar stamina,these rotund dames are gonna leave you drained and shakin' at the knees. Scene 1 features fat dildo thrusting and obese lesbo action!

File name: 250_BBW_.wmv
Size: 538,15 Mb
Duration: 01:33:07
Resolution: 720x480

Download ORON:
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05-26-2012, 10:51 PM
http://s4.depic.me/00452/cbfbpphil76u.jpg (http://depic.me/cbfbpphil76u/133_bbw_.large.0.jpg)

Stars: Kimmy, Tiffany, Dove, Stacy Stone

The Biggest Nymphos 6

You like your women supersized? Then we've got a meal for you! Tiffany and Stacy share a cock and snack on each other's pussies! Big beautiful women who hunger for hard cock! These girls want an extra large portion of cock. Dove gets fucked in the ass and Kimmy sucks and fucks and big black cock.

http://s4.depic.me/00452/hyafynmcdxvz.jpg (http://depic.me/hyafynmcdxvz/133_bbw_the_biggest_nymphos_6.jpeg)

File name: 133_BBW_The_Biggest_Nymphos_6.wmv
Size: 536,94 Mb
Duration: 01:02:41
Resolution: 640x480

http://oron.com/a3u4e4fcm8rx (150.0 Mb) (http://oron.com/a3u4e4fcm8rx)
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http://oron.com/lrre9p1kpbv1 (86.9 Mb) (http://oron.com/lrre9p1kpbv1)

05-28-2012, 03:47 PM
First Time Fatties Volume 3

http://s6.depic.me/00683/9ckubkvgz2n5.jpg (http://depic.me/9ckubkvgz2n5/251_bbw_.jpg)


http://s6.depic.me/00683/tphzxhj2xg9d.jpg (http://depic.me/tphzxhj2xg9d/251_bbw_.jpeg)


Stars: Hayden, Jazmin P., Ivy Dreams, Latina Barbie

First Time Fatties Volume 3

Every type of girl has something that makes her appealing to a man. For some it is long flowing hair, tiny tits, or hairy pussies. Whatever kind of candy a man enjoys he can find a girl to match. Today's candy is full and plump, with plenty of layers for you to lick through. Are you ready for hot amateur plumpers on film for the very first time?

File name: 251_BBW_.wmv
Size: 1017,82 Mb
Duration: 01:48:23
Resolution: 480x360

Download ORON:
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05-29-2012, 11:41 AM
Guess Who's Cumming For Dinner

http://s6.depic.me/00687/lze1x8z4kccf.jpg (http://depic.me/lze1x8z4kccf/252_bbw_.jpg)


http://s6.depic.me/00687/uglqqekddxuw.jpg (http://depic.me/uglqqekddxuw/252_bbw_.jpeg)


Guess Who's Cumming For Dinner

When they're done with the buffet, it's time to play, and these girls are starving for cock! These hot and heavy honeys are licking their lips and waiting for your load and they always have room for seconds! SO forget all the chicks afraid to gobble down, because these fat girls are ready for some fun.

File name: 252_BBW_.wmv
Size: 1,00 Gb
Duration: 01:48:49
Resolution: 480x360

Download ORON:
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http://oron.com/k9z54orid9pn (184.2 Mb) (http://oron.com/k9z54orid9pn)

06-01-2012, 11:22 AM

http://s6.depic.me/00687/1gg0gna0lros.jpg (http://depic.me/1gg0gna0lros/253_bbw_.jpg)


http://s6.depic.me/00687/nptenunip4b1.jpg (http://depic.me/nptenunip4b1/253_bbw_.jpeg)


Stars: Chocolate Nights, Rock The Icon, Subrina Love, Dick James, Panterra, Buttafly Azz


Blane Bryants BBBW 27 features Chocolate Nights, Ray Black, Subrina Love, Rock the Icon, Panterra, and Buttafly Azz! Fat asses demand big cocks, and it's gonna take one fat cock to satisfy these BBBWs. Big, beautiful and black, can you handle that? If you think you can then make sure to watch this movie so you can get some practice!

File name: 253_BBW_.wmv
Size: 610,40 Mb
Duration: 02:01:00
Resolution: 480x320

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06-02-2012, 12:32 PM
Fat Fuckerz

http://s6.depic.me/00687/85789gwd85gm.jpg (http://depic.me/85789gwd85gm/254_bbw_.jpg) http://s6.depic.me/00687/hqmdeatp7163.jpg (http://depic.me/hqmdeatp7163/254_bbw_1.jpg)


http://s6.depic.me/00687/qeapecc5khn3.jpg (http://depic.me/qeapecc5khn3/254_bbw_.jpeg)


Stars: Neal, Kandi, Matt, Sam, Norman, Harry B

Fat Fuckerz

They're not big-boned, they ain't plump and they sure ain't heavy...they're large and in charge and fucking Kandi's brains out! She sucks and fucks these two brothas with big dicks in scene one and doesn't stop until she gets two wads of love sap on her ass and vagina! Then after having her twat shaved, this babe shows her big boys love when she fucks them like never before!

File name: 254_BBW_.wmv
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06-03-2012, 08:30 PM

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http://s6.depic.me/00691/pojynh0hxwyg.jpg (http://depic.me/pojynh0hxwyg/255_bbw_.jpeg)


Stars: Alize, Nomi, Dwayne Cumminz, Black Cherry, Milk Shaker


Highlights: Chubby Chaser Dwayne has more than a mouth full when Dark 'n' Lovely Black Cherry serves up her monster mams and rotund ass for his fucking pleasure. Three other sexy black fatties for your stroking pleasure! Blane Bryant's BBBW #9 features stars like Nomi, Milk Shaker, Alize, Black Cherry, and Dwayne Cumminz. Remember big girls need love too, there's more pushing for the cushion....

File name: 255_BBW_.wmv
Size: 649,67 Mb
Duration: 01:09:00
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06-08-2012, 02:16 PM
Chicas De East Harlem

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http://s6.depic.me/00691/p6v52eg33aav.jpg (http://depic.me/p6v52eg33aav/256_bbw_.jpeg)


Stars: Devyn Devine

Chicas De East Harlem

The chicks of East Harlem are just as freaky as can be! Having cock shoved in their wide mouths is one of their favorite pastimes and they just LOVE having their big natural titties pounded with hard dick! So cum watch as these ladies show you just what skills East Harlem chicks have!

File name: 256_BBW_.wmv
Size: 470,65 Mb
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06-09-2012, 12:15 PM
Freak Show

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http://s6.depic.me/00691/ny2csbf77vko.jpg (http://depic.me/ny2csbf77vko/257_bbw_.jpeg)


Stars: Jake Steed, Billy Frank, Lucky Striker, Loretta Sterling, Teighlor, Hans Mueller, Lotta Love, Greg Rome, Misty Dawn, Eric Von Buelow

Freak Show

In this life there are a small slice of people who are different - some by an act of God, some by their own choice. Our society has deemed them as freaks. This is the story of a small circus side show, and how these special people have to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. This tape is not for the squeamish, or those who will throw the first stone. Thank you, Loretta Sterling.

File name: 257_BBW_.wmv
Size: 657,73 Mb
Duration: 01:13:00
Resolution: 480x360

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06-10-2012, 11:22 AM
Lesbian Chunky Chicks Vol. 9

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http://s6.depic.me/00697/lv9brmkl2v8y.jpg (http://depic.me/lv9brmkl2v8y/258_bbw_.jpeg)


Stars: Zazie, Cheyanne Foxxx, Bunny De La Cruz, Vanessa De Claireville, Desire Devine, Charlly Moore, Jessica Johnson, Missy (ii)

Lesbian Chunky Chicks Vol. 9

Enjoy this steaming hot chunky girl action in Volume 9. If you love large ladies, then this is a must have film. You get two for the price of one. These large and lovely ladies have those skinny girls. More passion, more desire, more hunger, more yearning. That's not just meat on those poor, overstressed bones, it's fat! There is some heavy lesbian action awaits you.

File name: 258_BBW_.wmv
Size: 689,38 Mb
Duration: 01:20:00
Resolution: 480x360

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06-11-2012, 12:30 PM
3,200 Pounds Of Cocksuckers

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http://s6.depic.me/00697/fcxczxdy4ka5.jpg (http://depic.me/fcxczxdy4ka5/259_bbw_.jpeg)


Stars: Valentine, Tony Eveready, Claudio, Patty Parker, Tree Sweet, Tia Davis, Tolana, Cheri Swellz, SinDee Williams, Hunk Hollywood, Lasha Lane, Tyce Bune, Kathy, Anaconda

3,200 Pounds Of Cocksuckers

Big, round, fat and beautiful...with mouths like vacuum cleaners! It's cock hungry babes who are ready to suck cum right out of you! These beauties know how to use their mouths. Just look at how fat they are! These massive mamas's just love to eat...cock that is!

File name: 259_BBW_.wmv
Size: 274,27 Mb
Duration: 01:14:10
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06-12-2012, 11:17 AM
Big Babes Of Britain 2

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http://s6.depic.me/00701/2nz4nkziwfme.jpg (http://depic.me/2nz4nkziwfme/260_bbw_.jpeg)


Stars: Jessica Jones, Sydney JJ, Amber Hall, Dani Amour, Meow 34JJ, Busty Cookie, Terri Jane, Michelle Monaghan

Big Babes Of Britain 2

Sensational Video has done it again with this heavy-weight adult wonder! We're bringing you the best hefty honies from Britain, with Big Babes of Britain 2! These babes might be big, but they can move and bend in ways that will give you pleasant dreams for weeks on end! Watch these big titted horny hefty ladies spread their huge thighs and asses apart to take on big dicks and gobble down salty semen!! Horny chubby British plumper's! 100% BBW British action!

File name: 260_BBW_.wmv
Size: 983,76 Mb
Duration: 02:57:22
Resolution: 480x360

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06-14-2012, 11:15 AM
Chubby Chocolate Lovin'

http://s6.depic.me/00701/7c9r8w0mhd4y.jpg (http://depic.me/7c9r8w0mhd4y/261_bbw_1.jpg)


http://s6.depic.me/00701/zzzmjzc34bcl.jpg (http://depic.me/zzzmjzc34bcl/261_bbw_.jpeg)


Stars: Nicoletta, Shugar, Desiree Devine, Leah Jayne, Sindy Strut

Chubby Chocolate Lovin'

That longstanding myth about going black has proven to be a reality for these BBWs- you can bet your ass they won't go back. Nothing is going to stop these curvaceous, ample-framed beauties from sampling the sexual favors of black studs around town. They've set out to confirm the rumors that follow black men, and they refuse to let this amount of man-mean be devoured by the skinny broads. Tons of BBW interracial action!

File name: 261_BBW_.wmv
Size: 736,88 Mb
Duration: 02:13:39
Resolution: 480x360

Download ORON:
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06-16-2012, 04:18 PM
Bigger Badder Fatter 2

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http://s6.depic.me/00701/95pllphbn7fv.jpg (http://depic.me/95pllphbn7fv/262_bbw_.jpeg)


Stars: Annie Marie, Desiree Devine, Pink Kandi, Meow 34JJ, Naomi Brooks

Bigger Badder Fatter 2

The chubbiest and sexiest BBW’s on the planet have finally arrived folks! Desiree Devine, Naomi Brooks, Annie Marie, Pink Kandi and Meow 34JJ are the bigger, badder and fatter babes making an emergency landing on a cock. Put your hands out and rub their round bellies as they quench their thirst for cum.

File name: 262_BBW_.wmv
Size: 502,61 Mb
Duration: 02:28:34
Resolution: 480x360

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06-17-2012, 10:59 PM
Hefty Hispanic Hotties 2

http://s6.depic.me/00701/zww419t62of8.jpg (http://depic.me/zww419t62of8/263_bbw_1.jpg)


http://s6.depic.me/00701/dd9egxdqa2c1.jpg (http://depic.me/dd9egxdqa2c1/263_bbw_.jpeg)


Stars: Karla Lane, Miss Fortune, Angelina Castro, Julia Sands, Sabella Monize , Jasmine Cox, BonBonCito

Hefty Hispanic Hotties 2

It’s time for another edition of Hefty Hispanic Hotties! And just like the title states, this movie is all about some incredibly thick and sexy Latin babes. Virtually all men love a woman with curves in the right places and you will be sure to love these babes because they bring some Latin flavor along too! You will not want to miss Angelina Castro, Sabella Monize, Angela Castro, Jasmine Cox, Miss Fortune, Julia Sands, BonBoncito and Karla Lane! These spicy Latinas are bringing the heat!

File name: 263_BBW_.wmv
Size: 954,80 Mb
Duration: 02:52:52
Resolution: 480x360

Download ORON:
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